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Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console With 60GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

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  power beast

| | See all qool786's reviews (4)

Forget online play and games for a second here the reason why you are looking @ this system is either you want to know what the difference is between this and other models or you simply want to buy a ps3 ok in my opinion if you want to buy one then go for this because this the original system 4x usb ports backwards compatibility with not only s1 games but ps2 games aswell removed from later models such has the 40gb and 80gb and also the new slim model aswell sure it comes with a few problemsbut which console doesnt ? sleek shiny finish nice big logo on the side touch sensitive buttons chrome lining and also memory card reader sd card reader and a cf slot too all of these were removed from later models so in my opinion this is and always will be the best ps3 made plus i get to play my ps2 games all upscaled i alredy have two ps3z one is this model and the other is the new slim model and im considering buy another one thats how good ps3 is

  The original

| | See all DISSECTUM's reviews (3)

This is by far the best PS3 available for several reasons: Firstly it is the original sexy PS3 with no cut corners - the spiderman font (no longer on the slim stream) is in crome silver, it has 4 usb ports and the memory card readers for cameras, etc. The rims are also plated in crome. The cheaper 80 gb has dull grey writing and rims and only 2 usbs. This original PS3 also plays PS1 and PS2 games allowing you to see them upscaled and smoother. Need I go on! Do an internet search to discover more but basically I have had my PS3 for ever 2 years and I think it's so much better value for money than the XBOX! Will the XBOX ever be able to process BLU RAY discs? Could be expensive but can't be as power as a PS3! XBOX has problems - Rings of death and the old fashioned slide tray which was updated in the slim line PS2 (years ago) because it alsways scratched the discs as it does on the XBOX! PS3 free wireless too! Everyone I know who has an XBOX don't really play microsoft games, they stick to ACTIVISION, EA, CAPCOM, etc. SONY games such as Killzone, Drakes Fortune, Metal Gear solid, GT, Little Big Planet and Motostorm are some of the best games on the market - unbelieveably good! So the XBOX has a larger catologue, , , but lets be honest! Who actually buys games 2 years old? We all want what new and top of the charts! As a games console the PS3 is easily as good as the XBOX - Killzone 2 possibly provesit to be better, but the PS3 is also so much more: Blu ray, media player, free view, playstation home, free playstation network and wireless and offers internet explorer! It's the dogs Bol.....

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While I have enjoyed an excelent console in the PS3 for over two years now this past year has been difficult as my ps3 keeps breaking down, the console is well ventelated however keeps overheating and breaking needing repairing each time and as my warenty has run out sony have not been in anyway helpful or sympathetic leaving my seriously considering trading in my games and controllers for a 360, the console while it was working was great amazing images on HDMI, pleanty of online gaming for free and a blu-ray player for excellent movie watching, however sony sorry but you have let me down with this one, newer models may be better but lots of information online about similar problems with the 60GB PS3

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  The best console

| | See all Theo01's reviews (96)

This is by my point of view the best console because for the xbox 360 you have to pay for online gaming whereas for thisconsole, online gaming is free, all you need for wireless connexion is to have a router and for wired connexion you need an ethernet cable. The PS3 has trophies instead of achievements, there's no difference really and the whole menu is all together on the same screen.

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  Best thing I ever spent my hard earned cash on

| | See all Violnio's reviews (64)

I don't have an Xbox so I can't say much about that, but my god, I payed £475 for this on release day, and unlike some on my mates I've never regretted it. I love my PS3, Sony have done a fantastic job with this. I love everything about it, it looks nice and flashy too lol. When I stayed round my girlfriends all I could hear was her dads Xbox which she had in her room, then coming back and not hearing a thing from my PS3 was shocking. I also love the fact that it's Blu-ray, Blu-ray dvds just pwn so badly. I know this is nerdy as many people have said it to me before but I can savely say I couldn't live without it now, it's everything you need in one box like shape.

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| | See all BC2468's reviews (2)

I have always thought sony was better than microsoft and beleave it or not i still do. I have a lot of freinds with xbox's and they are always saying that 360's are better and cheaper than the ps3 but everyone knows deep down that ps3's are better and also the ps3's are cheaper and i know its hard to beleave but if u buy a good 360 and the wifi adapter and a game it ends up adding more than the ps3 so if ure cant decide let me decide for u get a ps3!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Best Review

| | See all happymanrob's reviews (7)

Ok i have a 60GB PS3, it's great fun,great to play online just amazing in every way.
I'd read this before the rest although the rest is also important:
Why get a 60GB PS3? Well the only real profit to getting a 60GB PS3 is the backward compatibility with PS2 and selected PlayStation 1 games not that many people use it! Apart from that the metal is chrome not some rubbish plasticky stuff, there is a car reader cleverly snuck away with a little plastic flip up on the end and 4 USB slots on the front of the console.
Why PS3 over all the other consoles?
- Unlike the XBOX console virtually everything is given to you upon purchase so: Wireless capabilities [XBOX - £50], a state of the art BLU-Ray player now this is the son to be sucessor of DVD and you will see in time DVDs being replaced more & more by the Blu ray disk like VHS and DVD [can cost £1000s], Wireless controller [Xbox - cant recharge batteries £15 charger kit same with Wii or you have to buy batteries. Where as PS3 can charge the controller with a simple usb in to controller which it supplies and all PS3s have at least 2 USB slots], the internet gaming is free [XBOX live = aprox. £50 a year, PS3 - 8 million odd users in not even a year of being out which is bound to increase rapidly.] exclusive games much like xbox apart from PS3 has God of War, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Haze [ which is rubbish lol], Killzone 2, Motorstorm, Little Big Planet and a couple of others already out. So these are just a few advantages of having a PS3 as well as the hard drive which i updated mine in a bout 2 minutes as it is cheap to buy and is the same as a laptop hard drive you don't need to be a technical wizz to do it just check out a youtube video tutorial 5 minutes walkthrough.
With PS3 you buy so much more than just a console with remote play so you can connect your PSP to your PlayStation 3, the PlayStation eye and the PS2 eye toy are usable for video chats, you have the blu ray player for amazing graphics, and you can watch very very high quality films on it, a space to hold your photos, game saves, music, videos, you can download videos from the PlayStation network and so much more.
There isn't much space to talk about all the pros for the PlayStation but there are only 2 real cons to it:v Ok I think that the 60GB model has had the most going wrong with it with the yellow light - Where if you switch on the console next time it switches on for 1 seconds then a orange and yellow light then back to the old red light [meaning standby], apart from the yellow light there is also the disk reading which may go wrong. Those are the ONLY TWO THINGS which have ever been reported, i had the yellow light a while ago. I had the yellow light about 3 weeks after there were no more 60GB PS3s around so i had to send of to SONY, not joking 2 days with a refurbished one. So they can still get you one back and for me was very quick.

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| | See all biart93's reviews (7)

I got my ps3 on the day it came out (UK) and was blown away by how much better it is than the ps2. This console is just like a pc but with a faster and better processor and more superior graphics. A must buy for all playstation lovers.

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  No Problems. Amazing.

| | See all JoeyPS3Gamer's reviews (1)

I've had my 60gb since november 2007 and not had one problem whatsoever. Wait. Wait. The controllers wirelessly wont find it, unless i plug it in, press it then take it out, but its no problem for me. But i think this console is amazing.