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Ferrari Challenge

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (36 reviews)"

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  The best racing game out there!

| | See all MattYearZero's reviews (1)

This game is brilliant, I don't usually play racing games but this has me hooked. I highly recommend this, at least until the new F1 game comes out.

  Great Driving Physics Engine

| | See all MisterGi8's reviews (12)

Comment No.36 and I have read the previous comments.
- I can confidently say that this is more of a simulator than an arcade style driving game.
- This is very good if you like to be precise like Grand Prix games where every move you make has to be exact like in reality. This is really good if you like to put in the time to get a feel for the driving physics engine. If you put in the time and see results this is addictive.
- Online you can see where you stand against the 35,000 online players - on all tracks in all cars.
- And I want to mention playing the game with the official WHEEL for the game, the Ferrari GT Experience Thrustmaster. wOW! Great fun.
- Ignore the poor packaging artwork which feels mid '80's. The game is for pro's. I prefer this to GT5 for the challenge it poses.

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| | See all danielm88's reviews (13)

It took me a long time of playing this game to manage to peel away and stop my addiction, great game highly recommend

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  Immersive and refreshing simulation for Ferrari fans

| | See all VicAlva's reviews (5)

I love car games. They're my favorite type. Either simulations like Gran Turismo and Forza, or arcade like Outrun, Burnout, NFS, PGR etc. If I had to chose, the simulators would be the winners. And Ferrari Challenge is in the top 3.

I've always had a soft spot for Ferraris, and ended up driving them whenever possible in most racing game.

This game feels real. The handling seems to be spot on, although I must admit I've never driven a Ferrari for real. Quite similar to Forza, but maybe with a little bit more feedback when it comes to grip. The cars are beautifully rendered and the sound is impressive.

Yes, it comes with its flaws but they're not deal breakers for me. In fact they don't bother me at all: the damage is unrealistic, the variety of cars is obviously quite limited, the graphics are not photo realistic but look more like a cartoon etc.

In terms of the number of cars, I find personally that less is more. I wan't to drive supercars and don't care about standard cars in games when you end up driving the 20 more powerful machines anyway and disregard the rest.

Those who value car handling, car aesthetic detailing and realistic sound will be impressed. I certainly am and I don't tend to be these days. But be sure you know what you're looking for, cause this games is not an all rounder, but more a dedicated simulation for Ferrari fans or can fans who value certain things more than others.

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| | See all djfletcher's reviews (13)

This is a very solid racing game; a true simulator. It is one of the best on the ps3, with decent graphics, brilliant and realistic car physics and lots of different modes to do such as arcade, challenge series, time trial, and trophy race where you have to complete 3 races in a car to unlock the trophy.
You can get trophies too which is great!
There is good variety in the cars as the difficulty of driving them changes depending on the speed and era of the vehicle.
This game is much better than people make it out to be and is a good buy.
I do think that turning off the car damage is a good idea though because its not very realistic but apart from this tiny setback the game is definatly worth £18!

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  Not an arcade racer!

| | See all TOCAfan's reviews (10)

This is probably the most realistic racer on PS3. It's handling isn't easy to get to grips with to start with, but if you put in a bit of time and effort then this game's qualities start to shine through.

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  This game delivers!

| | See all gianni1908's reviews (1)

This is a proper simulation game! This game delivers... I like the level of realism included. The intro music from E.S. Posthumus lifts you to a higher ground... which actually is Ferrari paradise...
This game is not suitable for gamers younger than 30 years of age as they barely understand car physics...

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  Great simulator!

| | See all andy2121's reviews (1)

It does exactly what it says on the tin!
Ferrari challange is not for the people who like to go round corners at 200mph like in arcade games!
It is a true simulator! So if it wudnt b possible in real life it wont be possible here!
It can be hard and quite frustrating in the begining, but see once you get the hang of it!....................it becomes completely addictive!!!!!!!
The only bad point is it can b a little frustrating when you get things wrong, as a simulator if u get it wrong, it will kill you for it! But that is all part of what makes it soo good!
You should just say good bye to everything else, buy this game and enjoy!!!!
Dont listen to all these people who say its not real ferrari and not to buy it!
Trust me! I am obsessed with ferrari and it met all my expectations with the noise and even down to the detail of the flames out the exaust during gear changes!
In my opinion as a ferrari and racing game enthusiast it is a must buy!!!

  Can't understand why it was made

| | See all sody2001's reviews (16)

Chances are if you like ferrari's you'll have cast at least a sideways glance at this title. Well I did, and have been left totally dissapointed with this game. The main problem is there is no point at all to this game. There is nothing new, the car choice is very limited (obviously) But with great racers already on the market like GRID, and with GT5 coming out sometime in the future, there are much better options available.

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