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Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (101 reviews)"

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  Not what I expected...

| | See all ezioheller's reviews (5)

I bought this game days after the launch and I was quite disappointed... The graphics are not great for a PS3 game, and I really disliked the story. The best thing in this game is the amount of action, because there was plenty of action, but it lacked quality.
With it's actual price, it's a good game to play, but it really disappointed me...

  A game worth playing

| | See all Theo01's reviews (96)

Prototype is a very gruesome and violent game which keeps you playing until you've had enough. I was quite disappointed with the graphics since they look like PS2 graphics. To me the storyline isn't particularly interesting but it's playing the game that keeps me entertained and what's great is that the whole of New York is your playground.

  Average on the verge of good...

| | See all ShadzE16's reviews (13)

Overall this game is average. The story is very good and can be addictive for a few days but then remember this game has no online play and becomes repetitive. That is the problem with adventure games as they become repetitive and mainly do not have online options except from Bionic Commando, GTA IV etc.

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  If you like your games horrifically grusome this is for you!

| | See all traceyrea123's reviews (24)

Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Story: 9/10

Everything about this game is good apart from the graphics!

  Below average for todays standards!

| | See all Maclood's reviews (3)

Everone compares this to inFamous and i don't see how it can even be regarded on the same level. I thought about which of these two games to buy and eventually bought inFamous after playing the demo and have since got the platinum trophy.

I recently got Prototype as it had so many good reviews. This was a mistake as this game is just not good. It feels like it was designed for children as the fighting is mostly button bashing. You don't have any time to settle into the game and learn the controls, you just get thrown into fights and forget everything. The graphics are below par too, you would expect the New York skyline to be memorable but every building looks alike.

Try the inFamous demo before you buy this game.


| | See all ShikariKid's reviews (4)

Prototype is different.
It's a good game that includes many features not seen before in games but it gets repetetative as you go through the game.

  Surprisingly good.

| | See all gaving7095's reviews (5)

I was wary of this game before buying it - I thought it might be gimmicky & lack substance.
I was wrong, however, and had many enjoyable hours playing through it once on normal difficulty.
Graphically it's quite nice - the city is a bit bland but the view distance is excellent & plenty of times there is an amazing amount of action on-screen with no slowdown.
If you can pick this up for under £20 it's a bargain in my book.

  Great Mayhem!!

| | See all doghunter1's reviews (128)

This game is about absolute chaos. You fight the infected persons within New York city, you fight the milatry and you can kill innocents, tanks, helicopters and destroy buildings. Gameplay is very good. Story is appealing as you find out more about yourself as the game progresses. There is a great amount of things to do throughout this game and there is hundreds of different skills and abilities to purchase. Graphics are not terrible but could be better. Lots of gore throughout and loads of different ways to kill. You can fly helicopters, drive tanks shoot guns etc etc. The only negative thing really is that I completed the game within 16 hours. There is still things to do but the story was a tad on the short side but other than that the game delivers a lot of fun. If you like roaming city games such as GTA IV, INFAMOUS then get this. I was not disappointed.

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  Spiderman... but how youve always wanted it to be!!

| | See all BareOsaka's reviews (29)

To be blunt this game is awsome!!...... I had it on pc first with all the settings on max and thought it was great but the gameplay didnt suit a keyboard and mouse.. I decided go for the PS3 version and it's even better!. The controls take a bit of getting used to but ultimately work nicely and the graphics are much better than the pc version.

All in all this is basically Spiderman with a hyped graphics engine and all those powers you wish he had! lol... Giant claws, rock fists and tanks!.

To sum up, there isnt much to say.. If you love violence and Spiderman your gonna be in heaven!.. good leveling system, good graphics, good story and awsome gore!

Quality game!!!! worth the money...


| | See all vaglicker's reviews (4)

1. Gore

If you like blood and carnage then this is YOUR game. Its a good game altogether but its abit short i finished the game the day it arrived, but the content in it is great, and the game has the same free fun feeling as spiderman and hulk games. very good game. Highly recomended.