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Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (98 reviews)"

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  One of the best from rockstar !!

| | See all Armandi152's reviews (1)

great gream, great story line, great graphics. SIMPLY SUPERB !! Buy now and don't wait.

  It's good, but by no means is it perfect

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

Credit where it's due, it's not a bad game, but, it's absolutely riddles with bugs, scenery not loading properly, if you crash and use a nitro, you'll use all your nitro instead of one tank, the bike handling is awful as well.
On the plus side, the graphics are very good, the modifications, whilst very, very limited, are great, and audio wise, it's fantastic.
With your choice of street racing game fairly limited, I'd have to recommend this over the horifficly laggy undercover, and I would easily reccomend it over shift.
One more note, if you're a serious racer, you will find this game far too easy, so be sure to turn the difficulty up where you can.

  Enjoyable, but can get difficult

| | See all Lukeyy19's reviews (7)

the game is great, the racing is very good, and i like the modding. the map feature is very nice and all the little things like Convertible tops and flashing headlights are nice additions.

the "hardest" races are near to impossibly difficult though

  Yet another good game from Rockstar!. Bit buggy though...

| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

Now this is a game I've been looking forward too. Ever since Midnight Club 3 Dub Remix it's been on my most wanted list. I'm a big fan of the MC games I've owned them all and prefer MC to Need For Speed. So I had some very high expectations and they were met but only just.

As you may have guessed by the name MC:LA is of course set in Los Angeles and as per usual for a street racing game MC:LA is an open world racer. The map is quiute large it's around the same size as Burnout Paradise and it's very alike it. It has 4 sections or 5 if you get the DLC.

The AI in MC is pretty good as it doesn't rubberband you (such as unlimited boost - there's none of that) and it doesn't try too hard to drive you off the road. It's not too much of a challenge which could be a downside if you like your games tough but at least it means the game is fun and not frustrating.
The police AI is quite good too. There not too tough and you can loose them easily meaning they wont frustrate you either (so it's good if your not a "hardcore" fan of racers).

There is a good selection of cars in the game too as there's over 60 altogether. There's everything from Mercades and Aston Martin to the very fast Sallen S7 and Ford GT. As per usual with racing games MC:LA has bikes and what fun they are! they are faster and more fun to drive than the cars. Particularly the ninja which shows you how good a sence of speed the game has. When I first reached the A Class cars I tried the ninja and couldn't handle it as it's so fast but eventually I got pretty good with it and the races feel easier with it now.

There's really nothing wrong with the cars in the game. They all look fantastic and handle differently. The controls in MC:LA are very arcadey as usual meaning big drifts and they are easy to learn.

There's a good selection of races and there's a day-to-night cycle which is great as it makes the city feel more realistic and the weather effects which look good but there's no snow which is something I'd like to see in more racing games.

Only problems with MC:LA that I have noticed is that it's got a few bad glitches. Sometimes the game crashes and I couldn't dothe pinkslips as my game would always crash there. After looking around the internet it seems I am not the only person to have been effected by this. The crashes don't ruin the game too much though asit only happes about every 4 hours otherwise.
Another thing I should warn you about is how many times you'll do the same races, it's incredible!. I think you do each races at least 6 times or more. For a game so big it has very few races and the races do get immensely boring when you get about halfway in.

One last thing I should mention is the DLC called South Central. It's only about £8 and it comes with about 20 more cars and adds a new section ontothe game called "South Central" which adds another 5 hours onto the game time and I thought it was pretty good value for money.

So I would certainly recommend MC:LA to anybody as it's a very enjoyable racing game.

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  not bad

| | See all shoooter's reviews (28)

First off the this game looks amazing when just driveing around the city day or night but its the actual raceing that lets it down in some points as its extremely hard at times even on the easy races and cars just seem to spawn in your way and the progression is flawed there's no sence of accomplishment as the avarge playr if forced to only play the easy races but all this is redeemed buy the online play and car customization if you have plenty of mates on psn this is for you.

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  good few hours

| | See all nicknack777's reviews (3)

Its a good game but after a while its all the same theres no diversity and it glitches when you use the saleen, if you want it for trophies you can get 60% without trying but you have to invest a lot of time.

  good game not properly made

| | See all craigey19's reviews (12)

First of all this is definetly the best street racer on the market at the moment.
great cars great races and race structure and good custermisation.
heres the problem...
It constantly freezes and I've looked online and many other people have the same problem now for me that ruins it.
rockstar want to learn to make games properly all of the gtas used to freeze.

  Really really fun until you stop winning and start cursing

| | See all TSouls66's reviews (7)

Midnight Club: Los Angeles (MC from now on) is actually really fun, graphics look so cool with day and night, controls have learning curve but can get used to. what i do to get used to the controls of a new car is start a police chase. (they can get annoying) nice looking cars and bikes (all 3 of them) and loads of customizing options. thats the good. the bad is that it can get so frustrating that i'm certain at this point that MC has a cheat mechaninc. this means when you start doing good the cheat mechanic kicks in and no matter how fast your car is anything else is faster. when you crash it takes (magically) every car to pass you before you pick up speed again. some races are just dumb and others have gotten to a point were i'm still making up words.
overall: fun, addictive, pretty looking. just make sure you have the patience of a monk... on vallium


| | See all SC1810's reviews (1)

This game is absolute, utter rubbish!! The driving/ handling of the vehicles is completely unrealistic and atrocious, the story line resembles a reject Fast and the Furious plot and the whole experience of playing this game is one i'm desperate to forget in a hurry. Okay, it has one good point and that is with the wide variety of customizable components for the vehicles, but honestly i purchased this to drive the cars, not just to look at them and "dress them up", and for that purpose this game is not suitable. Another major issue i have is the Nitrous system, since when do cars that have Nitrous fitted have to follow closely behind others to "charge" up? To my knowledge, if you have the Nitrous fitted you should be able to use it whenever you like, however, this game seems to think otherwise.

I purchased this game on Tuesday and i shall be trading it in for a vastly greater driving experience with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on Friday, until then im playing the vastly more enjoyable Racedriver: GRID demo, this is the first PS3 game that has infuriated me so much that i had to write to complain about it. Had i been able to download a demo before hand instead of relying on "critics" reviews i would have certainly avoided this title, it is the biggest pile of garbage since the EXTREMELY overrated rubbish that is Grand Theft Auto IV and i am looking forward to disposing it from my collection.

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  Midnight Club: Los Angeles

| | See all russdude13's reviews (9)

When I heard that midnight club: Los Angeles was coming out, I was ecstatic! This is because I had own the previous midnight club 3: Dub Edition for PSP and that was great.
When I bought the game I couldn't wait to start playing it. The game starts of great, with the choice of three cars and great cut scenes. The background soundtracks entertain you well. It has good graphic and its 1080p. As you go on through the game it gets harder as expected, but as you get a faster cars more glitches seem to occur. For example when you are driving through the streets at high speeds, the road and buildings around you suddenly turn into poor, blurry, 2D graphics. Also if you get the fastest motorbike and drive at a wall head on, you will sometimes go through it. And finally if you change the controls, then when you come off of a menu by pressing x then it will do whatever you have changed it to. (E.g. Nitrous). When you are in a police chase with one police car, it suddenly disappears and three more appear. For me that is a good thing because that is when the chase becomes intense. The replay factor is good because you can find races anywhere and there are a lot of challenging trophies.