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Dead Space

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (232 reviews)"

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  Timeless. Best game ever made.

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

I have completed this game now at least 50 times on my own and with friends. this game has to be the best horror game ever made. its an absolute classic. part of me wants them to remake it so its 1080 hd and the movement is sharper but no matter what it wont stop me putting it on time and time again. theres so many ways to play it yet i always so back to the ripper, pulse, contact beam and line gun. issac the unstoppable lol. i wish that the makers of other games took a long hard look at this tittle and the attmosphere, the suspense, the storyline, the horror. the gamplay. wow. its got it all and is a great benchmark, no pun intented. its a keeper of a game and one ill always treasure. still the best in the series and they are all good. wish i could give it 10 stars.

  A gory thrill ride to space

| | See all TarantinosHeir's reviews (62)

I traded in Farcry 2 for this game..... and this is better. So if your going to buy one or the other i suggest this one. Its a completely different type of game and iv written about Farcry too so you can look at that if you want. This has the atmosphere of "Alien" but i thought lacked the scaryness. It is quite scary but a game thats scarier and more tense is Condemned 2 if the horror is what your after. Sayin that Dead Space does have its scary moments and the way that it is made has lights popping all around you and you are never quite sure if there is something following you or not. Basically in my opinion a first person game is more likely to scare you than a third person but that depends on your point of view. This game is very gory and where ever you go there are body parts and blood all over the place and the fact that you can blow pretty much anything off of your enemies is a good feature. Anyone who loves horror films or games will love this and all together its a lot of messy fun.

  dead space 2

| | See all bolowar's reviews (5)

my good god never played the first one,and ive just finished this and i have to say, unbelievable absolute fantastic!!!! i hate first person shooters but this is unreal the zero gravity made me feel like i was in space! this is one of the best games i have ever played. there were parts i thought im never gonna be able to get through , but i did and it was difficult enough to keep me interested but not to sicken me! out of this world!!!!!!!!!

  Scary Stuff!

| | See all bigmitch20's reviews (2)

Dead Space is a fantastic game and incredibly scary. Anyone who likes being scared or that likes to play a game which has you sitting on the edge of you're seat should definately pick this up. 10/10

  must for any horror fan

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

really loved this game great atmosphere to the game. is also great at night in pitch black with the sound way up.

  Incredibly atmospheric

| | See all jami777's reviews (22)

If you know anything about this game you know it's an RE4/Gears of War/Doom 3 hybrid that actually reminds me so much of Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece, Alien. One gripe I have is the controls; they're a little clunky in my opinion, but I suppose even that adds to the overall atmosphere. Definately more tense than Resident Evil 4 was, though the latter remains the better game overall. At this price though, this game is an enjoyable steal, so grab it while you can =) Meanwhile, I look forward to Dead Space 2 =D

  Must have!

| | See all Rigobear's reviews (8)

Had this for a while and fought best write a review on it. This game is simply terrifying and must be played late, in the dark and in silence! Quite simply brilliant! Does exactly what it should do whilst being a great game to play. Not the best game on the PS3 but for the fear factor a 5 star game none the less!

  Survival horror at its best!

| | See all hudsonhawk's reviews (19)

I can't believe i overlooked this game! Being a resident evil fan and with Dead Space 2 being released i thought i would give it a go! Wow, great gameplay with tense atmospheric storyline all for ten pounds or so! Fantastic one of the best games I've played! Just bought Dead Space 2 which is supposed to be even better! a must buy for any survival horror fan!


| | See all kss8ar's reviews (6)

I usually disagree with most reviews that give games the title of best game ever made(mgs4).

But this game really surprised me, it is everything that a game in its genre should be. It is genuinly scary and will make you jump, the story is great, the visuals are both disturbing and at the same time excellent. The gameplay can be improved slightly but is still perfect for a survial horror and makes you feel you are in danger and also you can kick ass when you need to.

If you are like me and have been dissapointed with most next gen games, and feel like you might be growing out of playing games, BUY THIS!! it is worth the money and will suck you back into gaming.

Great job EA.