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Dead Space

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (232 reviews)"

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  THE best survival horror IP

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

iv ben a life long resident evil fan but since 5 i felt let down a bit and i would now say dead space and the upcoming sequel are the definitive survival horror games out.
i finished dead space on 360,now a few years later and a ps3 owner i rebought to familiraize myself and ready up for no.2 and the game plays as well now as it did back on release date :)

  Great stuff

| | See all shadowhunter510's reviews (2)

A truly brilliant game. Not for the faint hearted or easily scared, however. It isn't quite as scary as is made out, it can just make you jump now and again. The stragetic dismemberment is a pretty cool new way to fight, as well. Can be seen as Resident Evil in space, but in the best possible way, not as a ripoff.

  Great & scary

| | See all sailorgaz's reviews (6)

Took me a little to get into this game, but once I did, I was hooked.
Very spooky, best played in the dark and sound up!
Graphics are great, its smooth and the sounds are brilliant. \has a lot of little things which make the game good, the attention to detail in sound and lighting is also great

  brilliant gameplay, amazing and chilling atmosphere

| | See all Rilenz's reviews (1)

I have only recently bought this game and it continues to impress through every level, recommend you pick hard from the start like i did to get a real feel for it, its really worth setting the mood for it too, sit in the dark with surround sound or headphones and prepare to shed your skin muhahaa, roll on number 2 ;)

  dead space

| | See all UKTURNER's reviews (1)

sweet game a must buy for your ps3. If you want a scary game to play in the dark get this only had it for a few days and I cant wait to get bk on it .


| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

I found this game similar to Fallout 3. I know the storyline is nothing like it, but aesthetically I couldn't help think of it.

The story follows the same basic plot as a lot of monster games, nothing really original here.

It is enjoyable, don't get me wrong, but this genre of game doesn't really do much for me unless it's truly outstanding.

Worth a tenner though.

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  Dead Space

| | See all Iceman2010chillout's reviews (1)

buy it buy it buy it 2 4 25 there is no way you can go wrong with this title, you really do get the sense you are on your own the atmosphere is intense the graphics great if you never own this title its your ps3s loss

  So Good unmatched in the horror genre

| | See all ThePS3Oracle's reviews (19)

Filipe21 Yes there is a selection of languages to choose from and you can have subtitles on.
This game is a real gem of a game i carnt find a single fault with this game at all and it only cost 14.99 pound unreal value for money. Its so good i have full achievements for it on both ps3 and 360 i dont know wheter its how good the game is or how sad i am either way a masterstroke of a game. If i have one or two tiny gripes its how short the game is at only 6 and a half hours to complete on impossible. Also impossible mode it self is seriously easy to complete i was hoping for some pull your hair out insanely difficult to finish bits but there wernt any the bosses are the same to kill from easy to impossible.
To Sum up for 15 pound you will not find a better made, polished game than this true class roll on Dead Space 2.

  oooo weeee

| | See all vegeta692001's reviews (6)

By far one of the best games i have ever played so much better than resident evil and so much fun when you start hacking off alien's legs hehe trust me this is just super fun with hours of play time on it and a good few jumpy parts too...... one trick for me when your being ambushed get into a corner and pop em off, as they come out of wall vents and can flank you very easilly but a must buy and at this price yipeeeeeeeeeeeee BARGAIN :)

  Extra terrorstrial!!!!!!!!

| | See all Goldiewankenobi's reviews (40)

Well as some of the reviews already state......Amazing take on various influential films and games alike. I am one of those who gets so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of games that I often miss them only to return and grab a bargain from wherever I might stumble upon it. I read the reviews about this and asked in shops when passing and got nothing but awesome responses. This is one of those that I dont recall getting maximum hype but it certainly should of......Im about 20 minutes in to it and I can whoe heartedly agree with the 5 star reviews I have read. I think personally that its more like the old xbox version of Doom which was one of my faves...it plays like GoW and Resident Evil 4 but its dark and broody and jumpy like Doom....Cant wait to plod on with this...already changed the old underwear twice.......yeeeeeeha!!!

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