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Dead Space

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (233 reviews)"

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  1st Class Intersteller Terror!!

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If you, like me are one of those gamers who sometimes let great games pass you by due to the amount of games on the market only to find later on, maybe months or years even that you can finally get around to playing or buying one of those games then this review is for you.
If you loved the claustrophobic tension of Alien, the eerie atmosphere of Event Horizon, the crucifying paranoia of Pandorum and the horrific shape shifting body horror of The Thing then you will love Dead Space.
Essentially, Dead Space is Resident Evil in space but that compliment in itself can seem like a put down if taken out of context. Dead Space is actually a refreshingly great game.
Its close inspirational relationship with the movies mentioned above is no accident and the complete look of the mining spaceship the USG Ishimura where you play out the events of the story vaguely resembles locations featured in all these movies. To say the games developers have ripped off these elements is too harsh when in fact what they have cleverly done is to take the best elements of what made these movies great in terms of presentation and invoking the fear factor in the audience and translate that to the gaming world to create something reminiscent but also unique. This works excellently when coupled with an intelligent lighting system and a brilliantly eerie orchestral score to bring you a creepy, seemingly deserted, derelict playing area which you as a gamer find yourself sometimes hesitating to turn a corner or enter a room for fear of what might be waiting for you.
Although to hardened gamers Dead Space brings with it much of what you have seen before in terms of game play within the crowded survival horror genre it does have its own innovations such as zero gravity and vacuum environments as well as high radiation areas. These alone bring their own set of problems for your character to overcome.
If you buy Dead Space on the PS3 then you should consider also buying the Blue Ray version of the animated prequel movie Dead Space Downfall to fully understand the origins of the games antagonists the Necromorphs. The movie is an ultra violent ultra gory Anime style prequel that ends where the game begins and details how the Ishimuras crew became infected with an alien virus-like micro organism turning them into shape shifting zombie monstrosities with two things on their minds. Feeding and reproducing.
On the whole this is a refreshing entry into the survival horror genre and is as close as you are going to get to playing a sci-fi/horror movie like those mentioned. The sequel, Dead Space 2 is due for release soon and we can only hope that it is as good if not better than its predecessor with its own little surprises and touches that continue to make Dead Space unique and stand out against its rivals. Buy it now at such a great and reasonable price.

  very good game

| | See all flowofcontrol's reviews (4)

good graphs, nice gameplay and very creepy. The music adds a lot to the game. A few shortcommings, some parts of the game are a bit frustrating but overal one of the best of the last few years

  Eery and creepy

| | See all sexysanta's reviews (109)

I loved this game so much!!! it was just so creepy and had a unique storyline that was just unpredictable. the graphics are top notch and the monsters make you jump every time that one rears it very ugly head before you stamp on it or shoot it off. Very Gory game and a thrill ride until the end!!!

  Top Game

| | See all CaptainShoe's reviews (23)

This has to be one of the best games i have played. The graphics are excellent and the gameplay is flawless.
The best part of the game for me is the atmosphere, it is exactly like Resident Evil (original) no background music, just the sound of the game makes for a real edge of the seat, heart pounding journey of pure paranoia. Always expecting something to jump out but not sure from where.
The shadows will play with your mind, you will see movement but then nothing.
The price they are offering here is fantastic and should be bought, you won't be sorry.

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  Dead Space, dead cheap. GET IT!

| | See all Croby5's reviews (1)

Got this recently after reading so many positive reviews. Top notch graphics, INSANE atmosphere, dead cheap. Don't even think twice, just GET IT. It's honestly that good.


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

I have finally got to play this game and in one word AMAZING. The gameplay is some of the best i have come across for a while and the story on the campaign mode is likewise a treat. Its one of those games were you gotta play in the dark to get the true atmosphere of the game and whilst it can give you goosebumps it is filled with suspence. Its been out a few years and is quite cheap now and if you have a PS3 it has to be played its one of the very best games PS3 has to offer. Enjoy

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  One Of The Best Games I've Played

| | See all Sawyer53's reviews (8)

This game is awesome if you liked resident evil 4 on ps2 then you will like this 5/5 buy this now to enjoy a fun exciting game.

  DEAD SPACE- ******

| | See all moods786's reviews (16)

truly a gripping story and awesome gameplay , will keep you going for ages,it gives you a scare every now and then; but fantastic!!


| | See all MarksBargains4U's reviews (12)

It takes a lot in a game for me to stay till the end and finish it. This game kept me glued to my seat. I finished it once and then did it again with the new military suit and then again on impossible. I love the game and will keep it forever. First time round you will be scared to death...you will be......you will be......