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Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console with 40GB HDD

Released on 10 October 2007

4.0 out of 5 (276 customer reviews) | Write a review

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PS3 is the most advanced computer system that serves as a platform to enjoy next generation computer entertainment contents in the home, realised through the combination of Cell and RSX processors. Having Giga-bit Ethernet and a pre-installed hard disk drive (HDD) as standard in PS3, users will be able to download a variety of contents as well as access on-line games and services over the network.

Equipped with basic input/output ports, PS3 supports a broad range of displays from conventional NTSC/PAL standard TVs to the latest full HD (1080i/1080p) flat panel displays, offering the joy of the most advanced computer entertainment contents to homes around the world. For use in living rooms, maximum heat and noise reduction has been achieved with a noise level equivalent to that of the current slim-line PlayStation 2. With the overwhelming computational power of the Cell processor, PS3 is capable of playing back content from Blu-ray (BD) disc at a bit rate of multiplex 48Mbps with ease, the maximum bit rate defined in BD standards.

Important Note! We can only ship this product to United Kingdom addresses. We apologise for any inconvenience. All prices include UK VAT and delivery.

Console features:

  • 40GB HDD
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Sixaxis Wireless Controller

customer Reviews

 Average rating (276 reviews)

 Still a PS3 (just not a PS2 any longer)

| | See all ThatTechGuy's reviews (11)

Firstly, to answer *gordysgirl*: No, just to make use of the PS3 you don't need anything extra.

If you have an HDTV you will need an HDMI cable

If he wants to play with friends, he'll need another controller

If you want him to be extra impressed, buy a blu-ray movie he might like.

Right, now the review:

The 40GB PS3 is essentially the same as a 60GB PS3 but it can't play PS2 games and it has 2 USB ports, not 4.

The USB ports aren't that important, you can buy a hub to get the extra ones, but the Backward Compatibility (the ability to play PS2 games) is a bit of a backward step (hence the 4 stars). Still, if you don't have any PS2 games it's unlikely that you'll miss this.

Is it worth getting a PS3? This is the hardest question, as it depends on what you already have and what type of games you like.

The Xbox 360 is cornering the market on games, well, apart from motion sensor stuff which the Wii does so well, and the PS3 so far hasn't seen too many outstanding games that give any reason to buy it over the 360.

However, now we have Warhawk, Uncharted, Rachet and Clank and Heavenly Sword with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Wipeout HD, Little Big Planet and tons more on the way. 2008 does seem to be a whole lot better for games.

Ok, so I could mention the hardware issues with the 360, enough has been said on this and hopefully Microsoft are putting a stop to it in newer models. But aside from this, the Playstation 3 is a better media machine. It has Blu-ray built in, a bigger hard drive, better streaming support (watching videos and music from your PC or Mac), can store your own videos on the hard drive and the menu allows easier navigation between all this media too.

The 360 costs £40 a year for online (especially now they've stopped you from playing demos on the free silver account). The PS3 is free. They say you get what you pay for, but the PS3's online has actually been very good. Ok, it doesn't have as good a friend system as Xbox Live, but it allows each game to use it's own style online access, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. At the end of the day, though, it works.

The only real downside to the network on the PS3 is the lack of too many downloable games etc in Europe, though you can access the US site and download things from there.

The main reason you should buy any console is if you like the games. Second is if you're going to make use of the extra features (Blu-ray, media server etc). Hopefully this will make up your mind.

I have all three consoles, but I do love the PS3, it's very versatle, I love the games and the Blu-ray movies are fantastic too.

 Great hardware, waiting for the great games

| | See all slodriver's reviews (2)

I have a PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite sitting next to each other under the 1080p TV so can compare both very easily. For raw design and engineering, the PS3 wins hands down. It runs cooler and is much quieter than the Xbox 360 -- put a disk into the PS3 there's barely a whisper while the Xbox 360 sounds like a desktop fan at max speed. The built-in WiFi in the PS3 is a great boost -- I had to buy a WiFi adapter to hook up the Xbox 360. Also Blu-Ray films look fantastic on the PS3 so I won't be buying the HD-DVD add-on for 360, particularly as Blu-Ray looks like it's getting the better of HD-DVD in media sales.

The three areas where the Xbox 360 wins are the on-line experience (although gold membership costs money, it's very good), built-in rumble in the controller (official rumble controllers for PS3 won't be in the UK until next year) and right now the majority of must-have games are either Xbox 360 only or poorly supported on PS3.

As an either/or choice, I think the PS3 is the way to go as the number of quality PS3 games is increasing and by the middle of next year, I think the PS3 will be the much better supported. At least if you buy a PS3 now, it's more likely to be working then than the Xbox 360 (red ring of death anyone?).

 little control

| | See all mike610's reviews (3)

First off, this machine is great value for people looking into blu-ray film, its cheaper than most blu-ray players on the market, it looks the part too. As a games machine, there is very little to recommend, exclusives-wise that is. Yes, MGS4 is great, yes Motorstorm is a hoot and Uncharted is fun. But thats about it really. Id like to point out I am in no way biased, I have a 360 and a wii. My main gripe with the PS3 is the AWFUL control pad. Everything about it feels cheep. The fact that Sony havent even bothered updating its pads is completley beyond me, the ergonomic shape is fine, sure, but the analog sticks are too big, the left one is still in the wrong place, they arent accurate, theres no crater on them to stop your thumbs sliding off. The buttons are often non-responsive, the back triggers are shaped wrong so again your fingers start to slip, the "motion-sensitive" technology is a gimmick that WAS a last minute rip off of the wii-mote, deny it all you want. And thats not the first time Sony ripped off Nintendo either, remember the very first PS pad? No analog! Whoops. How do you think the sticks ended up where they are? Laziness, thats how. The 360 pad is far supperior and doesnt feel 99p-ish.
All in all a machine with huge potential marred with a rubbish pad.
No doubt this review will annoy the sony fan-boys but again im not biased, just honest.

 Picking a Console!?! Read and Decide!

| | See all Talsar's reviews (42)

Top 100 Games Reviewer

Really wanting a powerful games machine?

Then you have choice xbox360 Elite or Sony 40gb PS3

Both have positives and negatives. I am by no means an expert but owning both consoles I will give you my experience.

Xbox360 Elite -

Xbox 360 to me is only a 'gamer console', and it uses the fact that it is only this as it's main strength!. It has a better set up then the Ps3 for gaming, achievement points - I never thought I would ever play games just to get these, but I do, I love the challenge between my friends on who can get them and how fast!!, xbox live is more stable then ps network although I found the speed on getting games on both are almost the same. There are more players on Live though.

Okay with that in-mind, yes there are more players, but there is much more titles, there is a budget section for 360 and not on PS3 where all titles are still nearly full price.

It is noisy, very noisy! The controller runs out of charge quickly, and if you don't have the re-chargeable pack, getting batteries out of the controller is one pain in the ..., no internet browser, no blu-ray (HD movies), although u can download them from live (at a cost), but I want the shiny cases.

Ps3 40gb Model -

Ps3 to me is not just a 'gamers console' but it is a 'entertainment console' it offers far more choice then the 360, although it does not have achievements, it does allow you to customise some games, the console, load different operating systems (i.e. XP), blu-ray as standard - your discs don't scratch as quickly as standard dvd (360), plus you can watch movies on your HD tv in HD. Built in Optical out for connecting to surround sound system (360 has it on component cable). PS Network is 100% free! Although this means is it not supported. It was also quite rubbish, although it is now to a standard that would rival gamespot arcade. You can browse the internet (smoother with a USB Keyboard), Bluetooth for that mobile phone headset.... the PS3 just offers the standard user much more choice.

No achievement points - never thought this would bother me but it does, I find playing single player with 'nothing to show for it' pointless (I'm a multiplayer at heart MMORPG where your status is what you achieve), so I ignored some of my titles for a while Drake Fortune etc. Lack of titles, I struggled to find titles that would/could match 360 (I buy a lot of games). Although the exclusives like Rachet & Clank and Drake are excellent, there is nothing pulling to buy until Grand Tourismo 4, finally no budget range, due to the lack of titles, there is no £9.99 games for the Ps3 cheapest is £25 - although you do get offers.

The new rumble controller for the PS3 is due for launch in September with the new 80gb model to EU market. I own a rumble controller (brought it back from the USA), it does make a considerable difference your games, plus the controller is at last a weight it should be.

I hope some of the comments on the PS3 and 360 helped to pick the right console for you!

 It's True it is better than the Xbox 360.

| | See all shagmuffin's reviews (17)

I had an Xbox 360 virtually from release and loved it to death. However I took a punt and sold it and bought a PS3.
In terms of value it is decieving as the Xbox looks the cheaper option but in reality it costs ALOT more to get what you get as standard with the PS3.

With the PS3 you get a Blu Ray player built in
You get a 40gb HD
You get a Wireless conncection built in.
Online is free
Rechargable Controller standard
You can browse the Internet through your tv

All the above and more costs extra on the Xbox or is not an option and makes it far more money than a PS3.

The graphics are noticebly better and with gr8 exclusives like MGS4 and Drakes Fortune its miles ahead IMO.

I was a 360 Die hard....BUT give the PS3 a try...you will be pleased you did.

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Minimum RequirementsPlease be aware that this item will be delivered via a courier and will require a signature.

Please Note! This model is not backward compatible with PS2 games.
CPU: Cell Processor
Sound: Dolby 7.1ch, DTS, LPCM, etc. (Cell-based processing)
Memory: 256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM
HDD: 2.5" Serial ATA (40GB)
I/O: USB 2.0 (x2)
Communication: Ethernet (x1 / 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) - IEEE 802.11 b/g - Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR)
Wireless controller (Bluetooth)
AV Output: Screen size 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
HDMI OUT - (x1 / HDMI NextGen)
BD/DVD/CD Drive (Read Only): Maximum Read Speed BD 2x (BD-ROM), DVD 8x (DVD-ROM), CD 24x (CD-ROM)
Dimensions: Approximately 325mm (W) x 98mm (H) x 274mm (D)
Weight: Approximately 5 kg