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Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console with 40GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (277 reviews)"

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  it depends what person you are

| | See all wineman's reviews (52)

if you are considering whether to get an xbox or a ps3, then read this as i have played and experienced both. if you are a person who plays sometimes when theres not much to do, or you just feel like chilling for a bit, get a ps3; the graphics are usually better in games, it plays blue ray discs, and the online is free. i started off with a ps3 and i thought it was really good, then i decided to try out an xbox too, which for me was better.

the xbox suits me as i play on it most days, i am quite good at most of the games and i often play with my friends. Yes it's true, you pay for xbox live, BUT, you get more out of it; the servers are better, there are different types of chat modes for friends, and the players are usually better.

all in all the ps3 is a very very good console and there aren't many bad points about it, it's just that xbox are usually better at what they do when it comes to what the regular gamers want.

  Magic Machine!

| | See all Amjac17's reviews (55)

Quite simply amazing. Ok XBOX 360 might have had the advantage with the more games at first and more thing's to do but i am confident that PS3's future will be nothing but sheer bliss. The best game it has is undoubtably MGS4 which luckily is only for PS3. A lot of people give the PS3 a lot of stick but they are just stubborn Microsoft fan boy's. The internet is really good and free! :D This version of the PS3 is 40GB which is by far enough for your data, 250GB is just a crazy amount which is kinda pointless of having. HDMI work's like a treat and the Blu-Ray DVD's are amazing! Ok PS3's maybe a little more expensive than the other consoles but if you think about what your getting then it's a bargain!! Amazing machine!

  Must Buy Machine

| | See all LeViZ042's reviews (2)

I had mine for a few months and am very very please , the quality is superb , and does everything you'd wish a console to do , and even runs Linux , prints wireless, full media suites in HD, wireless rumble controllers, and Games I love, I also have several other older and this gen consoles including the Wii and Xbox 360 both have been made obsolete since I got this, the online still needs tweaking but its free so I'm not grumbling.

  Top machine

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Was not worth getting till Killzone 2 came out. And with Gran Turismo 5 on the horizon, it may be time to invest

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  PS3 - Best Of The NextGen Consoles - And getting better!!

| | See all Skids123's reviews (2)

Not sure what fatboybadboy is yapping on about. To say this is an upgraded ps3 is as riduculous as saying the xbox360 is an upgraded xbox. Pah. This machine is a fantastic piece of kit with an amazing assortment of games, most of the exclusives have proven why this is the best console on the market (mgs4, resistance2, etc.) and not forgetting that the line up for 2009 is already way better than microsofts poor showing.

Not forgetting that this games console is also an amazing blueray player, still one of the better players on the market. And also the console allows you to play music and movies via memory sticks and streaming from local pcs. It's an all round marvel.

So, if you're wondering whether to go for an xbox360 or a ps3 then there really is no competition, the ps3 wins hands down. It's already caught up to the xbox360 in terms of games but the 360 is reaching it's potential while the ps3 hasn't even touched it's gaming prowess as yet. Look out for killzone 2 this month, that will show just how good this machine is getting and the other games due out this year will just build to this consoles amazing gaming catalogue.

Move over xbox, you've had your time, now let the real gaming machine show you how it's done!

Buy it, you will not be disappointed!!

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| | See all Fatboybadboy's reviews (5)

The playstation 3 is basically an upgraded playstation 2...
the online is the only thing that makes it different, as the ps2's online was almost non existant.
the ps3 controllers are wireless ps2 controllers with "triggers" and "motion sensitivity" which are hardly ever put into good use.
The graphics are admittedly great, but there is barely and difference between the playstation3 and xbox 360.
if you are interested in a family console with well used motion sensitivity, get a wii. if you are a more serious gamer who wants the best online and offline, go with the 360 becuase the playstation 3 exclusive games are not as good as the 360.
only buy this console if you have at least 5 friends who have a ps3 and no friends with a 360/wii, otherwise, your safest bet is with one of the other consoles.

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  Best Console Ever Made.

| | See all Bronx666's reviews (6)

Play Great Games and Watch Blu-Ray Movies in HD, A ton of features, for example, streaming Music/Vids from your PC to your PS3 to watch/listen to on your HDTV, plus a 60gig HDD to put loads of stuff on, and if 60gig ain't enough you can upgrade it, brilliant machine.

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  looking 4 a great console

| | See all oughtons4lfc's reviews (8)

Sony have done it again. This console is by far the best out of every console ever made . The graphics are amazing the games are great too. The only downfall is that the 40gb cant play ps2 games and only has 2 usb ports and ive only put 5 games on my ps3 and im already down to 17gb however this isnt enough 4 me to give it less that 5 stars


| | See all Ollie230593's reviews (7)

I purchased this recently after having my 360 break 4 times! The ps3 is so quiet and barley gets hot. The gaming is amazing and graphics are very crisp. The blueray is a huge bonus and really makes this console.
The system is much better than the 360, its more user friendly and looks really stylish. The playstation store is amazing and I prefer it to xbox live marketplace.
Overall this is the best console out there, it looks great, produces amazing gaming experience and has so many more features.
Ps3 is amazing!

  No Comparison

| | See all srussell's reviews (13)

I have just recently bought a PS3 after having an xbox360, now i have both. Both consoles are brilliant and I don't understand why people claim one is better then the other. If you can afford it, why not buy both! Then you will not miss out on game exclusives and you always have the choice. The PS3 has, admittedly, not as many decent games out yet compared to the 360 and this is why the PS3 doesn't get 5 stars, however, just looking down the 'coming soon' list, it looks as if there are some good games coming down the line so we shall see. Also, I do agree that the PS3 is more powerful than the 360 but I am yet to see a game that fully uses the power of the PS3 and a game that the 360 couldn't handle, but, as I say, we shall see what happens. Don't try and compare both consoles because as I said they are better at different things!

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