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Assassin's Creed

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (396 reviews)"

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| | See all casscastillo's reviews (32)

I always recommend this game before the sequel, simply because it's far better when the first Assassin's Creed is played before the other. I disliked all the horse-riding, which is reduced in the second Assassin's Creed, but it gives an understanding into the second. It's like watching the second Spiderman without watching the first, which doesn't make much sense. So, I always tell people to play or buy the first and finish that off first. It is a little tedious at times - never boring, but I loved every minute of it. I finished it in four days and played it another three times after that. It was brilliant and its graphics were the start of a new wave of graphic design in Playstation.


| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

Good game to lead you into the series, but it's not as polished and perfected as the sequel AC2, as you would expect. The game itself can be a bit long if you're not too interested, but it's entertaining enough for you to want to finish it. The concept is original and well 'executed'.

  Tedious at times but worth it

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

There are times during this when it gets very boring like travelling city to city on horseback but there are great fight scenes and great moves whioch are unreal at times. A good buy

  Worth it

| | See all Bushido666's reviews (19)

Repetetive? Yeah, quite a bit. But I, for one, don't really mind that. I got hooked on this because of the storyline more than anything.

At first, everything in this game is jaw-dropping; the 'parkour,' the stealth kills, the 'Leap Of Faith,' the breath-taking views from the bell towers and the all-out, full blown swordfights. But after a while, you find that you're only playing because you want to know what happens next! That's enough for me to rate it quite highly.

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| | See all mikeroks's reviews (2)

this game has amazing graphics and an fantastic storyline
the ideas are brilliant, as are all parts of the game!

  Awesome Repetition

| | See all SprynxFusion's reviews (14)

Hmm, when this game came it out, it was so hyped. The ps3 didn't have that many tittles, and everybody was waiting for it...so bad.

Then you get to play it. And it's stunning. That first city, it's so cool....and then it gets small, and the faces on the street all seem the same. running up those walls looks so cool, and easy, and it all feels so great....and then you run it again, and oh look, another tower to climb. oh boy, the game must get a bit less repetative then this right? New features here and there perhaps. But no, what you can do at the start, is the same as the end. You'll get new weapons and stuff, but that'll be it.

The problem is, the game looks so good, and feels so good, it doesn't really try to hide the fact that it's just so empty. There's a few things you can do in the game, like collect flags, and kill templars, but that is about it. Killing inocent people is forbidden, and killing soldiers is too easy. And because of some seriouse gameplay issues, such as a bad targeting system, and the fact that you drown in a puddle, makes that game a bit too boring at times.

The visuals are great, and once the game progresses, the levels grow, but there's just so little to do in the game, that you'll get bored fairly quickly.

The story is good, but not great. It all feels a bit rushed. The only really cool thing about this game, is the main character. And that would basically be it.

My advice, buy the game for a cheap price, but don't expect the best game of your life. Play it a few hours, every few days, and it'll feel nice enough.

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  More of a Miss than Hit

| | See all danno1no1's reviews (16)

This game was without doubt one of the most anticipated games in the consoles history, in some respects it lived up to its mark but mostly failed to deliver. The graphics are really awe inspiring with attention to detail clearly visible, and a nice story line. But on a more realistic note the gameplay get rather repetitive.. quickly. Overall great looking game, major let down on gameplay. ***

  It's good but...

| | See all matt1399's reviews (27)

it does get very repetitive. I mean dont get me wrong it's still a good game it has amazing graphics, a really good open world to explore and at first pickpoceting,eavesdropping and interogating people can be really enjoyable but after a while it does become a bit of a chore but still the major assasination is fun. That's the thing about this game though you don't have to do the mission you can just jump about killing people. It's a great game but don't expect to be getting a game that you'll never get tired of.

  very good

| | See all ianking's reviews (18)

Graphics: I can not get over. Game itself: Very fun but quite short. Bad thing: A bit repetetive (which I didn't mind but I know that others do).