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Sony PlayStation Eye Camera (includes EyeCreate)

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Customer Reviews

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  Hardware Producer 1 - 0 Software Producers

| | See all Gazornator's reviews (2)

The Playstation Eye is an easy to use interactive masterpiece.

Buying this product will place you in the games, it will also personalise's the game around you.

Only problem at the moment is the lack of games out for the eye. "Come on you software producers lets get creative and speed up those releases!"

  Good little cam

| | See all Blade81's reviews (41)

This is a good piece of kit for the PS3 it's great value and come's with some softwear which is pretty good for messing about with it's also very easy to set up.

  Must Buy

| | See all Xenios's reviews (2)

This is not a toy: the newly unveiled Playstation Eye is one sophisticated piece of hardware. Some features of this new PS3 peripheral include:

A sophisticated microphone with the ability to reduce background noise and focus on the spoken word for smoother, more accurate speech recognition and transfer
The ability to capture videos and audio clips directly to your PS3's hard disk drive
Engineered to perform well even in low-light conditions
A range of different capturing modes, including slow motion and time-lapse
Faster frame rate for improved tracking, responsiveness and smoothness
Two position zoom lens for close-up and full body options
A range of eye-catching visual effects to apply to photos and videos
Bundled with EyeCreate(TM) editing software, which allows users to save and edit photos, video and audio clips
In many ways, this camera is more advanced than most home camcorders. PlayStation Eye features 4 channel audio input and the ability to record at an insane 120 frames/second. The camera supports up to 640x480 video, and can record uncompressed or MJPEG video. Eye of Judgment, a card battling game demoed at E3, will be one of the first titles to take advantage of this revolutionary camera.

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| | See all kidddy's reviews (11)

MUST-BUY! this is a nifty bit of hardware! not only is it a camera, video recorder and sound recorder! but you can have voice chats, video chats, send pictures to your ps3 friends or put all your recorded videos/music/pictures onto a memory stick and into your laptop/pc/phone and you can show off via them! not only can you do this - you can edit all your recorded files with dozens of image effects, sound edits, and video edits - extremely clever video effects and spectacular editing software - the eye + eye create is absolutely amazing. MUST BUY...

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  Great Hardware...

| | See all agswilson's reviews (1)

Great piece of hardware... I heard normal webcams can't be used on most PS3 games and at £25 this is great.

Regarding Lucozades review... you obviously 'Cant' download the physical camera or buy this for cheaper than £25 in the UK. But Eye create is free software and this hardware just comes bundled with it.

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  Fantastic Bargain!

| | See all Stubacca's reviews (9)

You need this. It's just awesome fun when you've got mates round or when you're bored as hell!

With EyeCreate you can take an array of photos including pop art and groovy effects.

The video mode records various types of film and can even perform stop-motion animation with assisting ghost frames! The video quality is fantastic, far better than a normal web-cam and switches between wide and framed modes.

The cherry on the cake is the bad-ass microphone that sticks kinda strangely outta the top. It's got a 4-way directional mic and has a noise-supression thingamagiggy that leaves you with perfect sound recordings even if you've got a small livingroom full of stoners mummbling about munchies.

Some of the newer games for the PS3 use the potential of this cool wee gadget to map your face onto characters (i.e Pro Evo Soccer 2008). This can have hillarious results as people's bodyparts march proudly onto the pitch.

You can also download plenty of games off the network for practically nothing that allow you to spend the long nights waving your arms about in the air like a total tit. But they're pretty good if you got people round.

You should totally get this. If you wanna make the most of your PS3 you simply NEED this bloody thing!

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  Mucho Recommendo!

| | See all ShogunsAssassin's reviews (3)

Really good camera, good quality image and already supported software on Playstations online market. The Creatures game you can download (for about £3) is so funny!!! And there are some other funky downloads, some of which are free. When titles start coming out that utilise the camera i'm sure there will be many hours spent watching myself being a div!

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| | See all hitman1976's reviews (1)

can the eyecam be used to take pic off your self to transfer pics to pro evo 2008 and tigerwoods golf

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  Can you use it as a replacement for a headset for gaming ???

| | See all playstation3legend's reviews (2)

The answer is simply, yes !! You can use it as a headset, but without the annoying piece on your ear.

It has four times the resolution, twice the frame-rate and double the sensitivity of its EyeToy predecessor, as well as the all important microphone that can focus on certain audio sources (like you) - blocking out other "exterior" noises.

Dr. Marks, (creater of the eyetoy) who has made Playstation eye, has this to stay about the microphone.

"The hands-free voice input this enables may be the single most important feature of Playstation Eye," "Previously, the only way to get clean voice data was using a headset worn by the player; now, without wearing a headset, players will be able to talk freely."

( is it me or does the playstation eye look like it has an afro) lol!!!!

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