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Devil May Cry 4: Limited Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  i love this game

| | See all devilmaycry94's reviews (1)

i love this game i have played 1,2,3,4 and they havent failed to please me its my sort of game yeah its a bit of a challenge but i like that its a challenge thats what makes it addictive but i cant wait for the new devil may cry everyone has there own opinons some i dont agree but we have a voice but my thought i loved the game soo much it was brilliant

  I Want More

| | See all alexusg's reviews (5)

I had played the original DMC games and wasnt a big fan but the guy at the game shop recommend it the 4th installment so i thought why not....i was hooked it was great fun :D

  the only thing this devil is crying for...IS MORE!!!!!

| | See all DarthKris1992's reviews (15)

I've been a fan of the DMC series ever since the first installment, even going so far as to buy the special edition of the third game, even though i had the original. This game is one of the best for the next gen consoles. The graphics are incredible, the cutscenes are action packed, the story is great, and the gameplay is superb. This game sets the mark for the hack'n'slash genre, and is a definite buy for any next gen gamer!

  Gamers will cry...with frustration!

| | See all peppermintmuffin's reviews (11)

An immensely frustrating game!...You're only able to save in between missions so if you have to stop for any reason (sometimes you are just fed up with the repetetiveness, or the attempting of a series of jumps for the thirtieth time and failing again)..its back to the start of the mission again next time you play. You will fail many times, but unfortunately it feels as though the game mechanics is to blame a lot of the time, unlike for instance in Ninja Gaiden where your precision is rewarded.
This is a game made by sadists for masochists..Steer clear if easily frustrated !!

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| | See all jabbaman's reviews (2)

The game is the most upbeat game around not just having a sword or gun but both. You can slaughter the monsters with a sword or shoot them down with your gun. its fantastic. you must buy it now. i rate 10 out of 10


| | See all scottBWXE's reviews (49)

i'm a long time dmc fan but wasn't too impressed with the demo, wasn't too keen on nero but after reading all the positive reviews decided to give it a go and i'm so glad i did. amazing graphics and fast paced action all the way through, good to see they've reduced the difficulty some what compared to the last game to make it a bit more enjoyable. nero is a fantastic character to play as once you get over the learning curve and being able to play as dante is a big bonus. the most exciting game i've played on ps3 so far but i'm not giving it 5 stars because after completing it once theres not much else to do...unless you want to play it through again on a harder difficulty setting.


| | See all evilmunchkin's reviews (6)

The loading time at the start is a bit annoying but it is worth it. The game play is amazing and graphics are using ALL the ps3 power. All in all a great game but why does every main character look like Dante?


| | See all Shinigamizm's reviews (3)

Amazing gameplay, amazing story, amazing graphics, amazing amounts of fun - Nero is a great addition to the series, and its always good to see Dante back onscreen. :) Fighting is fun, fast and fluid with both characters; you'll be hooked after the first mission! DMC4 delivers in every single way. You'd be a fool not to add this to your PS3 games collection.

  Just about perfect!!!

| | See all comradedan's reviews (21)

Devil May Cry 4 is a very, very good game and is great fun to play, as well as looking absolutely amazing. The new character Nero adds a lot to the series and is different enough from Dante to make you feel they actually put some work into the character development.
The gameplay is very slick apart from a few dodgy camera angles in places, attacking feels fluid and satisfying (especially with Nero's arm, which is simply put the best weapon in this type of game ever for the variety it adds to combination options) the bosses are in most cases huge and interesting, and the ability to switch styles at will with Dante adds a new dimension to his play as well.
The game is not perfect - especially in the second half where Nero's levels and Bosses are essentially repeated (in reverse) as Dante which although ties in with the storyline does seem a little lazy. The games difficulty seems to have been lowered considerably from Devil May Cry 3 meaning gamers with experience of the series will fly straight through the game without much of a challenge, but with harder modes to be unlocked upon completion this is not really an problem.
Another thing is characters, as far as I can see you get Nero for part 1, Dante for part 2, Nero again for the final as per the storyline - although Lady and Trish do appear in the cut scenes completing the game does not unlock them? Not a massive issue but difference adds to longevity.
Overall, as a fan of this series and action games in general I am very happy with this game and judge it as money well spent. The couple of issues I had are not really that important but do stop this getting a full 5 stars, don't let that bother you too much though, if you are an action game fan this one does the job.


| | See all jps1988's reviews (1)

The most amazing game you have ever played. Truly next generation gaming. I also agree the next game to surpass this will be mgs4. The devil bringer arm is the best weapon ever on any game.