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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (50 reviews)"

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  could be better

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

as far as shooters go its ok they could have done alot more i found it 7 pound and think thats about right the end bosses are good and there are some good points to the gamei hope they have made the second alot better

  most under rated game ever!

| | See all danterules's reviews (5)

before playing lost planet i really liked the idea of being able to use the VS suits and fighting giant bugs, however i really hated the idea of the thermal energy... how wrong was i. From the start the game dragged me in with the huge akird running riot. using VS suits was so amazing i just coudnt get enough of using them. the huge boss fights took me in even further and kept leaving me wanting the next. The thermal energy which i originally thought was actually a great idea but was a great feature. it never became something that got in the way to much but you did need to watch it every now and then. another great little feature was the grapling hook. although there isnt much need fot it it can get fun to use and was a nice touch. Also one of my favourite things about this game was the snow. I dont no what it is about it but just seemed to be perfect. just cant wait for lost planet 2 now.

  Quite good

| | See all xlgarry's reviews (17)

There's been alot of bad reviews on this game but it's not as bad as people make out , there is alot worse games out there. The bosses are impressive and it's fun controlling the vs's (robots)


| | See all Millz2410's reviews (15)

i traded in this game a while back as a result of my distaste for this game. i never liked the idea of if you dont kill something every two seconds and steal its body heat, you'l freeze to death. the gameplay was different from others of its kind and it took soem getting used to, once that was mastered it turned out to be an ok game and graphics also helped this but in a snowy enviroment and its kinda hard 2 see.. they could have easily covered up graphic flaws. i rate it a two because i didnt find this game as enjoyable as id hoped it would be along with that stupid steal the body heat thing..

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| | See all freery's reviews (7)

everything is just poor.
Graphics are the same as a decent ps2 game, the game play is poor and it is just boring, in fact very boring. 2/10

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  Leaves you Lost

| | See all FFstrife9000's reviews (7)

I bought this game for £20 second-hand not so long ago, and found it almost a complete waste of my money. Storyline is the most interesting aspect of the game, and trust me when I say that everything else is dire.
I found the game play mechanics very poor; it seems that the producers did not know what to sell this game as - a shooter or a different take on Armoured Core. It fails at both.
Enemies show little to no AI, hardly ever putting up a fight. Sure if you play this on the harder difficulties this could be rectified, but then the hard to control weapons will let you down.
Online is a mess and a real disappointment, not worth trying out.
Graphics (I hear) are not on par with the original Xbox 360 version, though I personally found them very good for such an old game.
Voice acting can be very weak at times, and I was confused several times by the storyline. This could be interpreted as a poor translation, or that i'm not very good at following the story :D.
First time play through took hardly any time to complete, well under 8 hours. No replay value

Game play - 4/10
Longevity - 2/10
Online - 5/10
Story - 8/10
Graphics - 6.5/10
Controls - 2/10

Overall - 5.5/10 (not an average)

If you have the money and time to spare and can pick this up for next to nothing, it is worth a single play-through. Otherwise don't bother; there are other games out there that work better than Lost Planet. Renting would also be advisable due to short play time

  so much fun

| | See all domdom21's reviews (3)

I personally dont know what all the fuss is about the graphics on the game arnet the best bust gameplay is epic, you wont be dissapointed with this buy. This is one of the best online games i have ever played and ive played a lot of online games lol

  Good....but the poor port lets it down

| | See all GOUP55's reviews (5)

played this on my friends xbox 360 loved it great graphics the works, then it ported to the ps3 i couldnt help myself but buy it, i loved it, loved the story i would have given this game 5 stars if it had been a true port because the ruined the awesome graphics in the port. all in all i think this game is worth the money if your not obsessed with graphics, challenging game at times. just think about buying it first

  Lost Planet is not Extreme

| | See all thefloods's reviews (16)

Well, where can i start? The graphics are awful, the worst i have seen on the ps3. The monster's are a bit babyish and are so boring to fight.
Tried the online and just could not understand it one bit! This game is such a waste even for the price of £24.99. I played it for an hour and just got bored.
Don't get this game!!!

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