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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Almost but not quite

| | See all Psypathic's reviews (9)

This game IS fun to play.Lots of quests,items,armour,weapons to find.The world is massive and has distinctive regions.Its has online co-op and PvP.It looks fine and sounds good.But the game has one issue that ruins any chances of long term play.The framerate changes with each step you take.This can be headache inducing at best.They never patched it to improve it enough to be playable.Otherwise a fun rpg.

  Absolutely Abysmal Abhorrent Abomination!

| | See all Marshy77's reviews (14)

Oh dear, oh dear. Put your bank card back in your wallet/purse.
I've played many RPG's in my time and i have to say this is comfortably the worst game, let alone RPG, i can ever remember playing. What a horrible waste of money buying it, and waste of time playing it.
Yes it's vast. If you wish to call that a positive, it's the only one.
As someone else has commented, the camera angle is poor without the option of altering it.
The graphics, contrary to other reviewers, are mediocre at best. It's Atari ST standard. The characters, maps and every other on screen aspect of the game appear small and unclear even on my 42" Panasonic Full HD Plasma.
Worst of all is the animation - it would be laughable if it hadn't cost so much to buy it! Especially during combat, it's pathetically jerky. Far worse than an episode of South Park!
The entire action is so completely unplayable, unbelievable and aesthetically unenjoyable, it's impossible to take it seriously.
If you want a high quality, intelligent, enjoyable & intensely playable RPG with longevity to match, the best I've played so far on the PS3 is The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. But frankly anything else would be an improvement on this utter disgrace of a "game".

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  V-sync problems yet again -_-

| | See all adamknox's reviews (25)

ive been looking forward to playing this game since it came out! I even downloaded the demo for the pc! ANyway i finally got it for the ps3! 10mins in i had to turn it off -_- The V sync is the 2nd worst ive seen for a new Gen console :( First is dead rising.. and 3rd is farcry 2 -_- This was on the first part of the game. I guarentee as soon as you get into the castles (more detailed area) its gunna be worse -_- Anyway i gave iot a 2nd chance but it wasnt anyting special. the graphics IMO are a bit better than a ps2 game but nothing like u would exspect from a ps3 game :( the game play is pretty repedative (sorry for spelling lol) :( very dissipointed :(

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  A First Class Effort

| | See all Caramon's reviews (77)

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel's game world of Ancaria is big. Really big. And to explore it you select a character from one of six character classes, each with their own assortment of spells and combat prowess. High Elves and Dryads are the only "typical" fantasy types here - the other four classes are the game's unique own. Yet you will have a great time playing any of them as you explore vast Ancaria completing hundreds of quests in one of two campaigns - Light or Shadow (read: Good or Evil.)

Sacred 2:P Fallen Angel is a "Diablo" for the modern era, and is deceptively simply in its execution. Like most Role Playing Games, it is merely a matter of slaying monsters, completing quests, gaining treasure and improving your character by levelling up so you can do the same thing again against tougher opponents. The beauty lies in that, like "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion", monsters tend to level up with you to some extent, although slaying rats when you are Level 17 will only gain you minimal experience, for example, to encourage you to go for bigger fare.

The game's quests are usually of the Deliver a message to... Slay this monster... or Escort me to... types, which are not usually too taxing but really give the game a pick-up-and-play quality. The emphasis here is on speed and having fun, without reading through reams of text before doing anything. Likewise, combat is easily handled too - stand near an opponent and press the player-preset buttons to use melee/missile/combat prowess/magical attacks. It results in a fair bit of button mashing, but the ability to switch attacks by pressing different buttons (and changing weapons automatically as you use different attacks) is a real advantage in battle - and believe me, the game is one huge slugfest.

Graphically, the game is pretty without being beautiful, but the sound is good and the voice acting is pleasant. The game doesn't take itself too seriously, either, with humour more akin to the PS2's "The Bard's Tale" game, than some stuffy old-school RPG.

Two players can use one system, and characters created in single player/two player games can be used online, and vice versa, which is a good idea. Whereas players can swap items with each other online, this feature is not present in the two-players on one console games though, which is a bit of a shame. However, this is only a minor disappointment, and does not distract from an otherwise enjoyable game.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is certainly enjoyable to play. It is a massive game with instant pick-up-and-play appeal. The simple gameplay and repetitive action will not be to everybody's tastes, but if tedium does set in, the game can easily be picked up where it was left off months down the line. What's more, the game has a whole host of trophies to earn too, for both online and offline modes, which is a further incentive to keep playing this huge, rewarding game.

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  Don't expect to much

| | See all Clicked's reviews (2)

I've had this game for about a day now and its pretty poor.

My biggest problem with this game is the camera angles, in a nutshell its very restrictive and always looking down, you can see any distance to check for enemies or even admire the scenery.

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| | See all Wolfstriker's reviews (5)

In all fairness I thought here we go again, champions meets World of warcraft. Boy was I wrong.
The complex attribute and ability assignment is great it allow for multiple of the same race to discover your true calling, the games length is amazing. I've barely completed a tenth of the map and im flying through. I started on silver mode straight away, bronze is too simple, its mainly for the younger generation.

I cannot get enough of it, I've yet to try online mode, i feel the need to wait for my mates to get it first so at least then we aren't constantly swapping around on each others chars on 2 player...

If you love hack n slash with some killer graphics in your moves, then grab a copy and make sure you have full charge on your controller, you're in for the long haul

  Must buy!

| | See all WiThEyS's reviews (9)

Want a RPG that you can play over and over again.....?

Got a brother or close friend that you want to play co-op with...?

If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you will love this game. I have only had this game for a day and i absolutely love it! Co-op is so good! Single player is also good but i am trying to save the fun for co-op because it is even better. Although if you want this game for online it isnt so good from what i have seen, although i have only played online for about 15minutes.
Sacred 2 gets 5 star for the offline co-op alone. But i must say... choose the silver difficuly first because bronze is pretty easy at the moment.

To the person who wrote a review 2 after mine who said that player 2 cant save their progress..that is so not true!
You must make another account for player 2 and then they can choose to use that account and then it saves their progress!
Please do not go on his review, ignore it! Co-op is the best thing about this game.

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  Truely Sacred

| | See all Ultrafastdelievery's reviews (2)

This is without a doubt in my mind the best rpg on the ps3 yet (yes i have played obvilion, folklore disgaea 3 etc). I have completed this on 1 of 5 difficulty modes with 2 different characters working on a third at the moment and the reply value is just brilliant, i have already clocked up around 70hours and i cant get enough. I think i will be playing this game for a long, long time The game will take a while to learn with all the extremely indepth character specs and attribute understandings, i am even still learning new things. But if you are a fan of balders gate, diablo or any rpg of the hack and slash genre...then this game is designed for you.
You must buy this, you wont regret it!

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  Lame Lame Lame

| | See all Khrone's reviews (8)

I have played A LOT of RPG's and I have to say this game is very disappointing. I was looking forward to this coz of the co-op in the offline mode. But unfortunately it sorely disappoints, the second character can not save any progress so there is really no point of a co-op offline as your mate will always start from level 1 with no stuff... pointless!
The graphics are really bad for a ps3 game, kind of reminds me of the old pc games dating back 10yrs.....
Save your cash for a proper RPG, (FF, if it ever gets released!). Though if you really need something to play rent it first, but I reckon if you're a hard core RPG player you will be very displeased.

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  better than i expected

| | See all addasium's reviews (25)

I bought this game because i dont have any RPG game, and i thought this looked good. When i first put the game in and started playing, i was shocked. I thought this was the biggest waste of £40 in my life. But after half an hour, i was really hooked. The world map is apsolutely massive, iv explored something like 6% of the map. There is so much to do, over 500 mini quests. The only downsides are that the graphics arent brilliant for a next generation game, but you dont notice it after a while. The voice acting is kinda dodgy and theres quite a lot of reading to do, as half the time the charactors wont speak. I usually skip it after a while. Also the trophies are really hard to get.
Dont be put off though its a really good game.
I recomend that you rent first though, just in case its not your cup of tea.