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Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (Platinum) (GT5)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (276 reviews)"

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  Good but lacking

| | See all Hirsty's reviews (21)

This is a good racing game and fills a little corner while waiting for the full version of Gran Turismo 5 however there are some disappointing features of this early version. First of all there's hardly any tracks, so few that you really feel like you're repeating yourself playing them and secondly only 60 cars which is dispapointing for a Gran Turismo title.

The racing itself is still as solid as ever in true Gran Turismo style with varying difficulty levels to kepe players of wide skill levels happy.

The full game promises to be one hell of an experience deserving of 5 stars with its whopping 1000 cars and 35 tracks (60 layouts) with room for custom made tracks online. Also the full game will feature an all new damage physics engine for Gran Turismo.

Overall I give this game 7/10 it's fun for a time and definitel fills a gap for a racing game in your PS3 collection but is by no stretch a complete Gran Turismo experience.

  Good but not perfect

| | See all JoeyBoy92's reviews (17)

The only down side to this game is that if you was to crash your car at 200mph you would just bounce off a wall without a scratch. my personal opinion on the best part of the game are the replays which look like your watching to on tv. also the MASSIVE variety of different cars, with excellent graphics. the scenary in which you drive in is magnificent. but i think NFS shift has a much better storyline and is more realistic.

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  GT 5 will be 5 stars

| | See all NC0786's reviews (22)

it is poberly the best and most realistic car game ever made so far.

there are round about 60 cars which is good but there is only 6 or 7 tracks which i find disappointing, but the full game will have over 950 cars and over 20 different tracks and it will also include damage.

the conclusion is that it is worth the money and it will help make you decide if you want the full game, i believe every one who plays will be amazed.

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  A nice preview!

| | See all Goffin19's reviews (7)

I've always been a GT fan, since it's first title on the PS1 and it's been quite a while since the last installment on the PS2 which wasn't my favourite by a long-shot thanks to the b-spec mode turning you into a lazy driver. Thankfully it looks like they've gotten rid of it in this polished PS3 title. It's been 3years since the PS3 was release and it was about time we heard something from the guys at polyphony, all in all a good game, but I wouldn't recommend newcomers to GT to buy this, just wait for the full version in December because it's gonna be awesome! Their are enough cars and tracks on this game to keep you going for a while, just don't expect it to be a long-lasting title, unless you becoming hooked on the online play. Speaking of which this part of the game needs a little work, the penalty systems which penalise you for crashing into barriers and other cars is flawed, a lot of the time racers who are oblivious to other cars and not at fault for the collision will receive the penalty and their is a lagging issue too, all of which i'm 100% will have been sorted when GT5 finally hits the shelves! A good buy to keep us avid GT fans going until Christmas!

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  A Glimpse At The Future

| | See all INVNO1's reviews (12)

Put simply, i am an avid 360 fan, i played ps1 ps2 and ps3 but 360 completly obliterates ps3 in every way!!!! But!!! If theres 1 genra that ps3 will forever rule, its racing, thanks to gran turismo. Roll on gt5!!!!

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| | See all Bumblesss's reviews (5)

I took this game as a demo... not as a full game... because that what it is, haha. OK so yea... its great! amazing graphics, a friend thought i was watching racing on tv, not playing haha. good amount of cars wich are different and price and really makes u want to get the 2mill$ F1 ferrari. The only thing that isnt good about this game sometimes is the online, alittle laggy if the host has bad connection wich spoils the realistic physics and just isnt exceptable. Now hopefully they will fix this for the actual game. ummm sure theres no damage, but from what ive heard, there doing that for the actual game also. there are 6 tracks but it feels like theres about 14 because of wot they do with them. u cant play ure own music while driving... but again thatll probably be something expected for the actual game. SO yeah all in all its a good DEMO and will satisfy your GT needs while waiting on the actual game =]

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  Has every1 gone mad?

| | See all Dunny007's reviews (6)

sorry but this game is utterly diabolical so glad i found out now b4 the full game came out. no damage bouncy cars oh dear just like the ps1 version with slightly better graphics save ure time and buy racing driver grid its only 12 quid new! 100% improvement on this rubbish. id sack the creator one of the worst driving games ive ever played, put it down after ten minutes would have given 0 stars if available. save ure mony get grid u will b much happier

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  Brilliant, cant way for the full game!

| | See all Westies123's reviews (30)

Graphics are mind blowing, thats probably the best part of the game, good range of cars and the tracks are pretty fun. The online is really good, except people take it WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, i had come 4th in a race just beat this guy who was in a ferrari 599 ( i was in a GTR ), i got a message after with a bunch of insults, just because i beat him. Anyway the physics are shocking but its prolouge and not the full game. cant wait to the full game gonna have the top gear track on it apperently!