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Customer Reviews

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  PlayTV Series Link

| | See all Accman's reviews (4)

I have been using one of these for over 2 years and up until very recently would have given the product 5 stars. However since the latest update v2.02 which followed the series link function being added by an additional purchase vis PSN the system continiously hangs and requires reinstalling. This is a real pain as you lose all your recordings which basically makes the unit NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. There are some other issues but basically the above says it all. Until this can be fixed I really would not recommend this product to anyone.

13 June 2011 Update
Since the lastest patch all seems to be working 98%.... a couple of schedule errors and duplications on the series link. But overall we are back to a pretty good PVR system for what is a cheap price.

Shame there is no news on a HD Freeview version...

  A Bargain!

| | See all danofmayz's reviews (1)

Completely changes the Freeview experience, especially if you are not used to having a set-top box that can record. Wonderful interface! Well worth it!

  Great Buy

| | See all tuffnutts's reviews (3)

I got this in the mail today"havent stoped watching it`also it makes the picture slightly more crisp,Great Buy"

  Buy it

| | See all Nickiow's reviews (1)

I have now had my play tv hooked up for a year and a half now. I find it great to use and have even got the wife to use it. I would recomend getting the sony remote to make it more user friendly. The upscaling is great and dont feel the need to upgrade to HD as this isnt far off. A larger hard drive is ideal but not essential, it takes aprox. 1gb for an hour of recording. I love my play tv and with the new series link update iminate its five stars from me.

  Overpriced but a good buy

| | See all XSeti72's reviews (8)

There are other TV tuners on the market for almost half the price, being a Sony product your paying way more for some weird reason, however this kit works very well.

I suggest you invest in a bigger HD for your PS3, as you can't record to an external attached HD.

There are other ways to watch TV on your PS3, and that is installing Ubuntu Linux with Kaffeine as the other OS, so think about it before you buy?

  Better than other freeveiws

| | See all BrendanHughes's reviews (251)

I was paying monthly fee's to a company before having this to be able to pause,rewind,fast forward live television.This is far better and at a one off cost.i think its easy to set up and has an exellent HD picture.Easy to use and has a good layout with lots of options.
It has a slight downside with only running through the PS3 but the controls are superb with the PS3 Blu ray remote control and also takes a while 20 seconds or so to start up,sometimes you want to instanty see something.

  Fantastic add on

| | See all for35t's reviews (1)

Upscales into fantastic quality.

Even though it warns that recording quality/gameplay may be affected if you do both at same time - mine hasn't.

Things like red button and text load far quicker than other digital TV providers.

For me a bargain at 60 pounds...even more of a bargain that I got it a few weeks ago for 40 pounds!

  Could be better

| | See all AlbaScot's reviews (1)

In theory, a good piece of kit. Purchased one and connected to the PS3. After second attempt, worked fine. Good quality signal and recording. BUT, I do not want my PS3 on all the time and when I attempted to split the signal to my TV, it was too weak. End result, had to send the kit back as it would not work on the split signal, even with a signal booster. Only buy if you live in a strong signal area.

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  Not that great

| | See all jacktorrance's reviews (1)

Purchased Play TV after reading positive reviews and have been using for about 2 weeks now. Main issues are as follows: if you have a separate sound system then you're going to need three remotes just to watch TV rather than 2. One to turn the tv on, one for the amp, one for the PS3. You have to wait for Play TV to load - not like just switching the TV on. Image upscaling quality isn't worth writing about. Got fewer channels tuned on Play TV's freeview tuner than on the one in my TV.

Recording is good but all the effort and downsides above have forced me to give up on it and sell.

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