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Customer Reviews

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  Does this work through normal anolouge ariel?

| | See all gingy13's reviews (1)

Just wandering does anyone know if this works through the normal analouge ariel or do u need a freeview signal for it?

  A must buy

| | See all JohnLinsley's reviews (1)

For anyone who has a ps3 this is a must have, it is small and space saving. The set up takes less than a minute. The picture quality is first class, after a brief system update this device upscales your digital signal to HD quality. The ability to record and play games or watch another channel is good, in addition to pausing, and rewinding live tv.

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| | See all Midknight's reviews (3)

I bought this due to my old Digital TV Recorder breaking down. Due to limited funds I was tempted to get this as I already had a PS3 and it had been reduced at the time to £40.

I was pleasantly surprised at how competent a piece of equipment this is. Easy to set up, easy to use and easily as good as many of the standalone DVRs. In addition it takes up a fraction of the room of the standalone models freeing up valuable space in your TV cabinet.

If you have a PS3 already, or are thinking of getting one, this is an invaluable add-on. Definitely worth the 5 stars.

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  Best Add-on Around...

| | See all Madj88's reviews (1)

I couldn't actually believe how good this product is. I simply connected one end to the ariel, one to the ps3 and installed the software. For a one off £60 purchase, it has mazing features. One of my favourite is how the console can turn itself on to begin recording and switch off automatically when the program is complete. The picture quality is better than normal TV because of the ps3 too, awesome!

  Very Good

| | See all KingChad's reviews (1)

This is a very good product, Cheap and cherrful. The setup is nice and its very easy to use, The box can record which is also a great feature. I reccomenc u get a stronger airiel, Around £20 - £30 one wil be fine

  Highly Recommended!

| | See all Alby1990's reviews (83)

I found Play TV easy and quick to set up. The menu is well thought out and easy to use, especially if you have the PS3 Bluetooth remote control. As previous reviewers have pointed out, the only annoyance is that because the USB ports are on the front of the PS3, it does look a bit odd with the tuner plugged into the front. This is only a slight issue and definately not a deal breaker.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes the idea of being able to easily record TV and rewind live TV if they happen to miss anything.

  Very Impressive

| | See all JasonDR's reviews (36)

Very impressive, when i got it to work. It also seems that this will be hd compatible when freeview broadcasts in hd. Basically this is like having sky plus but with the freeview channels. The controls can be a bit fiddley but u get use to them. The reason i gave this 4 and not 5 is, it is a shame there is not a usb port at the back of the ps3 as u have a cable from the front on display and not tucked away neatly which plugs into the play tv box. I also had to spend out on a booster as when i split the ariel between the tv and play tv box the signal became too week to pick up all the channels. but now i have got there it is a great piece of kit. You can play on line or watch a blu ray while it records but i have the original 60g ps3 and when i was playing online and the play tv started to record it was very noisey. i would recommend though. Also i had already upgraded my hard drive to a 320g version so no space issues, maybe a bit harder if u have one of the orginal sized hard drives?

  This is more than "Freeview" for your PS3!

| | See all Gadgetmall's reviews (4)

This item is a must have if you have a PS3! It is so much more than a freeview tuner. It adds full recording functionality to your PS3 and allows you to record one channel while watching another. I also read that it will be HD compliant for when terrestrial HD broadcasting starts in the future.

Season passes are set by scheduling a recording to repeat daily or weekly which is not as good as other PVRs or Tivo but for the price paid I can handle that.

The interface is excellent and much better than any freeview box I have used. And with the Bluetooth PS3 remote you can put the whole set up in a cupboard or round behind the plasma/LCD and still operate it happily.

Only thing is that if you have a 40/80GB hard drive you may need to budget for a new hard drive too as the more you record the more space gets used.

  Nice bit of kit, If you need a new freeview box

| | See all PSdude's reviews (13)

Don't buy this if you already have a good working freeview box because there's no point really but I did because I didn't like the menu in my built in freeview on my TV so I got this for my PS3. Takes no more than 10 mins to set up. Just plug in, put disk in, scan for channels and your done. The thing that makes this great is the menu. it looks great and it works so fast! you can easily find out what program is on during the day and through the week with ease, also when you want to record you just hit select on he remote or ps controller and it will highlight red then you know it will record. Now, I'm not sure if this is my TV but I have to change the picture settings on my TV to have a decent picture because if I have the picture setting on my usual setting, the picture looks blocky. But overall, it's good and easy to work with.