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Iron Man

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Rushed game, repetitive.

| | See all Millz2410's reviews (15)

i am a marvel fan and when i saw this on a store shelf, i was excited to play the game, the cover and the back with screen shots of gampley looked awesome and the first hour or so of gameplay were aswesome as i'd hoped. then things went boring, got repetetive really fast and al of a sudden i wasent having fun, i was doing it for the sake of beating the game. if thats what your looking for but go ahead but sadly i was looking for enjoyment and i was dissappointed. another movie game tie in and it lived up to its stereotype of being bellow standard. a rushed game to make money... if theyd spent more time on it and reached the potential it very easily could have. this game would have been awesome and i would have played it over and over.. they could have made so much more money that way aswel.. .. sad really

  Quite good..

| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

this game is o.k its not the best game ever i dont thin k any1 expected it 2 be its got good graphics i wont say briliant its got good game play but it definently dosen't deserve one star.

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  wish i could give no stars

| | See all dragon23's reviews (27)

What a shame, another rushed game to try get money, game play awful 1 out of 10
Longevity awful 1 out of 10.
Best bit about this game is turning it off.

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| | See all clarkyboy1000's reviews (3)

I cant see why everyone is slateing this game, i downloaded the demo and had to buy the game. I think its a definate buy.

  quite good

| | See all DrewUndead's reviews (3)

The movie was great, and the games ok. I didnt expect much considering its a movie game tie-in but theyve done alot, perhaps they couldve added a 2player mode, but still its fun. Repetitive as there are only a few enemys that u fight over and over again but there are alot of differnt challenges and objectives. Not worth £40 though, maybe £30


| | See all abarron's reviews (77)

I downloaded the demo and its a disapointment.
Good graphics but the controls aren't good and the gameplay is repetative.
Would make a goods PS2 game but not good on the PS3

  What a shame...

| | See all Will243's reviews (2)

its such a shame that an awesome character like Iron Man has been reduced to this sham of of a game. I've played better games on the PS1...
You don't usually get many decent film tie in games and this is one of the worst. Its graphically poor taking into consideration the the PS3's power. The gameplay can be fun, but thats only when you get the suit with the flight ability, but even then, its over sensitive and quite fiddely The envieronment and effects are ridiculus as well, A blast from your chest laser can pulverize tanks and missile launchers, yet cannot blast through a branch or tree!!

Do yourself a favour, dont buy this!! If you really want a decent superhero game, grab Spiderman 2 on PS2. probably the bestone ever.

  Just not good

| | See all SurferSam's reviews (33)

Iron Man has its occasional bright spots, but the gameplay fluctuates between monotony and frustration. With technical meltdowns, unsightly visuals, and a jumbled plot line, there are more than enough reasons to leave this junker on the scrap heap.

  Not worth your cash..

| | See all MartinsBluRay's reviews (46)

Please do not be taken in by the in game movies that show on the tv or the occasional good graphics, this game is not worth your hard earned cash, I rushed out and purchased this at full price, having watched and loved the film (just like I did with the Transformers game) and both times I have regretted buying a movie licenced game. Close up the graphics are very poor, the game is tedius in the extreme and in later levels the ai throws so many enemies at you at once you have no idea of where you are, which way you are facing or what the actual objective is. Controls are clunky, the cut scenes are atrocious and the game gets soooo boring, please buy GTA4 or COD4 if you want to shoot things without throwing away £40.