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Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Rating: U (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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| | See all craig2865's reviews (4)

Bought this game a few years ago when it 1st came out but had to review it as I've just started re-playing it again. LEGO series of games are fantastic addition to your gaming collection but I think personally, the Indiana Jones game is the best by far!!! guarenteed hours of fun

  Fun Fun Fun

| | See all MissGill's reviews (3)

this game is great for all ages it is just so quirky and will just keep you wanting more. the game is very well layed out and the game play is at a fun level where it isnt so easy its boring but is not so hard it just puts you off playing it.


| | See all GETCARTER18's reviews (2)

I Thought this was a great game. Its very suitable for young children and the puzzles will keep people on their toe's. Great game and i would recomend it for anyone with children. 4 stars.

  Highly Addictive and a great game to play with mates.

| | See all Wallywee's reviews (25)

Brilliant. This game is Absolute class, the Humour has you in tears at times and the puzzles are actually pretty great. The graphics are good and run smoothly and the gameplay is nice.
The story mode does brilliantly to re-create the Movies, and also does brilliantly to keep you interested. The levels are nicely designed and never get repetetive and the co-op is fantastic fun.
A definate reccomend for Indy fans, and if you want this game i reccomend you watch the films, but would still be great evn if not.
Graphics 8/10
Gameplay 9/10
Multiplayer 10/10


| | See all bennyrules's reviews (29)

This game is really addictive because of the many levels you can play!! I think that this just about beats all the lego star wars games cant wait fot the 2nd lego indy!!

  Absolute Brilliant Time Waster

| | See all soapfan's reviews (1)

Have just completed Indy after many happy hours of game play. Not had time to play my other games as i have been so engrossed in this one. I have just received Lego Batman, and look forward to getting stuck in. Indy has proven to be an excellent time waster with enough variety to make it enjoyable, and the level of difficulty just about right, in that you may need a couple of goes to do some of the tasks , but you get there in the end. I was unsure whether to buy this game to start with, as the thought of playing with lego characters seemed a bit strange, but as soon as i saw it on a friend's Xbox i was totally convinced. The best 15 quid i have ever spent.

  Great Fun

| | See all mickey6chins's reviews (26)

Lego Indy plays differently slightly to Star Wars which did require some time to adapt before sheer enjoyment kicked in at the humour (at the end of the very first level cut scene had me in stitches but helps to have played lego star wars 1st to fully appreciate).

Game includes majority of the set peices from the films with embellishment as you would expect, once again the game includes great replay value in the free story mode where you can get all the hidden extras and some of these can only be gained from areas where certain characters only can reach.

Fingers crossed for downloadable content to include the last indy adventure not that I need a reason to play one more time

  Yay go indy!!!

| | See all squink's reviews (10)

I've never played any of the lego games so i have no concept of what ive missed before hand but i can say i enjoyed lego indiana jones emmensly very funny, highly entertaining and quite tricky at points. Luckily ive seen the movies as if i hadnt i may have had no idea what was going on as theres no text or speaking in the game its all done in sounds as gestures as the little lego people act out the first 3 indiana jones film installments.

So if you've seen the films you'll know instinctivly what bit comes next which'll help you complete certain levels. Collection the additional characters and finding all the hidden treasure adds a a substantial amount of depth and strategy to the game. One to play over and over again