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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  stick with the 1st BLOPS

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

I played BLOPs and initailly found the game campaign to be poor graphically with a not too bad story and multiplayer. Then i tried it in 3D. It changed the game drastically. It became the best campaign id ever played and added a new dimension to the multiplayer, although it didnt really make it any easier...
Before trying the 3D id say the MW1 and 2 were better games than BLOPS.
The 3D element turned this game from my worst to my favourate in a instant.
I also think the multiplayer maps in the 1st BLOPS are the best than in any of the series.

BLOPS 2, was therefore hot on my list of games. I can only say stick to the 1st, do not buy this thinking it will be better than the 1st or an improvement.
The 3D is ok, but no where near as good as the 1st BLOPS.

The campaign is tough to follow at times and i switched off from the story and just skipped forward to action. The action/missions are o.k in parts but its nothing that you havent seen already in a COD.

The multiplayer is frustrating at best and no patch on the 1st. I dont know why but it is alot harder to get a kill streak going on this game and the maps are no way as good as the 1st.

Some of the guns are class, but as another reviewer said, they do sound the same and its hardly a reason to stick it on and then find yourself shouting at the screen because youve just been jipped for the 100th time by someone you shot 10 times thats just turned around and killed you with one bullet...

  how not to make the same game over

| | See all ThePaleOne's reviews (12)

Same old boring gameplay and design but this time even worse than ever . Worst cod yet . When will they learn and change it up abit . No one wants to keep buying the same game over and over for full whack every few months . The call of duties have become abit of a joke . There has been no change in gameplay or game since call of duty 4. A lesson to em all . Dont get greedy for money and dont get lazy cos u will destroy what u created and thats whats happened right here . Lazy money grabbing greedy developers .. Shame on u all

  2 system crashes... not good!

| | See all 20X20Vision's reviews (8)

Gameplay is rather predictable... story is quite unintelligible (even with flashbacks)...

Borrows a lot of ideas from other titles like MoH, but executes them badly...

Cut scenes are nicely done though, with great textures on characters faces.

Pseudo 'x-ray' sights are tad tacky too in 2025 mode.

Nice to see 1080 upscale

Why does he put his sunglasses on on load screen?

Overall, this game is only the second game I've owned that COMPLETELY crashes my PS3 - requiring a system rebuild / diagnostic...

Time to get some decent scriptwriters in, and come up with something original.

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| | See all critical1's reviews (12)

by far the worst call of duty ever. black ops 1 was bad this 1 is terrible. i wish i never bought it. should have waited for sniper: ghost warrior 2. treyarch needs to up there game as infinity ward beats them hands down. black ops 3 would be a huge mistake if even thought about never mind made. roll on modern warfare 4

  Very Poor

| | See all KPnutswales's reviews (1)

A disappointing campaign, left me wondering where it was going with the multiplayer...again, even more disappointment...don't waste your money!

  Treyarch delivers yet again.

| | See all wwekevin's reviews (54)

The campaign is really good worth playing over again and again, strike force missions can get frustrating and i'm not keen on them being mixed in with the campaign. Graphics have definitely improved since the 1st one and weapons audio sound good but not great. Multiplayer is similar to MW3 but not as bad. Maps seem decent and the customization is still there but you have to rank up to unlock emblems i wasn't keen at first but it gives you a reason to play and rank up your weapon. I'm getting used to the layout now and have enjoyed it apart from bad lag and freezing issues. Zombies seems good but haven't it fully yet just nuketown. Black ops II is worth a go if you were a fan of the first but multiplayer is set in the future which means no maps or weapons are available like in the first black ops but makes a change. Overall Black ops II is a great game with a excellent campaign maybe one of the best. Multiplayer is still good but still room for improvement.

  the best one yet!!!

| | See all ops2isawesome's reviews (1)

Don't listen to the people who say it's no good. The weapons are best ever, as are the levels. I'm not a fan of the zombies so I if Avnet even looked at them in this game so can't comment on it this time but I have played campaign. It's brilliant. And multiplayer is the best ever. I have had the mw2 b ops 1 and mw3 and this one beats them all!!

Buy it now!!!!!

  Need to take a step back when new cod games meant real chang

| | See all DisabledTimmy's reviews (1)

I pre ordered this cod as I have done with all of the cod games and I have decided that this will be the last for me. The cod series peaked at mw2, I wouldn't say it's gone downhill there has just been very little change, it just seems like they are adding new maps and selling them off at 40-50 pounds. I really hope they bring out a world at war 2 when there were tanks and big maps.
Why don't they put in vehicles anymore it use to be so much fun as everyone raced over to jump in a tank and try to mow down the other team it made the game if online with friends. it was so good having one driving and one on the machine gun, but now they just run out the same game year after year with different maps and slightly different kill streaks which really do the same as they always have. Can we blame them for doing this though? The answer is No we are the ones who preorder and buy the game even though we complain that nothing changes they are cashing in on our inability to make a stand and say we won't buy it unless you put in real changes. I shall however not preorder anymore and wait to see if there are any changes making it worthwhile to purchase. And that's another thing the price keeps going up on maps and the game and elite is just another way of getting more cash out of us. Stop ripping us off and actually put some work into the next cod title.

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  Don't listen to them!!

| | See all JakeMoore's reviews (1)

I'm sorry but this COD is amazing!! if it crashes i'm sorry to say it will be your console not the game! the online is also amazing its basically like the first black ops, Zombies is soo good aswell, the map is soo big and its really good! This COD is ten times better than MW3, now that game was awful!!! Black ops 2 is a good game so if i was you i would get it! 5 stars for me!

  it ruined christmas day!

| | See all hattyjacks's reviews (1)

we bought this for our son for christmas is was going to be the best present ever! it wasnt ! after loaded the playstation crashed many tears were had we then had to download a "patch" he got the game back online but continued to crash every 20 mins eventually the PS3 gave up and died !!! The game cost me 44 pounds to pre order with maps - we got 50 for trading all of his PS3 games including black ops 2 and had to put this towards an XBOX!!! (the dark side according to our son) - what a bitter disappointment - thank you SONY and merry christmas !

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