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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

A ridiculously short campaign mode left me feeling like I'd thrown forty quid away. What is there is good but I finished it very quickly. So disappointing.

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  Very disappointing

| | See all soarin's reviews (2)

Compared to other COD games this has o be the worst - the missions didn't make sense and the game was short, maybe because it has to much video footage between missions explaining the story - why don't they ditch all of that and make the game longer - next time I will rent first before wasting 42 pounds and then being offered 15 pounds to trade - no doubt their will be cod enthusiasts who will disagree with my comments - go for battlefield 3 or assassins creed 3 instead

  Terrible Game (Worst Cod Yet)

| | See all Col1990's reviews (1)

Worst Call of Duty yet and its even worst on Ps3 as this game was coded for xbox and not the Ps3. It constantly freezes and I have to restart my computer atleast once everytime I play it. The map design is terrible Zombies is terrible with the small maps also the game has just lost its fun which it used to have. Its hard to play this game for fun online also because the way the players play this game is unreal. The maps are like head glitch/ Camp heaven and its very hard to play with the way the maps are set up.

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  not good

| | See all Patrick25x's reviews (3)

iv had this game a few weeks now i dont like the story mode when u have to control and order your men around it takes time and your dead evan b4 u have a chance..... on line mode same old cheaters r on line i started on the 1st day it come out and people where prestege 3..... stick to mw3

  COD polishing a t*rd and getting away with it

| | See all andyman87's reviews (2)

Worst call of duty by far, exactly the same gameplay, guns, sounds and graphics as the first one just worse maps. It constantly freezes and the dolphin dive us the stupidest thing to make it into a COD twice. It has a decent story mode but as these game are now all about online play it is short, the zombie mode is the best thing about it but it gets boring. How this company went from making world at war to this rubbish is beyond me

  Not what it could have been

| | See all hollowimmunity's reviews (11)

I have not touched the campaign yet so this cannot be a full review BUT.

I love the create a class on multiplayer unfortunately I cannot seem to play this game on line, there were major server issues for the first week, still get game freezes, sub machine guns are way overpowered, shot guns are useless due to the size of the maps, many of the perks seem quite useless as well.

That is my view anyway, this is the first COD that has split me and my friends straight down the middle, like Marmite odds are you'll either love it or hate it.

Zombies, is broken. TranZit mode sees you travelling around a few small drop off points with a few really pointless objectives to try and get through and it's just frustrating and boring. Bigger maps were promised in the build up to release and they are not on show anywhere from what i can see. The first Black Ops had some great Zombie maps that kept me coming back for more but i'm bored of this one already AND they want me to pay a bargain price of 41.99 to get a season pass for the downloadable map packs when they eventually come out.... nah, don't think so. I'll be back on MW3 soon anyway.

  Fantastic Shooter!

| | See all steewaart's reviews (2)

I've bought this game because I'm also owner of the first blops. I think this is a great game. Especially the multiplayer part. The gameplay in the multiplayer is smooth and quick, no lag. The graphics and the sound are fantastic. There are many modes such as free for all or team deathmatch but also crazy modes such as one bullet. This is a great mode where you have only one bullet and a knife so you have to be carefull when you take a shot. I like this!
The story mode is also ok. I find it a little bit short, but it's intensive and the cutscenes are great. Fantastic graphics.

In short. A must buy!

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  Multiplayer rating only!

| | See all MexicanManMoose's reviews (3)

I only buy COD games for the multiplayer side, and I have to say this is the worst multiplayer COD ever. The guns sound the same, they all take about 7 shots to kill a player and the graphics are poor and cartoon like. I much prefer the MW titles to the Black Ops in my opinion. Do not buy this game, stick with the Infinity Ward games! Much better

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