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Hitman HD Trilogy

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  True classics that hit their mark

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After being sorely disappointed with Absolution's linear, hand-holding approach (which was obviously aimed at the more vacuous mass-market crowd), I wanted to play a "proper" Hitman game, and was delighted to find out the greatest three games in the series were being re-released, in HD, with PS3 trophy support. These are the best versions of the games I have played, and take me back to the days when developers weren't afraid to make a game challenging, deep, and true to their original vision.

  Stand Aside Kids, The Classics Have Arrived.

| | See all JoblingA's reviews (18)

I personally don't see what all the moaning is about, if you had played the games before you knew exactly what you were getting with them. Of course the controls are bad, of course the movement is blocky, of course the fire-fights are horrible, but what can you expect them to do? Remake the whole three games? Don't talk so wet.

Hitman is a fantastic series, and I personally didn't buy it to be wowed by the HD up-scaling or the graphics and audio improvements, no...I bought this to play the games I loved on PS2 on my PS3. Frankly I enjoyed these games more now than I did before, sure, the levels are hard as hell, but they aren't impossible. I've already completed Silent Assassin and am now halfway through Contracts. The game runs smoothly compared to some HD transfers (yes I'm looking at you Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry) but you must remember to save your game regularly, as I found out the hard way, that there is no auto-save function.

All in all it's an enjoyable retro game, for retro fans...if you think it looks too old and tacky and dated, good, it's supposed to, you want something up-to-date, by a new game. Bottom line is these games are called 'classics' for a reason.

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This without doubt is the most annoying, frustrating and mind numbingly boring game I have ever had the misfortune to play in all my years gaming. The movement, character responsiveness, control layout are all utter garbage. I somehow managed to drag myself to the halfway point in Blood Money and wished that as an alternative, I had watched paint dry, whilst sat on a bed of nails chewing glass instead. It finally reached a point where I ejected the disk, snapped it in half, binned that and the box it came in.


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  Hit and Miss Man!

| | See all ruknrol's reviews (11)

I loved these games back in the day. The HD upscaling is satisfactory and functional. Bought this mainly for Blood Money. Would have rated higher but this game lacks descent control figuration. Maybe a patch will be available soon to change this?