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Brutal Legend

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  brill :)

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

This is a great game with; great humour with laugh out loud moments, good graphics, good storyline, a fun concept, good choices of music, one on one and troop control fights - so it covers pretty much all aspects you could want from a fighting game.

The main story (as it has been mentioned) is questionably short, but the outside area with separate optional quests makes the game lengthy enough to be worth the money.

Loved it.


| | See all TheMaltese's reviews (3)

If you like gore, Ozzy, and hell loads of other crazy characters combines with a rockish world with awesome rock music (and not the lame music issued now-a-days by the "famous artists") then this is the game for you.

Built perfectly for the rock lovers and has multitude of tasks requiring roaming with a bloody fast strong demonic car!!!!

I dismiss the issue that it was originally intended for RTS when like this: RPG focus with RTS twists; it is amazing.

I found controls pretty easy, and the RTS twists were a bit hard since it is mainly focused on RPG. But everything was clearly indicated: where you are being attacked and etc... (don't want to ruin the good fun for anyone)

As I said it is great for rock lovers, good introduction to new rock listeners, perfect for a stroll on the ps3 ^^

Enjoy the game :)

  Awesome story and world, not a great game

| | See all MrPerson's reviews (8)

This game is very, very funny. The world it builds is gorgeous and imaginative, the graphics, designs and voice-actors are all great. Much like Double Fine's previous game, Psychonauts, it's a bit of a shame that the game underpinning it all is a bit awkward.

There's nothing fundamentally wrong with driving around the overworld, or the combat. There are some fun weapons to use, and the whole system shows promise. It's just all a bit awkward and clunky. You never quite get comfortable with the combos or the driving: It's JUST a bit too off-key in a way that's hard to describe. And you might find yourself especially not enjoying the real-time-strategy sections.

Ah, the RTS. For something that was originally supposed to be the entire focus of the game, it's sadly the reason why this game remains unfinished on my shelf. There are indicators to tell you that something's being attacked, but there's no minimap. You can get an overview of the battlefield by zooming out, but you can never quite get a proper view of the action. You can join the fray, but it's chaotic and easy to get confused. You can stay above the battlefield and treat it like a straight RTS, but the pathfinding stinks and the controls never quite work like you want. Basically, in the RTS battles I did do, I poked around being confused and frustrated until I accidentally won, because it feels like the game makers knew the system wasn't good enough to give you some properly strategic battles, instead throwing you into an unfun grind.

The fantastic presentation, script and acting makes this game ALMOST reach a four-star rating, because you may enjoy the game simply because of all that. While I haven't finished the game, I've played for more than ten hours, and enjoyed a good bit of it.

If DoubleFine could make a less awkward game to support their wonderful humor and stories and designs, this could've been a true classic. But as it is, I found myself tolerating the game just to get to the next burst of imagination Schaefer and company would toss at me. That's not how it should be.

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  amazing but short

| | See all mellortt's reviews (19)

one of the best games on the market
soundtrack 5/5
Game 5/5
after you have finished 3/5
not much to do but fun while it lasts


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

When i saw this game first advertised i had no hope for it but decided to get it in need of something to play and its gotta be one of the most enjoyable games i have played in a while. The main character is based around Jack Black and the gameplay and storyline was so innovative. Not game of the year good but is worth playing for just pure fun. Enjoy

  So Good, SO FUNNY!

| | See all MeRCiLeSsMeRCeNaRy's reviews (8)

this game is EPIC. Jack Black + Axes, Guitars and Medieval settings... WITH HOTRODS!! = WIN. the only let down is Empty online and its only the RTS mode online.

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  A bit short but real fun

| | See all Arturo's reviews (1)

And with an amazing soundtrack.
And for the spanish users, this one has available all the text and voices in Spanish (yes, the horrid Santiago Segura dub...).

  great game, epic soundtrack

| | See all benjanimin's reviews (5)

one of the most enjoyable games iv played for ps3, good storeyline although slightly repetitive, awesome soundtrack, a must for any jack black fans. Hopefully a second will follow

  one cuestion...

| | See all FrankiePS3's reviews (1)

I am a buyer of Spain and I wanted to know if this game contains the Spanish language.
Subtitles or spoken?

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