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The Walking Dead

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  really awful

| | See all Stalwart1's reviews (1)

I bought this game on the back of the positive reviews I have read, I can only assume that some of the reviewers work for the company that produced this really bad game. The graphics seem to be from the 80's and the game play is so tedious that you will become frustrated very quickly. Some of the video preambles by the characters are so long you can make a cup of tea and they will still be rattleing on when you get back. To do any killing of zombies takes at least three attempts and as for the decision making it is so tedious that you quickly give it up and let the ps3 make the choice for you. It's not often I would say this but save your money and buy something else.


| | See all burgstar's reviews (39)

Forget the hype, there is a reason why point and click games died: no-one enjoys the core mechanics of arbitrarily clicking everything until you randomly click in the right order. WD dresses this up better than most titles in the genre, but the gameplay is still severely limited. 'but what about the story you handsome fool?' ... Well anyone who values the choices or characters here really, really, really needs to read some decent books or even just try a challenging movie - there is nothing here beyond cliched leads and 2d support characters. The choices are also all binary and of no real consequence. The scenarios are even more generic: nothing you haven't seen before or better on celuloid.mAs a parting shot, the game also runs terribly off a disk - you get stuttering, screen tear, desynchronisation and your ps3 will wail like a small chainsaw. I pity anyone who enjoys this; their education system has failed them and as a gamer I am thoroughly ashamed of the review scores this bas pulled in. If you like great games that marry gameplay, story telling and fun then stay the heck away!

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  Less splatter, more soul

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Probably the first of the cinematic games to actually grab my attention, loved the series but don't think thats really neccasary to fully enjoy the experience. Can be a little slow and suffers from many of the standard point-and-click problems, only one item for each situation. But even these issues didn't get in the way of the fantastic story and heart-pounding time-sensitive decisions. Have played through this too many times seeking a perfect ending or save a single character.
However at the price of 25 quid I would recommend downloading the digital copy if hard-drive space permits as it only costs 12 pound on PSN.

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  A must play!

| | See all Paris83's reviews (1)

simply brilliant. i played this game for about ten minutes and really didnt like the 'heavy rain' style format, an interactive movie-type game, until i remembered that i gave heavy rain a chance and ended up loving it. the exact same thing is true with this game, however, this is truly brilliant. everthing from characters to dialogue, story, gameplay, is right up there with the very best. what a wonderful experience. only zelda the ocarina of time has moved me as much as this game.

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