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Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  Just Can't Get Into This One

| | See all RicoRonJon's reviews (5)

I'm a bit late getting this latest COD as I've heard mixed reviews but I can honestly say I am more than a little disappointed with it. For the first time ever, I am having much more fun playing the campaign than multiplayer. I'm no expert player and certainly don't sit there for hours on end but I'm able to hold my own and managed to prestige on a couple of games but this seems so difficult. The maps are huge, which is no bad thing, but it enables campers (my pet hate in these games) to sit/lay there waiting for you to run past. Also, when you do get someone in your sights, what's the whole "I've just empied a clip into you and you killed me with two shots" about? It just seems that the ranking system is quite harsh. At first I thought it was because I was a latecomer to the game but I've bought other COD's long after the release date and not struggled like this.
So in view of this, I'm playing the campaign more and I have to admit I'm liking it. The graphics are smooth and the introduction of the dog can be a good thing in places. Yep I'm enjoying it. Others have mentioned that the length of the game is disappointing but this is something that doesn't bother me as my games tend to last me years as I always end up buying another new game in a matter of weeks so the previous one gets left behind. I'm hoping to complete World At War one day. Joking? Nope, thats how I like to play my games, a little and often unless its multiplayer but that 'ain't happening with this one. Black Ops 2 remains my series favourite for multiplayer. I think MW2 would have beaten it if they'd have included the colour blind option for us optically challenged people.

  The expectation is the killer

| | See all archangel1972's reviews (4)

Ive been a regular player of COD games for a few years now - not for the online multi player functions (who likes being killed every 2 seconds by experts/cheats) but merely for the fun of the story mode - but with this new title i have been rather disappointed. Firstly the story is very short even by COD standards - half a day was all it took - but more disappointing was the actual story. Little or no emotional attachment to the characters is a killer in any game - I was more concerned with what happened to the dog - contrast this with the wealth of tremendous story led FPS out there like The Last of Us and COD Ghosts is left wanting badly.
Dont get me wrong this is not a bad game, we just now expect so much more from our games as a whole. Verdict - Could do Better.

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  Not for me

| | See all Torn10's reviews (22)

Well, just played this for a few hours. Verdict? Not impressed at all. I have only played the multiplayer mode, but, well, it's not for me.
Maps are too big, and are actually rubbish too. No classics like in black ops. It just doesnt seem to play as smoothly either as other titles.
And of course the old, he shoots me before I can aim, scenario.
Personally I would suggest not bothering if you don't have fibre optic BB, in fact, just don't bother! :(

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  worst cod ever

| | See all critical1's reviews (12)

if you thought you'd wasted your money on black ops2 last year this 1 is ten times worse. campain is poor and the online multi player is even worse maps are too open so soon as you shoot someone you die imedietly. won't be buying add ons or the next cod this should be the end of cod if not please,please revamp this franchise as it used to be so good

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  Call Of Duty Ghosts

| | See all 06caswell's reviews (1)

I had such high expectations for this game, but I was disappointed actually. the story mode is short compared to the others, multiplayer I was also expecting to be something special compared to the others. its good but not as good as they made out to be. overall its good but well overated

  Maps too big

| | See all duffyorchez's reviews (9)

The game is spoilt by the maps being way too big, every map you just get picked off by snipers or campers. No doubt a map pack will come out with smaller maps but it would have been nice to have a little variation in the map sizes rather than all of them being huge. Other than that its a good game.

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  Great game.....

| | See all SameDayDelivery's reviews (6)

if you're under 16, enjoy singing badly online and love to hurl abuse at other people for no other reason than you shot them!

Goodbye CoD. My love affair ended with the original MW (which was immense). Everything since is a watered down poor imitation that just seems to cater for unskilled teenagers.

Buy Ghost Recon (cheap as chips) if you want a real shooter that involves skill, tactics, adults and COVER!! (i'll never understand how any shooter doesnt incorporate a cover system). Taking cover is probably lesson number one in soldiering. Lesson two - how to shoot.

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  Don't Bother

| | See all drbones's reviews (3)

If you have played and loved other COD games - give this a miss. The MP mode is a little smoother to play and has some new features but the same old problems are still there. Hit detection - poor; lag - very poor etc etc.
I am fed up with walking around a corner - hearing one shot at the same time as dying only to see on the kill cam that the opponent had time to take aim and fire off several shots - all while I was doing nothing! And how can I be aiming at a stationary "baddie" and unloading a clip directly into him/her and find that only one every several shots registers as a hit. There is no excuse for this. I have superfast fibre optic broadband with good connection (speed of 32meg).
I was really hoping this game would be better than previous ones but it simply ISN'T.

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  R.I.P call of duty

| | See all roughrelik's reviews (1)

This is by far the worst call of duty game ive ever had the misfortune to play do not buy maybe hire the game modern warfare 3, black ops and warfighter in another league to this game

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  The best yet!

| | See all KellyGlaff's reviews (4)

Finally a COD that is fun with new game modes, Graphics are beautiful a joy to play. It has a whole new feel making the movement more fluid you can slide and shoot too. Multiplayer : 10/10 Story mode: 10/10

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