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Tomb Raider: Underworld

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (88 reviews)"

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| | See all davdvn's reviews (5)

ok game. quite easy. very glitchy to the point of being frustrating when having to make the same move 10 times.

  Not for me

| | See all meoldchina's reviews (6)

I think this does come down to personal preference if your going to enjoy this game. Graphics are good, gameplay is nice. But I really didn't like this game, frustrating long winded puzzles, interrupted by the occasional gymnastics of Lara Croft. I believe they recorded/motion captured a very talented gymnast in the development and you can see that, nice. But I like games like Mafia 2, GTA, Just Cause, ACreed etc.. I found this game lonely wondering around caves a little uneventful and frustrating I soon got fed up and sold it to a mate, 20mins soon. I don't recommend this, but then that just might be my tastes.


| | See all kekkuzz's reviews (16)

i liked this game.
the places are amazing. i love tomb raider especially for that!
but the game gets a bit boring after a while.
i recommend it only to tomb raider fans


| | See all dkkat92's reviews (7)

Im a huge fan of the Tomb Raider series but i have to say this is the worst one in my opinion. One massive thing that it lacked was being able to wonder Croft Manor like on the other games.
And it just wasnt much fun to play.. it actually became abit annoying and didnt make much sense to me. I hate saying it but this game was really dissapointing :(
4 out of 10

  Not what I was expecting

| | See all Spyrout's reviews (9)

I haven't played any previous TR game, but I have played a lot of this gender. The game was good, but not great. The story line was quite bizzare, perhaps because this is my 1st with Lara Croft.

I have played a lot of 3D Action Adventure, and this one had nothing new to add to the kind. Uncharted is far more complete as a game, and Batman Arkham Asylum, takes the gender to a whole new level.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed playing this title, but will hesitate for a next one.

  Mainly for the male gamer

| | See all PacmanOwnage's reviews (25)

If you have ever played a tomb raider game, this should be no surprise to you. But although this particular game may not be as good as it's orginals, some of the graphics are very good, and of course Lara is still as stunning as ever. The gameplay is mediocre compared to most adventure games out there, and can be rather linear. The story unfolds rather nicely and there is some elements in the game that are well thought out... but others not. This should be a purchase for the gamer that likes a muddy bottom on thier screen for the majority of the game, and although it may be classed as action, there is a very few occasion you do actually engage against a enemy. There is the odd wild cat, a zombie-being of some kind every now and then, and the occasional 'grunt'... but it lacks any real depth, and all you are really doing is collecting treasures. Buy this game if your looking for a platinum trophy with no replay value.

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  She isn't what she used to be

| | See all spatss's reviews (17)

Being a fan of the older Tomb Raider games, mainly 1,2 and 3, I was hugely let down by this game. Plagued with unstable framerate, very awkward controls and a camera that you'll end up fighting constantly. It also kept crashing my ps3 and ended up corrupting my save file.
Picked this up for 9 pounds so no real harm done. The graphics are pretty and it does have some quite clever platforming sections, but I can't honestly recommend this game to anybody unless you're a super hardcore Lara Croft fan.

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  Pretty good!

| | See all Callux's reviews (14)

Another exciting adventure for Miss Croft in her new designer outfits, boasting motion-captured movements modelled from gymnast Heidi Moneymaker (no pun, real name), she runs, climbs, swings, swims, swishes at undergrowth, chimney vaults and fights her way dirty kneed through a maze of jungles, caves, glaciers, ships and strange ancient machinery ... but Lara need never feel alone out there in the middle of the Mediterranean, or in Thailand, Southern Mexico or Jan Mayen island in the Arctic ocean; for around any corner there is bound to be another adversary, mercenary or Colin O'Malley orchestra.

Underworld is poised for greatness, but with yet another new graphics engine developed especially for the game, fresh with the latest bugs, it presents the gamer with yet another bag of niggles. The character animation is better than before, indeed it is excellent and you have to see it to believe it, but Lara has forgotten how to walk or creep. The best she can do is run in slow motion, or at least that's what it looks like to me. Perhaps walking was not in Heidi's contract ... this practically forces me to run around everywhere, giving me no time to really absorb the fantastic artwork and impressive scenery, and possibly as a result I discover that the puzzles require no thought whatsoever. If you can press it, push it, switch it, rotate it or climb it - do it. You don't need to know why, you don't need to examine the mechanism.

Long gone are the days where you need a piece of paper to write down clues or figure out how to solve puzzles. I didn't get stuck once playing this game. This was the most disappointing aspect of the release. Despite promises of non-linear gameplay and while the graphics are generally superb (with the few usual bugs such as Lara floating in mid-air in some camera angles), the sound effects and music heart-pounding, and while the story sets up the adventure excellently - the main reason we keep coming back to Tomb Raider is for the puzzles. In Underworld, they are simply far too easy to solve by anyone's measure.

The only real genuine puzzle in the game is why, if Crystal Dynamics focused so much on the WCLD (What Could Lara Do?) philosophy, why did they fail on that point so catastrophically - to the point where Lara still can't jump onto ledges that are only a foot above her head if the game developer hasn't thought about making the ledge "grabbable", and she still jumps off to her death in stupid directions when that's clearly not the direction in which you intended for her to die! The controls continue to be the most troublesome aspect of the most recent Lara adventures, when the puzzles themselves ought to pose the greatest challenges.

Another major disappointment for me is that exploration is not encouraged. Except to find a limited variation of pick-ups and a few bonuses which unlock some rather uninspiring extras, the game is in fact as linear as they come. And with the demise of Croft Manor, there is no escape to Lara's house to take a break from the bats of Bhogavati to practise your pole-dancing skills.

However, that should not put you off buying this game. I've said it before I'll say it again, there is no other game like it on the market. No self-respecting gamer would miss buying Tomb Raider Underworld. It is a marvel to behold, we only wish the developers would go back to basics and create a game that is primarily designed to exercise the grey matter and less of the adrenaline ...

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  Good Puzzles! Exciting! Neat and Tidy Locations.. Terrific!

| | See all MarkLittleVai's reviews (22)

I got this game for xmas and although it's only a couple of weeks later i have completed it.. HOWEVER this is ONLY due to spnding practicaly my whole holiday playing it. i am looking forward to running through it again sometime.

another guy said the puzzles are hard... they're only hard if you don't know the answer right....?

  Solid, but more of the same

| | See all DaaaddyG's reviews (4)

I picked this little number up for a tenner at a big supermarket stating with 'T' - bargain!

It's great fun, but as a Playstation Tomb Raider veteran I can't help but think the old formula is getting a little tired. Don't get me wrong it's great fun and the nostalgia element is great. For a cut price pick up you can't go far wrong. A lot of rerviewers keep making reference to Uncharted, which I have to agree is a far superior adventure, but let's not forget that without Tomb Raider, Uncharted would never have been born.