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Tomb Raider: Underworld

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (88 reviews)"

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  Underworld/ Underrated.

| | See all grimdark's reviews (10)

Im only writing this review because of the lack of reviews on play at the moment, Theres one review and its based on the demo.
Im halfway through the actual game and its the best Tomb Raider game so far.
The big improvements include amazing visuals, nice and easy controls and when the bad guys die they dont vanish so you can trace where you have been by the trail of dead you leave behind.
There is the odd camera glitch and at first I was not impressed with the field research feature which tells you what to do if your stuck but as the game progresses the info has become more vague so theres less temptation to use it.
I might regret the 5* rating if the second half is trash but I doubt it.
All in all if you liked the previous Tomb Raiders and want some puzzles to solve and some bad guys to shoot at during these bleak winter evenings then this is for you.
However, If you liked Tomb Raider, Angel of Darkness then you will probably hate this due to its high quality.

  Tomb raider bak to best

| | See all Filkins83's reviews (2)

Excellent game, gr8 graphics gr8 gameplay, easy to master controls and this game is like a film. Buy it!!

  Best Tomb Raider in 9 years!

| | See all Rivenix's reviews (2)

Good ol' Tomb Raiding as it used to be, and then some!
Find this, use it to unlock that, go down there - find that, come back, use it here to unlock that, go on, use this switch, etc..

The one thing I wanted after the linear disappointingly short and linear TR legend and Hub levels. In TR:U, it's Hub-a-plenty. Every level (with the exception of one) was a hub-level.

Those are the sort of puzzles I was after! Looking for keys and switches to open doors. Sure, they're not the most brain-taxing 'puzzles' out there, but damnit - they're so Tomb Raider! The difficulty level is just right. The puzzles themselves aren't that hard, but the locations make up for that by having you actually search and plan out your routes around areas.
There was so much exploring to be done! The levels were huge .

The action has been brought back to the middle of the room, as opposed to around the walls. It's much better than it's two predecessors, Lara's expanded move-set means there's much more to do than ledge-hop and swing on poles.

The game isn't constant ambience with music cropping up at "reveal" moments as it was in the older games and TR:A - it was quite the blend between legend and TR:A.
Yes, you've got the places with the good ambience silence and noises in all the right places. Then you've got the 'Epic music' parts when a score will kick in towards the ends of the levels, which pretty much signalled that you've done everything you needed to do and you needed to get out of there ASAP before something blows up or someone gets away.

Even though the levels were big, the game still felt too short.
Take a couple of years, and give us a longer adventure! The gameplay was absolutely brilliantly Tomb Raider, we just need more of it at a time!

Admittedly, there are some unfortunate camera issues - mainly when Lara's in a tight space, the camera will go all wobbly. Motion-sickness-sufferers beware of that!
Some have experienced bugs in the game, but I guess I got lucky again as I did with the Angel of Darkness, and didn't experience a single buggy problem.

I'm more than happy with TR:U. The series is finally properly back on track after the last couple of years - third time's the charm with Crystal Dynamics it seems.

Roll on TR9!

  realy good moves

| | See all tecguyally's reviews (9)

Ive had 3 tomb raider games and never got to the end of any of them but this time i got the guide and first look at the new tomb raider game says to me its going to be amazing she moves realy smoothly and the graphics are amazing to so dont delay buy from play and make your day ha ha ha

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  Good, not great!

| | See all GHARUMCHAI's reviews (5)

Being a long-time tomb raider fan, i think i can say that this is a good addition to the series. The graphics on ps3 are amazing! The gameplay is fairly straight forward.

There are a few issues with texture cropping and occasionally the camera swings round in a uncontrollable way, which completely disorientates you. Have also got stuck in some small crevices which can be frustrating!

Overall though im happy with the purchase. Would recommend to all.

  A Must Have

| | See all CharleyDarcy's reviews (9)

Having been a tomb raider fan for over 10 years i had high hopes and expectations for this title and i haven`t been disappointed.after the unexpected start (in her rapidly collapsing house) it was straight into the kind of levels that make tomb raider a hit again and again.i stood for ages marvelling at the graphics at the start of the thailand level.the water alone is just phenomenal.the new moves which include wall jumping and being able to pick up and carry useful objects (i.e a pole to swing on) for use in other locations is great as it really makes you feel like you are interacting with the environment in a totally realistic way.the controls are fairly easy to get used to and if you played the last tr you will find there aren`t really many changes.the puzzles are great and some of them are on a very grand scale and visually stunning.
Although i am loving this game i know i should point out any negatives.the main one is the camera angles.they flip about all over the place which can make seeing where to jump next a bit awkward.also i have noticed the game can get a bit blurry when moving at speed or swinging the camera round which makes you feel slightly dizzy!it`s not all of the time but when it does it you really notice.those things aside the game seems mostly free of any glitches (lara still goes into small fits occasionally if positioned slightly awkwardly) although i did notice a few "cracks" in some of the scenery.
Overall however this is an amazing game with amazing graphics and levels which leave you in awe (unless you are more interested in shooting and killing and not alot else in which case this game is not for you!).buy it!!!!!

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| | See all realreview's reviews (12)

I'm only a little way through and already I am so annoyed at TRU, it's not tomb raider!! it's something crap like Uncharted, I'm on the PS3 version and already had so many glitches - Lara getting stuck, a big line through the screen when Lara first meets the tigers.

The boat level - shooting the men who don't shoot back/don't notice they're being shot felt so much like Uncharted.

PUZZLES?! are there any because any of the 'puzzles' I've come across aren't exactly challenging - puzzles are what tomb raider is all about - what happened to Lara spending ages in one room going from one place to another and back again trying to figure out how to get the key/which key to use/where the key goes etc or moving block to unlock something. Not a pressure pad you drop a couple of stones onto.

The graphics are nice but nothing special - this is a PS3! I'm going to compare any game now to metal gear solid 4 because that's simply the best thing I've played and TRU still looks like a PS2 game in comparison. Or interactive environment - for example she can't open cupboard/doors or on her little boat she walks into the stairs like it's a wall!!?

Lara herself - she moves far too fast which happened in the last 2 games.

Environments are beautiful but what happened to no music like in the previous games - the idea of being alone. The music is beautiful too but the whole time?

The best part of the game is the trailer and its Lacrymosa soundtrack and the main TRU theme.

Ever since coming to PS2 tomb raider has been ruined. Lara shouldn't have the option of help! the idea of these games is (used to be) that they are challenging - having hints is what the cheats were for and I turned off all the aiding buttons but it's still too easy - why have those disgustingly horrible obvious ledges to grab?! Lara shouldn't have zip and the butler to help her either - she works alone.

Crystal Dynamics have ruined my favourite game. Originally I thought Uncharted was the cheap rip off of Tomb Raider, now it's hard to tell which is worse.

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  Yawn Raider

| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

Should have called this game Tomb Raider Uninspired - the game is just the same old Tomb Raider with slightly better graphics (in fact in some areas the graphics look very last gen imo) I'd really only recommend this game to ardent TR fans - if you're looking for something to challenge your puzzle solving skills then this game certainly won't suffice. Some areas are so large and you are given little idea as to what your objective is or how to do it is quite frustrating at first. Also some areas with collectibles on are seemingly impossible to get to (the coastline - collectible on the top of one of the large rocks) Also, I find her movements quite coarse and not very smooth at all - she's either moving flat out or standing still.
Pro's - great graphics
Con's - poor puzzles, poor character control, lack of direction, lack of innovation.

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  based on demo : Class

| | See all gunnerboyedd's reviews (9)

I played the demo of this and the graphics are absolutely immense. The movement is great , the new ammount of moves lara can perform is mind boggling on hwo they do it , the only problem i had with the demo is the camera, its quite hard to turn it around when your hanging of a cliff or killing something and hopefully they will fix this by the time it is released

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