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Topspin 3

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (71 reviews)"

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  Great for a a week or two but pretty boring

| | See all JackD259's reviews (2)

The games got outstanding graphics and realistic gameplay but its not a game that'll last you a long time.
The gameplay involves seemingly endless rallies and i find the game doesn't offer enough variety atall.
The career mode is fairly well made but its not as exiting as you would expect.
It's a good game but it wont last so i wouldnt spend more than a fiver on it

  best tennis game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all sunshine10's reviews (5)

everything about this game is 10 out of 10 and gameplay is so realistic a must buy for me...

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| | See all Reuben1's reviews (2)

right. if you like very unrealistic, mega easy gameplay(gets boring after ten minutes), then get virtua tennis 3 or 09. but if you want a realistic, amazing graphics, hours of fun, then this is the game for you. ignore bad reviews, people arnt patient and play on it and think "its too hard" and go to virtua tennis, yes the controls are harder, but once you got it, its pretty simple, and provides hours of fun.
graphics 9/10
want a tennis game, buy this.
if this helps you can get a demo for top spin 3, and virtua tennis on the ps3 store.

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  Pretty good, just boring.

| | See all Gazza789's reviews (15)

First off, the graphics are very good, it looks great. It has a fair amount of real players too, and also some made up players, which is good because it adds variation instead of playing all the best people all the time (like on Virtua Tennis 3).

The career mode is fairly decent, and keeps you occupied. I don't really rate the player ratings, I think they are a bit of a waste of time.

The best part is the realistic gameplay. When you're out of position, you hit bad shots. When you're in a good position, you hit decent shots. If you hit it late, it goes out or hits the net. If you hit it early, you lose power. It is just like playing a real game of tennis.

However, this realistic gameplay means you will be rallying for ages and ages, just for one point. That means it gets so boring, and takes ages just to win a match. Now I know this is realistic too, but itjust makes it boring to play.

Overall though, it wipes the floor with Virtua Tennis 3 in every single way. You can't keep diving and hit shots from miles out, and you don't just play against the best on every career match. It does lack career training, and it can get boring, but it is a fairly decent game.

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  A very good tennis game compare to VT3

| | See all steve47's reviews (5)

No matter what people say about this game it is a very good game. In terms of realism and gameplay that is a top notch game. The only bad points though are a lack of top 10 players and the only slam missing "Wimbledon". It does take time to master the controls. I even had problems at the begining trying to hit the ball...but until you train yourself at the tennis school u will definitely improve. It definitely beats Virtua Tennis 3 in my eyes and I hope the next installement in Top Spin 4 is a massive hit!

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  Topspin 3 (PS3)

| | See all Diddy666's reviews (13)

As a tennis lover and having had all the topspins and Vitura Tennis's since they came out. I have to say that I am impressed. The first time playing, you will notice that the gamplay is hard and that striking a ball is totally different than the usual hitting a button. It takes some getting used to but after a week you will have it. So the 1st week of playing I was dissapointed as I knew no moves and could not serve and almost got to the point of thinking it was awful. Then I got better and then you appreciate how much better it is than any tennis game to date, graphics realism gameplay its all great, career mode is a belter to. Vitua tennis is laughable compared to this so at £17.99 its a steal. The only cons are sometime sthe screen can judder and beleive me its not the TV, its the game, also the players can seem a little slow to react even when hittin R1 to reposition fast. All in all a great game for tennis fans and I think I will stop buying the Vitua tennis in favour for Top spin 4

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  Top Spin 3 Serves Up A Killer !!!! ***

| | See all Wileman2k9's reviews (21)

Firstly i have to put to rest that anybody out there who belives virtua tennis 3 is better than this really doesnt appreciate the console enough ?? ...
The high quality of graphics put into this game leaves much imagination for top spin 4 !!! Career mode is amazing and even general gameplay for them much loved tennis fans !!
I regularly come onto play.com and scan the reviews before purchasing a game anywhere else and belive me this game feels like a real tennis match and the visuals are incredible !!!! Buy ..... Buy .... Buy !!!! =D

  Almost a smash

| | See all jaxnumber1's reviews (10)

Top Spin 3 is a good game but lacks in depth and originality, shots are better and more advanced than Virtual Tennis but this game still lacks something. It is fun to play with others but I think the novelty of signal player career mode will run out with most people within a couple of weeks.

  People exaggerate difficulty

| | See all BicElectric's reviews (2)

An awsome game in terms of graphics and gameplay. The controls are not what most are used to. So what? A learning curve is for the better of the game. I went through tennis school and after that I won all but one tournament in careermode on medium difficulty level. After reaching 70 average I now play on hard and I still win. Simply set the challenge to your liking from very easy to very hard. The negative is that it feels stripped on everything but the absolute core of the game - playing tennis. And every second guy in the audience does the same cheering. On the other hand, these are quite secondary considerations. The tennisgame itself leaves nothing left to wish for and players even get dirty and sweaty during play. The decision to leave out power meters and stuff onscreen except for stamina is a great one. BUY!