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Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  half a game, servers shut down

| | See all STUCOOL's reviews (4)

fun game but EA has made it obsolete by shutting down all online play, it stops you from creating your own boxer by downloading photos, thats why i bought it, now you cant use the best bits of the game. Avoid, its dead.

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  Great fun

| | See all Zoolie's reviews (1)

If you give this game 1 star, its simple you have no mates. This game comes into its own when the lads are round and a load of beer is involved. Its "punch out" in the 21st century. Yes it has a limited set of moves and characters, but you can establish a good degree of control in the fights (its called timing people).
At this price its definetely worth a punt.

  well i fink its brilliant

| | See all gunnerz's reviews (23)

Its a freestyle boxin type game. No 1 can take losin but i can and u get used to it! I think every1 will like it !!!buy !!!!

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  KO in Round 1.

| | See all DuncanEdwards's reviews (153)

On first glance I thought this would be a boxing game in the style of Ready to Rumble. It had nice bright & bold graphics and more arcade like boxing. And as it has the same engine as EAs Fight Night. Surely it would be worth a punt.
Save your money!!! It really is as bad as the majority of the reviewers say. The fighting is too fast and doesnt feel as though you have any control over whats happening.
Nothing more to say other than unless you're into unresponsive, if slightly attractive fighters then steer well clear
A shocking fighter. Even at this price


| | See all Kiff182's reviews (41)

Ok i can play bad games, just for the sake of playing a game, i can honestly say that this is by far the worst game i have ever seen/played on. The controls are too simple for a fighting game, two buttons for moves is not what you want for some good old button mashing! Graphically i wont say its poor because its not, it looks ok, but has no gameplay experience what so ever. Save your money.


| | See all ChooseYourFate's reviews (49)

All i can say is thank god i rented this for free.
One of the worst games ive ever played the buttons are hit and miss, the graphics aint as amazing as was stated before its release and its just a crap game to play, stick with fight night (yes i know its not meant to be like fight night but i struggle to see anything worth while about this game).

  bad but worth a rent

| | See all ProperBritish1's reviews (4)

This game is worth a rent which is what idid. Its fun wen playing with other people but boring on your own . So i would reccomend renting with some of ur mates .but dnt buy


| | See all kiblash's reviews (3)

Please avoid at all costs, bad grx, charactors move around like a gif file, and the action is revolting. Really terrable game, makes me feel ill.

  Avoid at all costs...

| | See all Palantir's reviews (14)

Where to start...I'm afraid this is the first game I bought and returned the following day, it is truely terrible.

There is no control over the characters 'boxing' as its simply hit and hope.

I was hoping for a Ready 2 Rumble on the 'next gen' but what you get is such an unbalanced game its a total waste of time.

You should not even buy it for £9.99 as it is awful.

Save your money or buy Ready 2 Rumble for the PSX2 instead.

  not 4 bad losers

| | See all g00nerNUT's reviews (1)

This game is a good game. But it gets me easily annoyd when i play online..u can be winning and then u can loose just like that, very fast pasted game, ur skills will be tested when ur under pressure. A good buy i think..very arcade-ish. Great fun.