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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  not bad

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

quite enjoyed this game and its now 8.00 which is a steal. I cant say that its a go back to game and once id completed it i didnt want to really play it again. but it was certainly different and it wasnt that easy either. there was plenty of gameplay and if you want a FPS that is kinda different its definately a good game and id recommend you get it.


| | See all yopeople's reviews (4)

well it's very good game, good gameplay, not bad graphics and a good storyline the only major problem about this game is that it is that it is too short I managed to complete it in a night, good game though worth 10- 15 pounds

  better than exspected!!!.

| | See all pompey4life's reviews (48)

this is a pretty good first person shooter, it can be pretty annoying at times, with the way your swamped by to many enemies at once, but apart from that i cant find many faults, the graphics are pretty sound, not the best, but by no means the worst ive seen!, and the all round gameplay is enjoyable, and for this price a tenner, you cant go wrong really! give it a chance, youll be surprised.


| | See all britain's reviews (13)

i thought that this game was pretty good and i really don't get why it is not that well known i mean its not the greatest game in the world but it does give enjoyment wich really is the purpose of games but its graphics are not superb or the story amazing its a pretty simple story really but its a shooter which involves werewolves and really big guns a winning combination in my book but probaly better off as a rental just try it.


| | See all dazsto's reviews (73)

I am not too sure what these other reviewers are thinking but this is a really disapointing fps, the cutscenes are detailed but thats about it! The gameplay is ropey and well basic i orginally rated jericho as the worst ever fps but this is hot on its heels!!! Alarms bells should be ringing especially when this a fairly new game is reduced dramtically in price!!

  Severely Underrated Game

| | See all Rainykins's reviews (18)

This game hasn't had much attention since its release due to all the 'bigger' games being released and everyone seems to be consumed by them. However, when I saw the trailer and the previews of this game, it became a must have for me.
First let me start by saying, if you are a graphic fanatic, and all you play for is good looks, then don't bother. This game does have good graphics but not to the extent that it will satisfy all the COD fanboys.
Moving on, the gameplay is quite fast paced and the action is pretty intense. Every few levels you will be introduced to a stronger and sometimes eerier foe, each with different weaknesses and strengths. Your job is to find these and use it against varying enemies.
The weapons are pretty standard, such as shotgun, assault rifle, pistol etc, but hey, it is set at the present day (so no lasers or railguns). Your melee weapon is a Fire Axe.
But for me the coolest weapon is one given to you by 'Pandoras Box'. Your hand becomes scarred but glows after you kill an enemy to absorb some sort of energy. With this energy you can heal yourself whenever (providing you have enough energy) or use it as a shock wave to stun or reveal (invisible) enemies. Against some, this can mean life or death since enemies don't muck around and are on top of you, usually before you know what's going on.
The story might be a bit cliché perhaps, with two sides, one doing good, the other doing evil but at least its a strong supported line that has stood the test of time.
The game overall is great fun to play, with fast, powerful explosion filled scenes and missions. There is the inevitable sewer level that always gets you on edge, with lots of creepy sounds to make you that ever more cautious.
To be honest I don't know why this has not had more attention.
A great triumph by Atari.

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  Good little game

| | See all Brendcam's reviews (7)

This is a good game, ok the release has probably been timed wrong as COD and Resistance 2 are being released the same month, to be fair it is never going to compete with these heavy hitters. But i am an avid first person shooter fan and have played a hell of a lot over the years and this has everything you want from a game, ok the graphics are not as good as COD etc be but they are far better than haze's awful squared graphics, the storyline of pandoras box is fantasy but is put together quite well. Creatures are very intelligent and you must keep moving to keep alive otherwise you get killed quite quickly, the game has a lot of atmosphere and it does make you jump when you are in claustraphobic environments and something jumps out on you, the first few levels where you are in the city and everything is falling apart is very good and just looking around the wrecked city at all the creatures and destruction going on, it makes you feel as if you are there especially with the surround sound on. All in all this is a good game, it is going to be over shadowed by resistance 2 and COD but if blasting werewolves heads off with a shotgun sounds good then you definately should check this out!!

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