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Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console Bundle With 40GB HDD + Uncharted: Drake's Fortune + Ninja Gaiden

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Stu2k7's reviews (20)

The 40gb is exactly the same as the 60gb with a couple of exceptions,

1. There is 20gb less memory, do what i did and buy a 250gb internal hard drive works like a charm.

2. No memory card slots, woopy who used them anyway

3. Cannot play ps2 games, well thats good news the 60gb was never made for pal versions really anyway you only hd to look at how poorly some of the games played.

4. 2 usb ports instead of 4

So you see the 40gb is the same as the 60gb, it has a built in blu ray player built in wi fi and a free online service.

Drakes forune is a brilliant ps3 title.

And remeber only 40gb ps3 owners should be reviewing this no 60gb owners

Hardly touched till Mgs4 never touched since review changed form 5 to 3

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| | See all muratmania's reviews (1)

the 60gb version of the ps3 has phone card slots, memory crd slots other than the usb ports does the 40 gb version have it too

  Question, not Review

| | See all Imnewtoplay's reviews (1)

Hello guyz and galz, im new to this site and I just wanted to know if this package is brand new - sealed and boxed and everything. I know it may sound utterly ridiculous to some of you, but well errm, just a doubt you know.


  The Best Deal in the UK!!!!

| | See all FireballRyo's reviews (1)

Order it last saturday and got it on Tuesday! Great service and great deal too! 2 games and a console with blue ray player, what a bargain! Best price through out UK! Need not to look else where for a better deal, this is it!

  Great value, one of the best PS3 deals i have seen.

| | See all GrandMasterROD's reviews (3)

I recently bought this PS3 bundle.......its amazing.

The PS3 is a very nice piece of kit. The only fault i could see was that it did not come with a HDMI cable, but this was very easy to get over. (You can get a very good HDMI cable from play.com for less than £10).

The game that come with the bundle are good too. Drakes fortune is one of the best games i have played ever, even if it is a bit short. Ninja Gaiden, however, i am still warming to.

On the whole this bundle is GREAT value. Well done, play.

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  A M A Z I N I N G !

| | See all Scorpio999's reviews (11)

PS3 - great console solved all media problems, excellent!!!
Uncharted - EXCELLENT game great fun really enjoyed it
Ninja Gaiden - still playing quite hard for someone pretty new, but still excellent fun. not just lots of slashing but some thought has to go into it, the enemies are made to kill you, not just to be killed.

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  Re: not a review but a question

| | See all Gav2k6's reviews (4)

Re: not a review but a question..

Yes the system will work on a none HD TV/Display BUT you will be missing out on an awful lot of the graphic excellence this system offers. You may also find it hard to read text in some games when not running it on HD. But Yes it will work ok when not in HD.

  Response to question....

| | See all Stampy118521's reviews (2)

With regards to the question about "do you need a HD TV to play the ps3" the answer to that is no. However with a HDTV the graphics are enhanced and a better gaming expereinced is achieved. A normal tv will work fine though.

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  One of the best PS3 Bundles around!

| | See all T0Bzies's reviews (1)

I think that the very price tag of this bundle is enough to get anyone to buy it, let alone what games you get , and what a couple of ace games to go with the PS3! You save nearly £100 on this deal :) highly recommended - 5/5


| | See all kazad1's reviews (8)

Ok this is not a review of the playstation 3, but of the deal of the ps3, uncharted and ninja gaiden for £299.99. I've really being waiting for a long time now for the ps3 to be affordable , £300 just for the ps3 always seemed too much.

Play.com really needs to be praised for bundling two great games with this deal. I don't know if you're like me but I've been fed up of shops bundling the ps3 with rubbish games (who really wants Lair or Genji).

Nice one PLAY for making the ps3 finally affordable, this is the cheapest ps3 offer on the market (believe me I've been looking for a cheap ps3 for 3 months).

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