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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (59 reviews)"

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  Something done right

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I bought Red Faction on basis that I assumed that the multiplayer would be excellent and it was but it was not until I played the main game that I realised that this was a game done right.

If you was to describe it you could say it was a GTA on mars but so much more. The game is undoubtedly fun in every way no matter what you are doing. Because of the environments you can literally assault bases in any way you want; for example, I came across a situation where I had to kill some snipers hiding in a huge tower building. Should I use my sledgehammer to knock of out the buildings supports and watch it collapse? Or should I bust through the main doors and shoot my way up? Or should I jetpack my way to the roof and work my way down? Or should I run around the ground level placing charges on every wall then ignite it all. My point is there are tons of ways of doing it; hell I could get a jumping walker and just rampage through the whole thing.

Now the game could have sung this one note tune but it also adds some other key functions, such as collecting salvage to upgrade and buy weapons, armour and other fun toys; which if your like me and have been indoctrinated by Mario that collecting stuff on is the whole a good thing then this will be a big bonus. The weapons and toys are all good fun but mostly generic, however the system of upgrading and changing them is fairly enjoyable and makes collecting salvage well worth it.

Among all this is a fairly cut and dry storyline, which is fairly acceptable for the game. The storyline is simple some oppressive force is oppressing you and your friends and it's your job to help the resistance. There was a point where I could not help but realise that I had seen the EDF (the bad guys) kill a handful of people where as I am just finished stomping on 150 of them, which really led me to wonder who the bad guys where.

The only downsides to the game is the somewhat repetitive missions: drive vehicle to safe house, rescue hostages, help raid, defend area which you find yourself doing over and over. Don't get me wrong though these are fun as hell but can get tedious when you're playing it on hard and keep killing the hostages.

I have to say at £18 odd you should buy this game if you enjoy the genre. It lacks the advertising campaign of GTA 4 but god it's so much better in pretty much every way. To sum up Red Faction 3 is fun and highly playable and considering I've enjoyed only a handful of games in the past few that is something.

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| | See all glwhitters's reviews (1)

this game is great, realistic vehicles and sounds, storyline is good to. can get bit boring after playing a long time and annoying when killed you always end up back at safehouse.
but whole lot of fun. smashing buildings up is good for stress lol

  Brings fun back to ps3's

| | See all JonnnyG's reviews (18)

This game is something which not alot of games are on the ps3....fun!!

If you want a game which will keep you entertained for weeks, then this is for you. Looking at how long it is going to be before any 'decent' game comes out onto the ps3, you should buy this game.

People only say this game is slow... this is because it takes time to complete certain sections of the game, you have to think about things which obviously some people cant possibly do...

If they want easy games i suggest you all buy wii's...

This game brings fun back to the ps3...so buy it and enjoy yourselves...

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| | See all bigbadbrian's reviews (8)

This is a fabulous game. Huge free roaming world. Like Grand Theft Auto but only, on Mars. The missions never get boring or feel the same. I also love the fact that this game is not very easy. It takes a couple of shots to put an enemy down. The side/bonus missions are also great fun. The vehicles feel natural too. This is a great game, it will give you hours and hours of fun.

  1st class game

| | See all Marksy7's reviews (4)

Firstly the only thing about this game that makes it comparable to gta is the fact that it is a sandbox game.
This game is a lot of fun & for the price it's a bargain
Must buy for ps3.


| | See all DaviesDude's reviews (24)

im very disappointed with this, from the good reviews it got, i was expecting it t obe really good, which it wasnt, thats my opinion, but to me the game is slow, boring and annoying. I love the destruction, it feels awesome when you drive a truck through a building for expample but it aint enough to make this good. For me anyway?


| | See all freakshow11's reviews (11)

The game is just brill, do not listen to anyone who says the graphics are ps2 standard they are not. The people who say this are people who just want
To make ecuses about the game because they don't like it. The weapons are good the story is great it much better than the other two do not recomend red faction 2, do recomend red faction 1.

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  best red faction so far

| | See all jimbosexy's reviews (9)

all the reviews accept the second one are rubbish so don't listen to them okay and the best gun on their is the nano rifle and you collect salvage to and you take it to a woman and she makes guns like rocket launchers but advanced in joy

  Choose the red sandbox!

| | See all Beamboom's reviews (11)

+ True sandbox game, open ended with full freedom
+ Excellent physics engine
+ Very few scripted events
+ Very high fun factor

- Open-ended sandbox games require a player that are willing and able to figure things out, others may find the game too hard or confusing.
- Shallow characters and very simple/unengaging storyline.
- Activities and missions may get repetitive if you just "play to win". Besides destruction there isn't much else to do.
- I'd like to see an even wider range of weapons and upgrades.
- No coop-mode.

* * *

Many reviewers call this game a "GTA on Mars", but in my opinion that is a label that does not fit.
The *only* thing Red Faction and GTA have in common is that they are both open-ended sandbox games. From there on, the differences are greater than the similarities.

The GTA games are far more complex in almost every aspect, with their storylines, mini-games/sidemissions, playground/environment and scripted events.

Red Faction on the other hand, is a simple, straight forward sandbox action game - and excels at that. It could be called "Mercenaries 2 on Mars", except that its much, much better than Merc2.

This is the most complete "sandbox" experience I've had. The gameplay is completely without artificial/scripted limitations. The storyline and missions form the basic framework to play within, the weaponry being your tools. From there on you are free to play the way you want to.

The main story takes you through all the areas of the map but there are no "locked zones". However the resistance is tougher the further you go, so following the storyline (and upgrading your skills and equipment along the way) as you explore the land becomes the natural thing to do.

It's the same kind of "natural flow" to the way you solve the missions. If you want to be a lone wolf and brute force through an enemy base, you are free to do so - it's doable but it's tough, as it should be. Or you may want to be more of a teamplayer and inspire the local population. The higher the fighting spirit is amongst the civilians in the area, the more people join and support you when you fight the enemy.

And this is one of this game strongest feature: The freedom of choosing your play style. There's no "one way" to solve the missions, no way you are "supposed" to do it, no scripted outcome. If your idea makes sense with your given tools it's probably a plausible solution.

The AI is pretty good with enemies seeking cover, trying different routes and generally is doing a fair job in giving you a hard time. No God-like abilities like seeing through walls and knowing where you are or see into the future and (scripted) have an army waiting at the very place you run for cover - no matter where you run.

The physics engine in itself is worth buying the game. Destruction has never felt so real, so logical and so FUN. And the larger the constructions, the more impressive the engine. To see a large building slowly start to crumble under its own weight never gets old. Especially if you were able to time the collapse and direction so that passing enemy units get crushed underneath.

If only this game had a coop feature. This game would be *perfect* for a storyline two-player coop...

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