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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (59 reviews)"

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  Dont Listen To These Idiots - Response To Alienworks

| | See all HelghastHunter's reviews (6)

'since when has red faction been in a desert' - You my friend clearly have no understanding of this game in any shape or form.

It is set on MARS, didnt you listen to the story at all or were you just pre-occupied with 'no weapons just a few cheap made ones'

Anyway, Back on Topic

Gameplay - 4/5
Graphics - 4/5
Multiplayer - 5/5
Fun-Factor - 5/5

Blowin' S**t up is incredibly fun, the buildings collapse realistically and the weapons, especially the Nano Rifle are top notch, well worth a gander.

Its GTA on Mars!

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  Another GTA

| | See all xlgarry's reviews (17)

I did'nt like this game very much but thats because it's alot like gta and i hate those games, it is also very repetative. When you are in a mission it gets very caotic with all the bad guys swarming you and when you think they are all dead more come so you have little time to think and end up having to run away.

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  Join the RED FACTION!

| | See all Sean1991's reviews (35)

After playing the first red faction it was definate that i was going to get this. As you would expect you can destroy whatever you want (except for the environment) but thats not a bad thing because now you can destroy whole buildings in spectacular style either with explosives, vehicles(my personal favourite) or your trusty sledgehammer. Another change to the series is that you are now free to roam a pretty vast area of mars and how would you get around i hear you ask, by using vehicles of course albeit they are easy to flip and are pretty slow its better than walking. The only bad thing about this game is the story its not as gripping as the first one, you just forget about the story and blow up more buildings. neglecting the fact that this game has a weak story its a definate must buy for destructive gamers so go out , buy it and join the faction, the red faction that is.

  good until online

| | See all matthew11107's reviews (1)

The campaign is good and fun with the hugerly destructive weapons and the vehicles and mechs are just brilliant.
no more need for searching for ammo when you have a sledgehammer.
The online play is ok sometimes you will wonder and become confused when you get killed with a sledgehammer that is no where near you but that is really the only bad point of online play while the way it is set up is terrible i sometimes spend 5-10 minutes trying to join a game that everybody doesn't leave because it takes so long for people to join.

The gameplay would be much more fun if the reconstructor wasn't limited to the online play it would make the campaign so much more fun seeing as not much seems to rebuild over time, so when it comes to the end of the game and you just want to mess around you can't because you have destroyed most of the buildings and they don't rebuild like the bridges.

All in all it is a good game and fun to play a must buy for any one that like free roaming games

  The greatness is in the detail

| | See all azazderbest's reviews (15)

I brought thsi after playign hte demo and just thinking wow, i must of palyed it 5/6 times through each time differently, each tiem the AI responded brillantly to my actions.
I brought the game and quickly found it getting a little repeativitive and i was now gettign out gunned, then your introduced to the nano Rifle and your back on level playing terms.
The destruction elements are the best i have seen, and the only game that fully offers a fully destructive environment. The explosions are brillant, one of the best lookign parts of the game.
The developers have worked to make the game as playable as possible,
The ability to flip your vechile over saves you from having to find a new one. The vechile do handled like bouncying buggies, but thats all in the play ability of the game, to make it fun and playable.
There a side missions and main missions to do, the side ones are repeativitive in nature but each slightly different. So your not as bored as quickly. BuT soem of these side missions are boring from the start so i avoided them throughout.
There are a few things within the game that annoy me but are quite easily to look past, The fact that the graphics don't match other ps3 games they are better then ps2 graphics but i expected better. The fact that i would find myself running out of ammo very quickly during firefights and would have either try to run and grab some or resort to the hammer.
All the little details add upto make this game fun and enjoyable.
The cut scenes can't be skipped and the story is basic, and is very similar to others. But i didn't really care about the story and the fun i was havign within the game simply made the story irrevelant.
Great game, great destruction elements. 4/5. Not quite perfect but pretty close

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| | See all Nemo0o's reviews (4)

this is one of the best games i have ever played. the online is fantastic, you can do anything you want. the story line is soooo fun. A MUST BUY GAME!

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  Repetitive & Boring

| | See all dan79pott's reviews (6)

Avoid this game it's just not very good, the map is massive and all you end up doing is driving all the time crashing your vehicle getting out flipping it upright then crashing it again. The driving dynamics are dreadful the vehicles do not steer very well in plain they suck and as for the jet pack well put it this way I was hoping for something like GTA SA that had no fuel consuption and would get you aroud the map faster than driving so you can imaging my horror when I got it, it was a weasel fart of a jet pack and even when fully upgraded it hardly change, what a waste of time. In general the game has about 5 sub missions which get repeated way too often and it needs many more mech missions but if you enjoy drinving useless barely controllable cars for hours on end then this game is for you. The only redeemable quality this game offers is the mech missions but as I said not enough of them. Rent do not buy this game if you really want to play it.

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  quality game

| | See all JFuller92's reviews (3)

This has to be without a dout one of the best games out at the moment, there will always be the people that say this game is rubbish but they couldnt be more wrong, the graphics are incredible, the aim of the game is quality and the online is briliant. you have alot of freedom as to what you can do and were you can go and when in combat you are never on your own because you always have that bit of help from other guerrillas. would recomend it to any body a 10/10 game from my point of view.