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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (59 reviews)"

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  Great game top class!

| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

Red Faction Guerilla is a awesome game it takes quite alot to kill enemies though and the graphics are brilliant. Buy it .

  Great game

| | See all B1A1R68's reviews (1)

This game is totally awesome.You can destroy everything apart from the ground and rock also online is very good but you can experience problems when trying to join friends matchmaking parties

  Great game

| | See all chrisyboy's reviews (6)

I bought this without really knowing what to expect and am so pleased i did, after playing and being dissapointed by dead space and fallout 3 i thought i would give another go to the free roamer style of games and must say its a real find, i have been addicted to it and found the hours have gone buy within a blink, its addictive and hugely entertaining. as a big fan of COD 4 and 5 i felt they would be hard to match but i really think this does it. buy this and you will not be upset.

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  Great game...

| | See all Crazyposse's reviews (6)

This game is very impressive, although deceitful - one would think it would get boring far too quickly, but the variety of weapons you get to cause destruction is simply awesome.

The only one downside to it is multiplayer, again, it is very good but the lack of people playing this game makes for longer periods of waiting when matchmaking.

I also personally dislike the fact you have to search for a new game after every round.


| | See all Ollie230593's reviews (7)

I got this game as the demo was really good. However the actual game is amazing, you can destroy anything, steel cars and trucks and the weapons are great fun. The missions are well done and there are many other sun missions to do. Its like GTA but more fun, with loads to do and a challenge i fully recommend this

  VERY overrated

| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

I was initially fairly impressed with the demo and decided to buy the game thinking it might have been improved by the time it hit the shelves - no such luck. Graphically it doesn't look brilliant (quite the opposite - it looks pretty naff imo) However, the gameplay is so repetitive - almost right from the start the game seems to involve nothing more than running around smashing/blowing things up - pretty mindless and gets boring very quickly. Add to that the 5 minute plus install when you first start the game and it I honestly can't see why people have been raving about it - perhaps they are more impressed with the technology that allows you to destroy pretty much anything in the game rather than the game itself. Gets a thumbs down from me.

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  Great game to waste some hours on

| | See all Fr1day's reviews (15)

Well this is the first Red Faction game I have played and I must say I was pleasantly surprised and happy with what I bought.

Basically in a nutshell - if you like GTA then you will like this!

I got slightly carried away playing it and spent far too long playing it but its worked out ok as I got lots of 'salvage' which you can use to buy new items (guns, armor etc..).
There is also the many different vehicles you can drive ranging from simple cars to tanks, but probably the fav vehicle is the mechanical suit (for lack of a better word) its very similar to the vehicle Ripley uses in the Aliens film but you also get jump jets on it...... very cool!

Anyway I would recommend this game to anyone who is trying to decide what to buy, I have Infamous and I think this knocks the socks off it (and thought Infamous was good before I got this).


| | See all simondude's reviews (12)

the greatest 3rd person shooter out there! its amazing how you can destroy anything you se! and the deadly sledgehammer is not something you want to meet close up.This is a must buy for any gamer out there i even think this could be a game of the year beating cod4 and 5 together!


| | See all Bowman1's reviews (5)

Absolutely brilliant game. The physics engine is the best ive seen, EVER!! I mean...if you like driving vehicles through buildings and watching them fall over then this is the game for you. I WAS ADDICTED to the mayhem that i could cause. The enemies fall with what i would call A VERY REAL DEATH. There is no glitching at all!!! best game ive played in a long time