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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (59 reviews)"

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  red faction: guerrilla

| | See all markobigarm's reviews (1)

One word, awsome. One of the best online games i've ever played, its gta4 meets lost planet. I would give the one player game 9/10 but the online play 10/10.

  Red Faction what can i say

| | See all luppy93's reviews (2)

This game is awesome, the destruction ablities on this game are fantastic and blow mercenaries 2 out of the water. I have had this game for a weeks now and have still not completed the campaign having played it every night, and once i do there is an awesome online play to go to, i feel i will never get bored of this.

  very good game must have in collection

| | See all romechris's reviews (4)

first impressions were that the graphics were really good not the best but they are not bad ethier. massive open world to do as you like great weapons and lots of different things to do. i have only 1 problem the map is massive like gta but its quite barron in places which can be anoying plus can be a bit repetative just blowing things up but don't get me wrong must but game and still makes me happy

  Massively Addictive, Worth Every Penny...

| | See all HamWilly's reviews (1)

From the first mission right through to the last, RF keeps your attention with its ever changing array of weaponary and vehicles.
The Geo Mod 2.0 engine is brilliant and really lives upto everything you imagine it to, making collecting salvage enjoyable rather than a chore to be completed before an upgrade can be purchased.
I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the action/adventure genre.


| | See all FLASHXWHUX's reviews (1)

Whoaaa what a fun game that was smashing shooting and driving, flying ? Lol massive mars and smashing spree i have to say this 3rd person view is better than i thought ( i hate em ) but amazed to see this controlled well and deffo fun to play

  Amazing!!! a must buy!!

| | See all daveuk2's reviews (20)

This game could have just been another re-hashed port but no, THQ requested support from Sony to ensure the PS3 version was upto spec with the PC and Xbox. This will have incurred extra time and development cost so any self respecting PS3 user should bear that in mind when chosing a new game!! full res 1080P no slow down. This game really does show off both consoles. I wish all developers took the time to ensure the PS3 version is optimized to run as well as the other formats (we all know the PS3 takes more effort to code due to its architecture). But that aside , what a playable and addictive game, with upgradable weapons and free world missions, I love this game. It's a good challenge with 3 skill levels to suit your prefered difficulty and oline is awesome!!! great fun!! I loved dead space, GTA and Riddick, this is like GTA in a sci-fi universe (well on mars) and I love sci-fi settings... recommended.

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  Fantastic buy, very enjoyable

| | See all gunnerpr's reviews (1)

what a game, graphics arnt cod4 but for the type of game it is its not bad at all. Lots of fun and lots of stuff to do. If you get bored doing missions you can just run around blowing things up.

Only drawback i find is with the controls, but u get used to them quite quick. IMO a game you should have.

  Based On Demo

| | See all Kelloggs's reviews (4)

After reading the reviews and playing the demo I have just a few comments:

No one mentioned the AI of the enemy, which after playing the demo, I find very impressive. For example, if you shoot near explosives, the enemy will run away from the explosive. Your enemies also seem to work as a squads

The Graphics are better than the reviews will have you thinking

The 3rd Person works well, even though different from the previous 2, which I was also a huge fan of at the time. Also, you are able to comfortably move around & fire at the same time.


| | See all chippaz's reviews (26)

the graphics are decent, and you can destroy ANYTHING!! just like force unleashed but an open enviroment and EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING CAN BE BLOW UP, SMASHED AND CRASHED HOW EVER YOU LIKE!!! it is so much fun and i definatley will be buying TODAY!!!

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  demo review.

| | See all shawthing1's reviews (4)

i have to say im amazed at the reviews so far.this is a very poor game compaired to other games out at the minute.if you want to just run around wacking and blasting everything,with no real point or challenge,then hire this game,or if you are very well off financially and dont mind wasting cash then send the cash to me and still dont buy this game.

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