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Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (70 reviews)"

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| | See all TJamesW's reviews (4)

ps2 style graphics.
can barely see enemies who are shooting at me.
too many tactics. have to go through 3 or 4 options before you get what you want.
one hit kills. ok fine on hardcore but its on easy.
not even worth a fiver.

  brill :)

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

Excellent Game that makes you think and plan your way through missions not just blast everything that moves. Graphics are not "state of the Art" but game play makes up for it. I recommend it highly.

  Marmite sanwich

| | See all oldsocomfan's reviews (5)

I think this games like Marmite you either love it or hate it - I'm not a fan, couldn't get into it at all, found it very frustarting. Perhaps it's because I haven't played the old ames and if if you had you'd been more familiar with what your expected to d. All I know is I found the lack of clarity with objectives very frustrating.

  Realistic, not frustrating!

| | See all pachow's reviews (2)

Bullet's hurt. If you get hit by one you get hurt; so take cover, fire suppressively and don't run into bullets! It's simple, if you want realism, tactics etc this is the best game on the market, if you want call of duty... buy call of duty. As close as you can get in a game to real war, I strongly recommend this game.

  I thought better!

| | See all RustyRus's reviews (28)

Well the game is no way like the trailer! Althought you have a large landscape, you can never really expoloit it hence pointless having it!. Secondly the graphics arnt that good. Thirdly you cannot play skirmish!!! which is a big dissapointment giving that the campaigh is around 3 hours of gameplay and multiplayer isnt that good! so. I regret buying it at fourty pounts!!!

  Dont Be Fooled.

| | See all JoeyBoy92's reviews (17)

Many people who get this game believe it to be like call of duty where you can get shoot 50 times before dying. but this game is the total opposite. with its VAST landscape, and top notch graphics. this game is probably is the closest yourll get to fighting on the front line. one shot to the head and your dead. getting shot on the limb requires you to patch it up or if wounded, call in a medic. so is a must have for those who take there time before engaging the enemy, rather than rambo'in it up. as that doesnt work. but this isnt perfect as it can get frustrating when you play on hardcore as there are no checkpoints meaning if you die right at the end, that 1 hour it took you to get there has to be redone.

  Very frustrating game!

| | See all dazbit's reviews (4)

First off... if you are expecting an experience similar to Modern Warfare, Forget it! Look elsewhere!

This game is very different than it's counterparts due to the fact that it strives for realism and tactical combat. However while this may be the games biggest draw... it's also it's biggest flaw.
The games attempts at realism sometimes backfire. While running from cover to cover, then siitting tight, afraid to poke your head up in case a round takes your head off may be more realistic than most shooters, it doesn't offer much entertainment value! The enemy are very good shots and you will spend a lot of time relying on your fire team removing enemy threats rather than taking care of them yourself (especially on Hardcore difficulty). Again, this removes part of the entertainment element.
The command system is also flawed, too often your orders will be ignored or your team will walk straight into the middle of a firefight and you will be left picking a command and hoping for the best!

On Hardcore mode, the game removes virtually all onscreen info. That means... No crosshair, no ammo counter, no waypoints, no checkpoints and no threat indicator. Also if you die in mission, no matter how far through you are, you have to start over from scratch, right back at the begining!!!

The game claims to give you an open world to explore and complete your objectives, however most have some sort of a time limit, or units that must survive to succeed, so stray too far from your objectives and it's mission over!!! Bit of a con really!!

The graphics are ok and serve their purpose and the sound is very effective, so it scores pretty well in that regard

If you are after a more realistic simulation of warfare, where you are punished for even the smallest error, you might just gleen something from this game.

For the rest of us, it's just too frustrating to provide much entertainment value.

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  Too easy, nothing like the trailer

| | See all MaronAyers's reviews (1)

This game was far too easy, the graphics were poor, and the game did not resemble the game shown on the trailer very well.

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  not so good!

| | See all sizerthe1's reviews (1)

well if im honest was expecting alot more , didnt no wat was happening only just started it telling me to help my men and couldnt find them in the bushes? need some sort of tutorial to start on campaign

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  doesn't deserve the name this game has been given

| | See all Lannnnnny's reviews (1)

I'll keep this short, but quite simply when a game is made to replace its predecessor its meant to be an improvement for the people that thought this was good you need to buy the original operation flashpoint on pc and play that, ok so the graphics are dated on that but there dated on this and its the gameplay that count's and the original is still the best,

For the people that found this hard this is easy on hardcore, honestly stick to cod because you're quite obviously the "simple" generation who can't play a game with any depth infact you would probably fail to complete the original tomb raider.

For the people that say I can't see the enemy, go and ask any soldier "do enemys make themselves really easy to see when there in a conflict" there not going to wear a hi-vis vest in war so there isn't any in this game.

For the people that think guns take to long to change i'd like to see you do it quicker than that in reality while carrying all that equipment.

"free roam" has obviously been given a new definition because you quite clearly can't go where you want and the A.I. is pants

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