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Lego Batman: The Video Game

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  Great Fun

| | See all Miralore's reviews (2)

My boyfriend and I were playing it this morning and we had a good laugh with it. We were wondering where the joker van code was aswel but we went into the extras where you can buy the suits and vehicles etc & found that the van is already unlocked, you just have to buy it. Hope this helps. I hope they do a lego X-Men next, that would be fun :)

  Great Fun

| | See all PitbullPeebs's reviews (1)

I'm in my 30's and me and my 2 boy's love this game. It's great fun and there are load of characters to unlock.

  lego mania

| | See all gameseller9's reviews (3)

I think it is a very good game, im 17 and i still like the lego games star wars was a mega hit for me but after buying batman, well i play it none stop. Its a shame its does not have online play where u and a friend can play a level online :). Where is my joker unlock code :(. P.s in the shop put in a code hahaha u win a joker jet i believe i found it out :p i put it in as a laugh :p thanks buy it !!!!!!! Its a mint game.

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  Hours of fun...

| | See all corkythecat's reviews (3)

...and some frustration too it's got to be said. My two boys are playing it mostly and they are cracking thru it. They are 7 and 5. I have enjoyed watching them play and trying to get them thru the tricky bits. You have got to think about it. They love Star Wars but this is harder as the characters cant jump as high and the magnetic suit needs to be used to get Robin up to some of the higher levels. However its tought them that good teamwork gets them there in the end.
The graphics are pin sharp and some of the cut scenes are very funny.
Buy it for yourself or the kids its perfect for all ages. But still waiting for the Joker Van unlock code.

  Lego Batman

| | See all balmoraljames's reviews (228)

This game will put players squarely into two camps those that loved the indy game will love it, those who hated indy and loved Starwars will hate it. The game has been well thought out and due to the lack of iconic settings and set pieces that wars and Indy have the programmers have thought through the story and the game much more as they have had to work hard to pull the Batman world into the game, There is so much to do, collect and discover. When I first loaded it up I was disappointed as I thought the game was short with not much substance. Only when I got to the end of chapter one I realised that 5 new levels for the chapter opened up and you then play the game from the Villians side.

There are loads great weapons, characters and tonnes of action. I loved Indy, hated star wars but this game leaves you wanting another lego game Lego Harry Potter would be great (a decent potter game at last) The game is fun in 1 or 2 player. It is huge and keeps unlocking bits and just as you think you have got somewhere more opens up.

There are 50 plus characters and now even vehicals to unlock, batman then has a further 4 different kinds of suits so does robin and thats only what I have unlocked from the first chapter!.

Buy it its great!


| | See all Madmax007's reviews (2)

Wow I really like this one, much hard than either Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones.

But where is my Joker Van Unlock code, it's not in my e-mail, does anyone know where they put it


| | See all MadmaxAnnoyed's reviews (2)

Wow I really like this one, much hard than either Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones.

But where is my Joker Van Unlock code, it's not in my e-mail, does anyone know where they put it

  na na na na na na BATMAN!!!!!!

| | See all GamersLoveRetro's reviews (19)

I gotta be honest here this game is so good i played for nearly 4 hours non-stop after getting it. that is a personal record for me when it comes to a lego game this plays so easy and the graphics are top notch the only down side is its a little to easy for me you get to capture Clayface in the 1st mission and i was hoping for a big fight but it took 30 seconds for me to figuare it out and capture him.

Thats the only down side so please read this and BUY IT!!! its good honest.