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Aliens: Colonial Marines - Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Good Game

| | See all UkPrivateSeller's reviews (1)

A little challenging at times but actually a surprisingly enjoyable game. A few corners have been cut in the making but well worth a look if you can get it for a decent price.

  sucks, sucks

| | See all coolbreeze1's reviews (3)

i was looking forward to this game for a long time. And its just bad . the game took me 5 hours to complete all the levels, and the levels are boring. and the online is the worse thing about this game.

  just awful save your money and avoid

| | See all dunny6227's reviews (3)

as a alien fan i was looking forward to this the adverts and pics i had seen from it looked like this was a most have game but them pics and videos are not from the game it was a big fat lie the AI is awful the aliens where more bothered of attacking the other players then me so killing them was easy some of them just stood there the story line is not brilliant and the graphics are not the best lets but it this way i started it on normal difficulty half way through the game i thought this is just to easy started the game on its hardest difficulty and could tell any different save your money stay away from this game


| | See all Avatarius's reviews (3)

I have this after several days of the release date.
Have been looking forward to this game because it has co op both online and splitscreen so thats great, also mode with 4 vs 4, aliens vs marines. Though havent tried it online but i will sometime later.
Now, ive always think that Unreal Engine 3 was ok for Unreal 3 but since ive seem i used on other games for consoles, here ps3, my opinion is that i dont like it. Ive seen it for pc it looks great but consoles, they need some serious make-up.
Since i started playing the single player part i had having some frustrations with my experience with this game, not sure if it was the badly improved graphics or the feel of aliens version of a popular fps game (cough cod). I mean, the suspension is gone right after the beginning even though the developers had done it nicely but too short. the rest is like nowadays ordinary fps with alot of enemies coming at you, humans with red shoulder flashlight (wth?!) obviously showing the player that its the enemy even thoough that isnt needed, making it like "child" friendly for immature players, and that ruins the Aliens feel of the game. So thats why i get abit dizzy and end up frustrated because of that and the misleading hype before release. I have to stop play the game after 15 minutes lol, and its first time i experience such a thing and i am open for games.


| | See all centurion's reviews (55)

In space no one can hear you scream but you can hear SAGA laughing at us for being a suckers and buying this. I cant believe i fell for the hype on this game.Its called a follow up to ALIENS the 2nd film, yes there is bits from the movie that appear in the game thats why the 2 stars. It is no more than a poor PS2 game, graphics are so bad. Please be warned and run for the hills if you see this game "KEEP FAR AWAY FROM THIS GAME".


| | See all akasupes's reviews (3)

I must admit after reading the review and comments left here. that compared to the games like the crysis series that really does push the graphics and gameplay that this game is not really pushing itself. this game could have been soooooo much better. it isnt a bad game it does make me a jump a little as im a very big fan of the Alien movies etc. i would definately recommend renting it first or seeing it around a friends before purchasing as it will either be a hit or miss with you?????

  One word: Shocking

| | See all sammylou's reviews (6)

i have never been so emaressed to have a friend over and make of all this hipe for a game and be so let down, i ended up turning it off as it is soooo bad, not worth 10.00 in my opinion as i would rather buy 4 games at 10.00 each then buy this rubbish, when you look at dead space and graphics for the future this looks like it should be on ps2, god damn it im so annoyed.

  Just rubbish!

| | See all janleeks's reviews (1)

Totally awful game, what a shame.... The Alien animations are naff, you have no real sense of where you or they are. Played for a couple of hours, not going to just gather dust - awful wast of money. Could have been so good. Should have, what a let down.

  Total Letdown

| | See all kwhitelaw1981's reviews (2)

What an utter disappointment after waiting so long for a game! How can something that has been in production for as long as this be this bad?!
As with the other reviewers my main gripes are graphics and gameplay. In this day and age theres no excuse for how poor they are eg I shot an Alien that jumped from the roof and it's corpse hung in mid-air!!! The aliens will also avoid other characters just to attack you!
I'm going to persevere with this game as the storyline is quite interesting even if parts of it don't really make sense with the movie tie-in (and coz I parted with 40 quid for it).
Do yourselves a favour and stick to the Dead Space series

  aliens colonial marines ps3

| | See all GOONER777's reviews (3)

What a poor game do not waste your money avp is much better its like a ps1 game avoid !!!!!!!!