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Aliens: Colonial Marines - Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Really not as bad as reviewers are saying

| | See all kennay's reviews (10)

I got this game the day it came out and really its actually a fun game to play theres a lot of content it keeps true to the films and gives a fantastic atmosphere the graphics are not anything to marvel at but overall its a good game but you have to play it with at least one other person to get the full fun factor


| | See all Lumpy89's reviews (1)

I knew at the start of the game that something was off with this game. Graphics are terrible, gameplay is terrible, the enemy's AI is terrible, judging that I had aliens run right past me to get to a team mate and some just stayed still! Some of the storyline is just a joke!

AVOID at all costs

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  Worst Aliens Game.

| | See all Deevolution's reviews (2)

Poor graphics, poor AI, full of graphical glitches, basically an unfinished game... this might have been an acceptable release 6-8 years ago, but not now.

I'm a huge fan of both the Aliens movie franchise and many of the previous games - AvP, alien trilogy etc. this isn't even as enjoyable as Alien3 on the Megadrive.

Such a disappointment, Gear Box Software did a really good job of misleading customers with various promotional videos and screen shots before the release of this game! what we were promised was not the game that was delivered.

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| | See all admiral4's reviews (4)

The film was great and the game is a great expansion from the film and it really fits in well, the game makes you feel soo on edge as though you are actually in the environment itself!, the graphics are good, the weapons are very very accurate from the film and they serve their roles very well.

The action is very intense when you are fighting yr way through the level and you never know what is going to be around the next corner waiting for you

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  In space no one can hear you cry for what you just paid for!

| | See all ruknrol's reviews (11)

Purchased on day of release as I am a big fan of the Aliens films. The last Aliens vs Predator game is better graphically. This was originally intended for the PS2 and you can see that! Poor graphics, poor gameplay and way to much money. It should have been released at a budget price.

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  alien colonial marines

| | See all gee710's reviews (1)

wow, what can i say! waited so long for this game and what a letdown. if i could give this game 0 stars i would. received the game wednesday played it twice, thought i'd give it another go after the first time. wish i didn't. gonna trade it in tomorrow. shame on you gearbox software! rubish, rubish, rubish!

  Missed chance....

| | See all GamersLoveRetro's reviews (19)

Starts well and has a great story but the graphics are a little of a let down the on line side is a sad state of affairs.
The fact the Aliens are so easy to kill has ruined the multi player altho a patch has fixed some of these issues. still a long delay should of seen all these problems fixed way before release.

  I Like It

| | See all YesItsMe's reviews (5)

Yes, there are problems and it could be better but I'm having fun playing this game, I've waited far too long not to like it but I am enjoying it anyway. It's very easy to criticise so I won't, there are loads of rubbish games out there and this really isn't one of them, I paid 39.99 for it and it's worth every penny because it's keeping me entertained.

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| | See all omegajamie's reviews (1)

This is by far the worst game I have ever played! Graphics are similar to a PS2 game, actually cast your mind back to the first RFOM game and that has better graphics. I also lacks any real imagination and to be completely honest is so boring. I was actually so disapointed as the makers had spent a long time developing this and had also promised features that just don't exist. Im actually shocked (and slightly amazed) that the makers of this game actually sat down during the final playthrough and thought to themselves "yes this is fantastic, just what our fans of the Aliens series have been waiting for". Anyway you have been warned, rant over.

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  Awful. Avoid Like the Plague

| | See all bwade1979's reviews (5)

My brother received this game today after pre-ordering and waiting many weeks in anticipation. He told me that it wasn't very good so to see for myself I went and tried it out and I have to agree with him, It's shockingly bad. The graphics look like a very early PS3 game and the gameplay is slow. I would have given it 1 star but I will admit on playing I was a bit jumpy, so the original 'Aliens' scare factor feel is there but once the Aliens appear it's just another boring shoot em up game. What a let down.

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