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Valkyria Chronicles

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  One of the PS3s hidden gems

| | See all SimianWonder's reviews (15)

This may well be my favourite title on PS3. It's one of those rare beasts, an instant cult classic that tries to do something a little different and more often than not gets it absolutely spot on.

It's not perfect; there's an element of chance in the combat that can sometimes seem to weigh heavily against you, and there are a couple of points in the story mode where the difficulty suddenly rises without much warning, but these are trivial complaints given the quality of the game.

It's a gem of a game that deserves a chance in every PS3 owners collection.

  Incredible mix of RPg and Tactics

| | See all Aengel's reviews (4)

Game Summary:

This is a turn based strategy/RPG fighting game with a lot of plot. The story is presented as a book with panels containing cartoon fronts which you select to watch / play. As you play out each double spread the page flips over to the next chapter. However, to advance you must watch each clip / complete each battle in sequence.
The battles take place in a variety of surroundings and you fight with a squad you have picked from the men and women you have at your disposal.

Plot / characters:

There is a LOT of plot. To progress through the game you have to watch from six to ten cartoon plot movies before you can battle. This can be frustrating when you first start the game, but stick with it; you soon open up skirmish battles which can be played at any time.

At the start of the game you can only fight with the troops you have on hand, but as the story progresses you become the leader of a squadron, allowing you to pick which soldiers you want under your command. Each soldier will have a different personality and set of traits; some may perform better alone, others need people around to stop them panicking, some like the desert, some are allergic to woodland. There are a lot of these traits to consider when building your squad. You also need to take into account which soldiers like one another and which soldiers should be kept apart. If you are clever with the traits and friendships you have amongst your soldiers you can get them to power up for better damage / defence etc, it you ignore their needs then they can lose damage / defence etc until you pay better attention to what their personality is.


The fighting is turn based but presented in a way which I haven't seen in any game before. At the start of a battle you will be briefed on what your mission and objectives are and then you will pick the soldiers you want to take, placing them on an overhead view map in whatever strategic positions you think would be best.

There are six classes;
Scout (low damage, very long distance runners, moderate constitution),
Sniper (high damage, short distance movers, low constitution),
Shocktrooper (high damage, moderate distance runners, high constitution),
Engineer (low damage, long distance runners, low constitution - special: disarms mines),
Lancer (anti-armour damage, moderate distance runners, moderate constitution),
Tank Commander (high damage, short distance moving, high constitution).

At the beginning of your round you will have a set number of Action Points which are shown across the top of your screen as shields. You will get a base number of AP each round which can be added to by bringing specific characters with you. You can spend you AP moving one character or buy giving Orders (pumping up specific attributes, etc). When you chose a character to move you switch from your overhead map to a first person view. You can move that character around in the environment until their movement bar runs out. If you encounter enemies they will take pot-shots at you until you are past them. Entering into your aim function stops them from shooting at you, but you are then riveted to the spot until your combat is done.

My opinion:

This is a great game which has a unique style of fighting, combining tactical placement of units with first person fighting. I really enjoyed this and I hope very much they bring a sequel out on the PS3 and don't just relegate the title to the PSP. Highly recommended!

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  Simply Superb.

| | See all BLAAblaa's reviews (3)

Didn't expect much, but the story line is just beautiful. It was like watching a Anime serious where you could interact!! Superb buy!!

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  Criminally Ignored PS3 title

| | See all DWOverdose's reviews (11)

I remember back when I first got my PS3, I thought to myself "Why the heck are there no rpgs" and when looking in a shop I came across this title. The box screamed J-RPG and I then remembered seeing a demo in the PSN store. I downloaded the demo and realised it was a realtime tactics game.

I was hooked when I realised how beautifully put together the game was. The gameplay is brilliant, the characters varied and very relatable and the story itself is one that sucks you in.

The game looks magnificent in HD in my oppinion even on my old TV it goes down as one of my favourite games in terms of it's style.

It is so wrong that a ton of games get lots of hype whilst this was just brushed aside, one of the best games you can get for the PS3, no doubt.

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  A unique game that everyone should try.

| | See all RVallant's reviews (3)

Games like this come along once in a blue moon. This is a unique game deserving of a place in anyone's collection. With strategy, management and rpg elements, this game offers a unique fictional story based in some way on WW2, with political intrigue tackling the subjects of racism and warfare in an excellent style. It offers its story through a 'history book' and is uniquely presented with cell-shaded graphics.
The game isn't all doom and gloom with its subject matter however, it is willing to present it's unique style of comedy through its optional missions; for example the power of carrots - a hillarious mission based on one of the character's love of vegetables which, the game smartly ties into giving that particular character a new skill for the rest of the war.

To sum up, this is a return of Sega's best. If you're into strategy games with rpg elements, an excellent storyline or you like unique games that stand out from the market, then this deserves your attention.

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  Absolutely Amazing

| | See all JoeyTwat's reviews (1)

Just purchased it so not very far into the game but loving what I've experienced so far. The visuals and storyline are fantastic. Not many other anime RPG out on the PS3 so this fits the bill nicely. No doubt in recommending this. Buy it now

  Believe the non-existant hype

| | See all SeanTruck's reviews (3)

This game is a masterpiece. I never got into Final Fantasy or RPG's, more a driver/shooter man. But this game is made to the highest standard. If you have second doubts about it, just buy it, you will not regret it. It doesn't get much better than this. period.


| | See all AngelOfDeath13's reviews (2)

After buying and playing this game i found it hard to enjoy any other RPG's because they all paled in comparison to this beast of a game. The storyline is amazing the characters each have there own personality and the replay value is very high it's a very good game.

  Polished and enjoyable Strategy-RPG

| | See all Crofto's reviews (40)

Valkyria Chronicles offers a very solid and enjoyable tactical-strategy experience. It's not absolutely perfect in its execution of certain gameplay elements, and has a few issues to be ironed out, but overall the game offers plenty of entertainment.

What makes the game that bit more special is both the presentation (superb water-colour graphics and an excellent score) along with a very well-written story that has many underlying messages in regard to war.

This game comes highly recommended to PS3 owners.