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Sony PS3 DualShock 3 Wireless Controller - Black

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all technerd's reviews (29)

Great controller. Works just the same as the sixaxis but with the additional dual shock feature.
My only criticism is that I wish you could change the sensitivity of the vibrtaions. On some games if say theres a cutscene with say an explosion... The controller can go mental and vibrate constantly for 30seconds. It's rather annoying as I just end up putting it down till its stopped. So its a shame they dont have say strength of vibration setting.

Other than that, great controller. Definately recommend it over any unofficial PS3 pads.

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| | See all Lukeey's reviews (14)

Nothing bad can be said, this is definitely the best controller i have ever used.

The rumble is brilliant and i think it's analogue-sticks are a little more sensitive this time around, it still retains its SIXAXIS functionality as well, and it's quite a bit heavier than the SIXAXIS...
although that is a good thing, since it helps you remember that you are actually holding something; unlike it's feather-weighted predecessor.

  Youve been rumbled!

| | See all Stifflerr's reviews (69)

I've had this controller about a week now and is a little weighty but you have to realise its got the rumble feature which will make it a bit weighty to get full effect, brilliant for games that has this feature in my opinion it deserves 5/5 just a pitty it is on the expensive side! but if you look after it you should get years out of it and your always gonna be using it for playing games.


| | See all Stevo35's reviews (74)

Brilliant product, best controller around & couldn't be faulted apart from its ludicrous price tag!

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  You Need One

| | See all lilman's reviews (15)

You so need the dualshock 3 and the rumble!! The experience just isn't the same without rumble. For example on CoD5 when you shoot it rumbles and it makes the experience so much better also it really doesn't put you off so don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!! It may be a little more expensive but you are paying for quality! Just BUY ONE !!!!!!

  Over Priced Necessity

| | See all sjones's reviews (19)

This controller is brilliant but expensive. Why do they always rip you off when it comes to extra controllers?

It does however pay to get an official one as cheaper controllers are not very good.

  Good but expensive

| | See all yool200's reviews (1)

Good quality but doesn't come with a usb cable, despite costing 35 quid. Need to cough up another £10 for an A to Mini B usb lead. :(

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  YES - Only buy original

| | See all stucoupe's reviews (23)

I've bought 'other brands' before for the likes of the N64 and PS2; most peripherals work fine - say rumble pack for the N64 or memory cards. However I learnt a valuable lesson, controllers must be original - always buy SONY. The buttons work perfectly, etc, and any complaint with function would be sorted Im sure.

The build quality of the Sony controller is great; people say its more rugged and durable than the original non-vibration version, Im might slightly agree to this. It certainly feels solid; but the weight difference is minimal - not heavy.

It may feel clunky and seem to have more battery life compared to my old original controller, but lets face it, its well worn and all batteries suffer memory-loss. Im expecting this one to last at least 2 or 3 years with hard frequent use (daily).

Is it worth ten pound more than the non-vibration sixaxis? Not if this is to be a spare controller; but yes if you're going to play often - it brings many games alive; driving games etc. I can vouch that it works well with Killzone 2. At 35 pound its good value IMO.

Be warned that this is the controller only - no USB cable. (cables are cheap and common).

  Duelshock 3 Controller

| | See all Jacknicholls's reviews (10)

Amazing... it makes games so much better to play because it makes you feel more like you are inside the actual game.
Like on Fifa 09 for instance when you hit the post of crossbar then the controller vibrates and when you are injured, it vibrates as well. Also in NFS Undercover, when you crash and brake sharply it vibrates making it feel like your in the car.
Overall, I would give this 10/10 for being such a great thing in such a small way... very good :)

  Very frustrating

| | See all luckyg's reviews (7)

Extremly expensive and to top this of the controller did not come with a usb cable and so i will now have to fork out another £10 to buy a cable as it will ot sync with the ps3.

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