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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  A Turn Based Revolution for the PS3

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I have been playing Civilization for years on the PC and have sometimes spent many months on a single game. I bought the PS3 version based firstly on the name Sid Meier in the title and secondly because I love turn based strategy, a genre that unfortunately appears to be slowly disappearing from the gaming world in favour of online MMO real time games.

I agree with some other reviewers that the game has been "dumbed down" compared to the PC but this actually goes in its favour. Sure, I can spend months on one game of the PC version but when I get home from work, I can simply pop the disc into my PS3 and jump straight into a quick game knowing that I can complete a level in a few hour fix depending on difficulty level. It is a different type of Civ game and I think it is unfair to compare the two platforms against each other.

The graphics are easy on the eye although not overly taxing the power of the PS3 and the sound is ok if a little repetitive after a few games. The control interface is also extremely intuitive and allows you to keep your mind on the game. As is usual for the Sid Meier series of games, the emphasis is on the gameplay rather than the aesthetics.

A huge plus for Civ Revolution is that they really have managed to keep hold of the "one more turn" addiction that made the original PC versions so appealing and I have often suffered a late night just so I could capture that last city or discover the next technology advance.

I have also jumped in and downloaded some of the map and technology DLC from the Playstation Network and for once, the content actually adds depth and longevity to the game. The technology opens posibilities for new strategies and tactics to combat your foes. Some packs are free but most cost between £0.79 and £2.99 to download.

Overall, I have knocked a star off because the option of bigger maps and the number of computer opponents should be there to provide a longer or more customisable gaming experience, although I daresay that bigger maps will appear on the Playstation Network for download at some point in the future.

I would highly recommend Civilization Revolution to any fan of strategy games and I congratulate the publisher for having the guts to produce a good quality turn based strategy on a predominantly FPS console platform and hope that other developers will follow in their footsteps.

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  Civilization 2 on the old P1 is still better than this

| | See all SCHLOSSADLER's reviews (34)

Why developers can`t release in-depth strategy games on these next gen consoles is baffling.I`d much rather play these on my console rather than PC and this game proves that it`s possible to organise controls and menus and make them virtually idiot -proof.Indeed Civilization 2 on the old P1 ,desite it`s hideous graphics, is actually a more in-depth and expansive game than this and still worth picking up if you can find it.This game has it`s fun moments but the maps are far too small and the various nations all seem to have the same agenda:declare war on you after a few early pleasantries.Graphics are cartoonish but in keeping with the nature of the game.Other downsides are the fact you can`t develop city spaces or surrounding spaces with your settlers and various things,such as roads, are just built automatically if you pay the appropriate sum.Another annoynace is the fact that the game won`t let you play on after you`ve satisfied all the elements needed to win.It`s often satisfying totally wiping out a civ but sometimes you`re not given the opportunity.The controls are good but the game lacks depth.

  Worse than PC. But Best PS3 strategy game

| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

Ok I'm a big fan of Civilization on PC so it's no surprise that I bought this to see what it's like. I was expecting it to just be another failed attempt to bring strategy games to PC but I was wrong. If you compare this to the PC games you'll notice that this one does have a smaller map, better graphics, it's too easy, less of everything and is over pretty quickly.

So why buy this one over the PC version? Well for a start because it's simpler it's easier to play. You'll also spend less time worrying about politics in this when compared to Civi 4 and since the game doesn't last as long you wont be awake all night playing it. But that doesn't mean it's short, if you don't get too addicted then the single-player should last you about a week and then there's the online which is not too bad but you'll have trouble trying to find someone to connect to.

There is however one big downside to this game. Getting a victory other than conquering all other nations is tough (especially on the higher difficculties) as wars are started far too quickly and easily. You need to worry more about your army than your economy in this one as there's a 100% chance that you'll go to war with another nation in your game.

So in short this game is not for the hardcore Civi4 players. Unless they are like me and don't always wanna worry about the economy and sometimes like to just have fun.

  Not for gaming geeks

| | See all MrBoJangles's reviews (3)

I do not play stategy games, or any games for that matter, on PC. I like something I can plug in and play with no hassle.

The PC version may or may not be a more comprehensive version, but this game is still very good. I bought off play (not playtrade) for a bargain £11.99. I have played several hours now, and I could tell that it is very very addictive.

If you want the added extras (and dress up as your character as I bet some will do) then buy the PC version, if you want fun and simplicity without getting carried away and ruining your marriage, then buy the PS3 version.

Not going to comment on features / gameplay as it is a bit obvious.
Would give this 5 stars but I have not played enough to justify that yet.

  Do not rate against PC version

| | See all paultsmith1980's reviews (4)

I picked up this game a few months back and after never playing a civ game before i was hooked...
This is the ideal type of game to just pick up and play for a few hours, or even minutes. But be warned if you intend to only play for a short time, be prepared to keep an eye on the clock because you can easily lose track of the time, as the game is that engrossing.
People have moaned about how bad this game is compared to the PC versions, but I do not think this should be played by seasoned veterans of Civ games, as this version would surely disapoint.
If though, you have never played a civ game before then definately buy this game. You will be so hooked that before you know it you will be purchasing the PC versions.... I did....

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  Still play this loads

| | See all Jonsonby's reviews (2)

This game should not be compared to the PC versions. Its very much a pick up & play version. I enjoy to play this for quick hour or two of fun game play.

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  PC version leaves this in the dark

| | See all grimepixie's reviews (10)

First few days of gameplay is good, but then gets boring. I never had chance to play online so the rating is not a reflection of online play. For me its just not complex enough.

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  Excellent game!!.... even if it's not like the PC Version

| | See all TheSuperstar's reviews (3)

I'm a big big fan of this game!

I understand that a lot of people were dissappointed that this game was not as in depth as the other civ games.

If you buy this game expecting to be able to control the minutest detail as to how much you think your nation should spend on repaving roads and what colour you think your military advisers shirt should be then you will ultimately be dissappointed.

But for me i think this game has perfectly captured a way of allowing to massage my inner nihilistic despot without having my fiancee leaving me and my boss firing me for sitting up till four in the morning because the russians have invaded my capital again!!

Each time i play it it's different and my ps3 is still a virgin internet wise so god knows the different possibilities of scenario that can be downloaded ...for free!!

If you enjoy turn based games that can be challenging but still have a full and functioning love/social/working life then i think this game is perfect for you!!

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| | See all TDogg186's reviews (6)

i got this game when it came out and liked it. it is very time consuming though so i dont think you should get it if your over 15. this game is fun but is a little childish. i think you should download the demo from the playstation store as it is pritty much what the game is like and make a decision from that.

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  Good fun, but understand the negative reviews

| | See all barnie884's reviews (265)

This may seem like a very middle of the road review, but that's where this game sits for me. On the positive side, this is a game which you can play over and over again on the various difficulty levels, and with a lot of downloadable content (much of it free) it gives you an excellent variety of extra scenarios and wonders. On the negative side, it had dumbed down considerably on the similar PC games, with much less customisation and variety. For me though, I think that it works well like that.... I find that certain games like command and conquer, football manager and alike work best on PC, and arcade games much better on consoles. Therefore to make a game like this work well still on the console I think is quite clever..... been playing it lots recently. At the low price I think this is well worth 4 stars, maybe would have only got 3 stars at £40

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