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Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  Some issues - but a good game - great value !

| | See all VULCANGLOCK's reviews (7)

Annoying ,repetitive , frustrating - but a great game ! It must be -I've just bought 'Borderlands 2 ' !!
The art work is great and as someone has already stated , very reminiscent of XIII . The most annoying thing is the save facility . I recently spent an hour fighting through hard battles to kill the villain at the end of the level ,only to find that when I reloaded the game it took me right back to the beginning of that mission and the game did not save the very hard progress I had made . Some of the levels are HARD and when this happens it is best to fight from a distance with the sniper rifles. As much as some of this game annoys me -I can't stop playing it !! The best weapon I have found to date is the caustic machine gun,followed by anything that sets your enemies ablaze .
This is well worth buying for the price it is available at . Some people have compared it to Fallout 3 . I bought , played (a few hours ) and sold that within two days - mind-numbingly BORING .
Give this a go - you won't be disappointed .

  The best co-op game on a console

| | See all ChrisSellsStuff's reviews (4)

Great game, not much story but the game play is hard to beat. A kind of mix between a first person shooter and a MMORPG (but limited to 4 people) Brilliant online or split screen. (probably fun in single player but make sure you give co-op a go you wont be disappointed) Great Stuff

  A first class FPS/RPG hybrid.

| | See all Caramon's reviews (77)

Set in a post apocalyptic world, this First Person Shooter/Role Playing Game hybrid is set apart by its excellent cell shaded graphics. Looking rather like a playable Manga cartoon, four characters are available to play, each with a unique set of skills, weaponry and a special ability.

The game is a standard FPS with RPG elements such as Hit Points, Experience, Character Levels and a host of weaponry, armour and items to collect as you explore the world of Pandora, searching for an ancient Vault containing powerful alien technology.

Initially appearing dull and muted, the dark colours used throughout the game do hold an atmospheric appeal, and fit the game perfectly, particularly in conjunction with a first class musical score.

Like any RPG, there are quests galore to complete for items, cash and experience, and the more of these you complete, more areas of the game will unlock. All quests can be completed in single player, although two players on the same system works just as well, as does three or four people playing together via the internet. All quests offer a set number of experience points, but experience gained through monster kills depends upon the level of the character and the level of the monster he is slaying; more experience for tougher monsters, and little or no experience for very weak monsters when your character is far more powerful.

The main quest is compelling, the side quests good, and with four lots of DLC available, there is enough here to keep you playing for months. If you can get used to the cell shaded graphics and enjoy your games violent and gory, BORDERLANDS is certainly a game you should try. A large amount of available Trophies is an added incentive to play this excellent game.

  Top Notch shooter

| | See all Shikakka's reviews (25)

For a FPS/RPG I think this game is awesome. The randomly generated weapons is a great touch as no two guns feel the same and who doesnt want a rocket firing shotgun? Plenty of missions and side quests to keep you playing. Graphics and sound cant be nocked as they are also very good. If you liked games like fallout and bio shock then youll probably enjoy this. Two thumbs up from me

  from 1 star to 4!

| | See all 19steve82's reviews (54)

i originally scored this game 1 star after spending a few hours on it. to cut a long story short i never gave it chance. the idea behind this is to be patient and build your levels up by gaining experience. don't try and tackle a mission that is say a level 12 when your only a level 8, because as you can imagine it is extremely tough as you will only be able to use level 8 weapons. this all seems very obvious but if like me youre quite impatient you'll try and fly through it and end up getting stressed and hating it like i did originally. a great game that is VERY addictive, some great weapons as you progress and some awesome enemies. top game and im happy to eat humble pie!

  In a class of it's own!!

| | See all Neil2505's reviews (3)

I bought this game on the 'off-chance' only to be totally blown away. Great game play, VERY playable, challenging but still possible. This was arguably my 'game of the year' in 2009 and I would recommend it to EVERYONE! :-)

  Worth purchasing at the low price

| | See all Rigobear's reviews (8)

Just started to write reviews and this is another game I bought at the day of release. Completely disagree with the negative comments that some people have made especially those attempting to compare it to the Bioshock games! This game works on a whole different level and for me works very well. Okay it's not as good as Fallout 3 or Red Dead Redemption but what the game does it does very well. The graphics and style of graphics are very clever and in my opinion outstanding! The storylines are clever and submursive creating a game of such a size to wander around in! I agree however on the weapon change hold up but let'sbe honest, in real life it would take some time which is where other games falter! The reasoning behind the 4 stars is because you can't give halves (4.5) and as said earlier Fallout 3 and Red Deap deserve the 5 along with others! All in all a very good game with lot's of depth and gameplay!

  Great long term value

| | See all MrChilliBeer's reviews (2)

I got this game for Xmas 2009 when it was on sale (at the time) for 18 quid, which was an absoloute bargin. Since then I've dipped in and out of it for over a year and enjoyed (most) of the game. As far as longevity goes, it's a great investment and a great game to boot. Dr Ned's expansion is by far the best of the lot.

Obtained my platinum trophy for this after 16 months of playing it, and have really enjoyed the game. Best played with a few friends.

  Immense Co-op

| | See all Massey88's reviews (6)

This game is utterly brilliant, i bought all of the expansions etcetc.

Countless hours of fun and even better when you play online with 3 other people. The strange graphics (almost reminiscent of XIII) give it a slightly different edge to other games out there.

Definitely one to buy and keep!


| | See all WHOSYOURDADDY78's reviews (9)

Firstly i have to say i had loads of fun with this game especially all the differenr weapons you can make. Also its one of the longer games out ,not your 4-5 hours and cmpleted it. if played properly with all missions then defo 20+ hours easy ! And for the price of a tenner then just BUY IT NOW WITH NO REGRETS ;-)