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Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  Not bad for the price

| | See all GasMark6's reviews (10)

Bought it as it was nice and cheap. Quite good gameplay but it reminds me terribly of pokemon with how what level you are determines how good you are which annoys me as it leaves little room for success by skill. But still a fun game

  this game is decent

| | See all batttlingjimmy179's reviews (10)

this game is a very good but could of been a bit less cartoonie or it would of been a five star but the game play is good so i would reccomend you to get this but if you dont like cartoon games this wouldnt be a game for you. its not worth full price but at the price it is now its worth getting


| | See all sevenator777's reviews (3)

You'll love it or you'll hate it has a fallout feel too it, unique dynamic graphics and as many weapons too give a murderer a hard. buy it if you like fallout steer clear if you don't.

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  A Blast !!!

| | See all maedsl's reviews (6)

Superb Graphics, Gameplay and Missions.
Unlike sooooooo many Style over Content TItles, Borderlands really delivers - Hundreds of sub missions, Gorgeous visuals, loads of weapons.
Added bonus, when you ( eventually ) complete the Main quest from then on all Enemies match your Skill Level so you can go play it all again, complete any sub missions you never attempted or just go on a Shooting spree and it's still a challenge :)


| | See all Clusterhead's reviews (2)

I am in agreement with those others who just could not get into this game. I bought it on a friend's recommendation and was sorely disappointed. I didn't like the feel of this game at all. I gave it good try and played a few hours worth. I wish I had spent those few hours doing the housework. On a positive note, the graphical style is impressive.

  fallout meets warcraft

| | See all rabidgoatshead's reviews (2)

its just fallout mixed with elements of wow. its amazing!!

bit of a slow starter but once you get going, omg, its amazing!
set in a world like mad max the gameplay is like fallout 3 and the leveling is like wow .4 class' each with their own talent trees make each playthrough a little diffrent.

this game had me addicted from start to finish

  its not the game its the platform

| | See all dustyq's reviews (14)

I have finished this game to 100% on the xbox 360 and the dlc which is worth every penny.It is a co op experience and needs the kind of community that only xbox live has.I adore the ps3 and its unique titles however the online community is inferior and very few gamers actually talk.It is nothing like an RPG eg fallout -simply a fun shooter to play with friends and randoms who usually become friends.4 stars only because of the ps3 online limitations.rant over

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| | See all PaloHardz's reviews (1)

This is by far one of the worst games I have played on this generation of console. This a poor mans rpg where it feels shallow and pointless. maybe its my fault for wanting a game fallout3 but I gave it chance after chance and couldnt get into it. the only reason I gave it two stars instead of one was for the graphics.

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| | See all Chubzy's reviews (6)

This is an amazing title, the graphics are cool and blend well with the scenery. The game play is great and theres pleanty of missions and side quests to keep playing for hours!

There is 1 BIG downfall to this game which makes you feel like youve wasted your time, i will not ruin the game for anybody but after you complete this game you will be (as i were) VERY dissapointed.

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| | See all DarkFury1's reviews (6)

Ace RPG shooter, cell shaded graphics, tons of missions to keep you occupied for ages and the added bonus of it running in 1080p on PS3, nothing else out there like it