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Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Shootin' and lootin' on Pandora is a blast!

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Borderlands is a combination of the first person shooter and role playing game genres that culminates in one of the standout games of 2009.
You play as one of four mercenaries, each with their own distinctive playstyle, for instance the hunter characters is most proficient using sniper rifles, he can also employ an eagle named bloodwing to attack enemies from a distance, while the soldier is handy with an assault rifle, and is able to throw down a turret that shoots hostiles for you.
All the mercenaries are distinctive to play as, and can accomodate to your prefered tactics, no matter how you play though, using guns is very much the order of the day on pandora, with thousands of different varieties, with differing damage, accuracy and fire rate attributes, additionally some weapons have elemental damage attacks that can burn, corrode or electrify foes to satisfying effect.
The various iterations of guns should help your character towards their main goal of finding and opening a legendary vault, hidden somewhere on the planet, that supposedly holds untold wealth, power, fame, and women.
However a large proportion of pandoras inhabitants are not just going to let you take it without a fight (where would be the fun in that?), and there are a wide aray creatures and not too human humans, ranging from spiderants, attack dog-like skags, and bandits that come in varying shapes and sizes.
While defeating enemies and completing quests for the sparce amount of non playable characters, your character can level up, which is where the rpg elements come in, and as you level up you can invest skill points into special abilities, for instance the soldiers turret can be upgraded to shoot rockets and/or heal mercenaries close enough, also if you use a particular gun enough, you can level your proficiency with it, increasing damage and accuracy.
One way in which borderlands hits the mark is with its distinctive graphical style, which helps it stand out from the numreous first person shooters out there, showcasing a certain cel-shaded look, with its black outlines which areremeniscent of certain comic books, however when traveling around the world of borderlands textures on some surfaces, such as vending machines can appear blurred at first before the details become apparent a few seconds later.
The game will certainly last you alot longer than a few seconds, with the vast amount of story and side missions amounting to an experience that can easily last you 20-30 hours long, not to mention a second playthrough to hit level 50, or the great dlc currently on offer (apart from underdome riot).
The controls themselves are largely great, and feel very comfortable for an fps, however the game sometimes doesnt detect when you hit an enemy with a sniper rifle from a long distance, and can slow down occassionaly when the action gets hectic, but these gripes are too infrequent to affect your enjoyment of Borderlands.
To conclude Borderlands is an engrossing, distinctive game with flashes of humour, that is a blast for fps players, but if you play games more for a story driven experience you may feel a little dissapointed, Borderlands is available on the ps3, xbox 360 and pc, and was developed by gearbox software and published by 2k games, thanks for reading.

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  Hmm, it's ok

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I was hoping for something spectacular, but it's just a bit repetitive and you don't really get great rewards for all the fighting and scavenging you do. Lots of leveling up and collecting weapons, but the weapons are never fantastic. I was hoping to be able to customise a badass loadout, but the weapons are all a little bit weak, even when you've maxed out your levels and finished the game. Speaking of which, getting basically no reward for finishing a game that's meant to be all about collecting the booty was pretty disappointing. Downloaded Zombie Island of Dr Ned, which was good fun and made a change from all the desert in the main game, but ultimately, it just all got a bit boring.

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  A gem of a game

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The art really works in this, it adds that slight comedic nature to it which is great. Although this game is clearly meant for the Co-op crowd, it can still bill enjoyed in single player immensly. But Co-op is amazing, there is no game changing lag, and the whole system works in perfect harmony. This RPG shouldn't be over looked as a Fallout 3 wannabe, it does everything that game did, but with a twist. Whilst Fallout 3 had you being serious, and had a story to tell, Borderlands just wants you to kill things with whatever weapon you may have handy, and it gives you a LOT of weapons, although the big catalogue they say...isn't true as about half of them do exactly the same as it's nearest counterpart. Everything in this game works wonderfully, including the add-on packs which i would recommend. If your a fan of blood and voilence, or comedy, or gaming in general get this most definetely it will delight you beyond belief.

  awsome game

| | See all rozzer8's reviews (13)

the initial game is huuuuuuge ,,lots of guns and goodies to pick up ,your capped at level 50 ,,,the zombie island you keep you entertained for hours , moxxis underdome was just too hard , general knoxx is fantastic ,,,,massive dlc this is probably the best game i have owned well worth every penny ,playthrough 2 is awsome ,,,,,,,my thumbs are sore,,,the only critisism i have is that you are constantly goin backwards and forwards to complete the missions , general knoxx will take your level xp up to 61 ,,look out for the pearlescent weapons ....top game and i will still be playin this for months to come,,,excellent


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Some people would say its wortha 5 but I think that 4 is a decent rating becuase the story is a bit dodgy but still amazing the gameplay I cant really judge because I havnt completed it yet but it looks decent.the online is awsome for leveling up when youve just started. Most the DLC is amazing and better than the actual game well sometimes like general knoxx or whatever . so its a pretty amazing game but its just missed out on the 5 star rating.

  So much fun!

| | See all nikkiw267's reviews (8)

I love this game! It is very much alike Fallout 3, but the 4 player online co-op is fantastic fun! It takes you a while to realise it, but there are hundreds of weapons to choose from.

The enemies do get quite repetitive after a while but on the other hand there is so many methods of killing them to choose from.

However, there are a few glitches. I don't know whether this just the internet lagging or something (I've never had a problem with any other online game) or whether it is the game, but on several occasions I have had to quit the game because it has frozen.

I would definitely recommend buying this game by all means!

  Good game

| | See all BeanMGF's reviews (5)

Diffrent to most regarding the graphics but dont let that stop you it has a very nice look and feel to it , starts of a little slow but when you get to your first boss it picks up from there im currently at level 6 and cant wait to see what lies ahead also it has replay value considering you have 4 characters to choose from and the amount of wepons wow so many to choose from also i like the upgrade features and the level up system first thoughts were that it wasnt worth the money and looked very poor have now changed all in all you may not like it but i certinly do and id advise you to give it a go

  The Cartoon Magic Begins!

| | See all AidanBmx's reviews (4)

At first I was unsure whether to purchase this game or not but with a little nudge from a friend I went and bought it.
The graphics, well, it's cartoon like but it has great effects a long with it. It take a little while to get used to but overall it's perfect and it makes the game what it is!
The storyline is thorough and has lots of side missions to complete as well as, it'll keep you busy throughout the whole game whether you play it once or ten times through.
The guns...like the trailor says 'A BAZILLION WEAPONS' it's true!
I never thought there could be that many weapons in one game. Alot of them are the same weapon times with different stats but it makes you want to find bigger better and more powerful ones to create more of a mess whilst fighting enemies. The weapons range from old school shotguns to futuristic electric rifles etc...
The characters each have their own attributes but their perks set them apart. I'm playing as 'The Hunter' which has a pet eagle 'Bloodwing' for his special ability. Others have the ability to turn invisible, burst into a frantic rage and deploying a turret to mow down crowds of enemies when in need.

Let's say an epic RPS (role playing shooter).

  very poor finish

| | See all TwoTouch's reviews (5)

Lots of issues with this game. Firstly the loading between each map takes so long and then when you spawn in the new map alot of the time the graphics don't load fully so certain things are blurred.
The story of this game and it's concept is like a cheap version of fallout, honestly.

Also the ending left me feeling so cheated. Talk about an anti climax and possibly the easiest most generic end boss I've ever seen.

One perk though was the weapons, you are constantly on the look out for something better and it is great fun setting people on fire or melting them with acid or popping their heads with electricity.

So in short starts poorly, gets good and begins to get interesting then just falls over and dies. I would say it's worth a play but it was such a bad ending and the story just didn't go anywhere.

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