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Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  A Very Cool Game

| | See all Millenwagon's reviews (34)

Borderlands is quite simply a very cool game. from the funky graphics, looney characters and endless amount of weaponary, there is bound to be something you'll like about this game!

The first thing you notice are the graphics, they are nothing like what we are used to (although these graphics have been used in the past occasionally). They work on a "cartooney" effect known as cel shading, which is very bizzarre at first, and kinda hard to explain but please don't dismiss borderlands because of this. The graphics are actually very nice and they work very well, it is extremely refreshing to see something a little different for a change. The voice acting in this game is excellent too, really entertaining, and the story line is good enough too, although a little aimless at times maybe.

Borderlands is more of a multi tasking game rather than a straight through single player campaign, there are loads of goals to complete and you can start and stop any of these at your own will. It is very easy to navigate your way around the borderlands world thanks to its easy to read map and navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
You can also play through the game on an online co-op game which is great fun, although makes it very easy to defeat enemies as they barely stand a chance against 4 of you.
It is also an RPG FPS and you level up as you progress (obviously) and can upgrade weapons and grenades etc to your preference.

Vehicles add a new fun factor to borderlands with a mini gun and rocket launcher to cause extra damage, but it's much more entertaining to just run everything over! Fortunately you can stick to walking for the most part which I must admit I am pleased about because the controls for driving are just awful at first, they take some real getting used to and can be very annoying at times.

Overall Borderlands is definitely worth giving a go as I think most FPS fans will find it great fun. The controls are similar to BioShock so if you are a fan of that you will feel right at home with the R2 to shoot rather than the typical R1 of most FPS games, and also fallout 3 fans will be able to see some influence here (which is only a good thing) the enemies are very similar to the raiders and creatures from the capital wasteland. Borderlands isn't copying any other games, it does stand out quite a lot, but there are some definite influences from other titles.

The only down side to Borderlands is the loading times from one section of the world to another. They are disgraceful, and the loading screen images are amazingly boring! Also the vehicle handling is a big no no for me too, they could have made the controls far better and user friendly. And although The Background music works pretty well it can be a little monotonous at times, but you can turn it off or down if you wish.

4 and a half stars

Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming.

  Excellent coop-game

| | See all Beamboom's reviews (11)

- Storyline coop for up to four players
- A huge amount AND variation of ranged weapons
- A "good enough" skill system for the RPG fans
- Action enough for the FPS crowd

- No character creation or customalization
- They've done a good job in combining the genres RPG&FPS, but it would be even better if there was a selection of straightforward classes for the FPS focused, and more complex classes for the RPG minded.
- With such a complex weapon system in place it seems almost weird that there are no weapon customalization options. From a technical point of view it's practically there already - all that's left is the user interface...

I think this is one of the few games recently that actually lives up to it's hype. They said it'd be a "RPG light" action FPS with a zillion different weapons. And that's exactly what it is, not more, not less. There are levels, you get skillpoints to distribute, the amount of weapons are jawdropping, no less. It's not only the traditional damage/range/reload/accuracy stats that differs and an experienced RPG player will be pleased to know that there are a good selection of s.k. "buffs", everything from dot's (damage over time), additional elemental damage (fire, acid, etc), damage bonus, crit chance bonus, snares, the whole lot, it's there, and it makes finding new weapons a true treasure hunt.

Regarding the graphics it's definately different, but it's *not* bad. I think it's cool with developers that try something different, it adds so much to the overall "personality" of the game, and that's a good thing in my book.

But be aware: This is not a pure FPS. This is neither a fully fledged role-playing game. It really is 50/50. As a fan of the RPG genre I miss a few ingredients (like character creation, a more complex storyline and trade skills), and I can only guess that some FPS purists probably will find the skill system and the enormous amount of weapon variations distracting.

To me the biggest selling point for this game is the coop feature. If coop storyline games are your thing look no further. The coop mode is rock solid and as easy as it can get: Just invite or join your buddy ingame at any time (practically identical to how things work in Saints Row 2, another excellent coop game). Up to four players can share the experience and whatever loot you find or cash you make follows your character regardless of who is hosting.

  Extremely Good!

| | See all olybeak's reviews (3)

Borderlands is the best game on the ps3 that i have played in months! its one of them games where you can stay up all night and play for hours on end! people are on about the graphics! well the graphics are brillant for the type of game it is. the graphics are very simaler to prince of persiah. but not as detailed you could say. but thats nothing for the amomunt of guns you accuare! theres over 650,000!!! but im not saying too much. in all absolutly brilliant!!

  Awesome game..has its flaws

| | See all Bowman1's reviews (5)

This game has got it right....the game action is great and growing skills and stuff, its all good. BUT!!! i cant get my head around this crazy, half good graphics, half cartoon graphics!!! It really does your head in, its hard to adjust to but once you have its quite good.
Overall 4 star, or 3 and a half, good general idea, lacks just that something extra