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Mafia II

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (61 reviews)"

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  good game

| | See all jules70's reviews (1)

got this for last christmas 2010 liked what i saw from demo started to play and loved every minute of it sure the graphics are not the best but if your gonna judge games based on graphics all the time then you will always have something to complain about. that said i prefer it to gta iv. good dramatic storyline shows you the insight to mafia familys not really any other type game from the 1940s era compares apart from la noire

  regret full price

| | See all norwaymovielover's reviews (1)

i regret that i payed last year the full price on this game.
was done in 9 hours with the story and than there was no free world to enter... you get pushed to every mission the whole time.

haven't played it ever again after i was finished.

  A good solid game

| | See all elgreenmachine18's reviews (14)

I really liked this game, the cars were awesome and i think the driving was far more realistic then most games (if your a burnout fan you will dislike the driving). the main character is very likeable as are the others. The shooting, clothes and overall style of the game are done very well and it feels very authentic to the era. if you like anything mafia its a must buy.


| | See all gilo1596's reviews (6)

2K games have simply tried to remake Grand theft auto, but set in the early 1900s. For one the graphics are not half as good and the open world setting is tiny with only a limited amount of places to go. This was simply Awful, I didn't even complete it and returned it within a week.

  Good and Enjoyable but afew little changes needed

| | See all leondbrown's reviews (13)

i am really enjoying this game but with afew little changes to certain things, some buttons and Shooting target, this game would be 5 star. Might be good to make it more open world like GTA but unlike gta losing police is much better and realistic, you have to change cars or change outfits. overall well worth playing

  good game

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

good game if a little to short tho but a nice change from gta and saints row it is a good game much improvement fro the original game over all a good little game.

  Good Enough

| | See all DoubleDima's reviews (1)

Do not be fooled by the games map, this is far from an open ended world where you can roam around for hours completing side missions and interacting with anything and everything. You play a guy called Vito Scaletta and you can only complete the main missions, and unlike Fallout or GTA there isn't much to explore independently. In addition some of the missions are kind of boring like the unexpected prison level, practising your fighting skills over and over again seems to me to be some what rushed and lacking ideas. There are also pointless parts of missions like to finish one mission and go on to the next, you have to drive right across town just to "go to bed". Having said that it is a very fun game to play for the most part. The main missions are entertaining on the whole, the gameplay is great and the character's dialogue is funny and unique. It makes the characters believable. I completed the game on hard and it isn't that hard so if you are expecting a challenging game that will take over your life for a few weeks then this isn't it but this is a game which is solid and is fun for a small while. I would recommend getting it, playing it once, and you probably won't want to go back to it after that.

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  Refreashing alternative to GTA

| | See all meoldchina's reviews (6)

I had played the demo last year when it first came out and while I thought it had a nice feel to it. It wasn't enough for me to rush out and buy it. How wrong was I! Having picked this up recently I haven't been able to put it down. Great storyline, cut scenes that you enjoy watching, nice little touches that you know they have really taken there time with it. Its like GTA but in the 1950's! Its like a great gangster movie, but your not just watching you really feel like your in it! Ok, I think it does fall a little short of what it could have been. It would have been nice to build an empire, your own family, more side missions, be able to buy better homes. But don't get me wrong there is still enough to keep you happy and enjoy this game. But yes could have been truly amazing, but maybe those changes are being saved for Mafia 3! Still, highly recommended, and there is also a lot of downloadable content to enjoy, other storylines etc with est. about additional 8 hours game play. I will be getting that when I finish this game. Recommended for your collection.

  Gangster is back!

| | See all edthepieface's reviews (1)

First off, if you are looking for a sandbox-game with plenty of distractions as you romp through the single player story, one of the aspects that rockstar is the undisputed king at then you will be disappointed. But, if you are looking for something fresh and different with far more engaging characters than gta then pick this one up, worth every penny just for the storyline.