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Alpha Protocol: The Espionage RPG

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Oh, one of the best games I have played.

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Top notch, love the way you call the shots for the way the story goes, play it again and again, different ways. straight arrow, reble, hope the make a sequal...just like it, dont change a thing!

  Good Game

| | See all LukeVella's reviews (1)

I bought this game and was wandering why the price have been decreased so fast but i tought that i have to give it a try after i left off the ps3 for about 3 months.. i played for about 2hrs and didnt reconized what a class of game it is ,after a week that i have started again to play it i can say the game hacked me for about 2 weeks and gone trough the full game with complete different storys and abilities for 4 times... Great game i mostly recomend this game for those fan of RPG

  What a game!

| | See all hudsonhawk's reviews (19)

I bought this game as a stop gap as I had played most decent games. I must say what a game for ten pounds or so! I found this better than most of the adventure/shooter games out there, very entertaining well worth the price!

  A good spy uses cover

| | See all timewarp87's reviews (2)

I had to write this review. There are so many commercial reviews on the web that do this game injustice. I have been playing this since the start of January 2011 after wanting to play something based around the wiki leaks stuff. TBH, I spend most of my time asking "how can people say this a bad game ?!!?!" Sure, there are a few bugs, but nothing that renders it completely unplayable. The story is brilliant - a mixture of 24, Zeitgeist, and other conspiracy/ spy stuff. It is in no way generic. I guess if you played this as an action game you would be slightly disapointed, but at its heart it is a traditional RPG with great story telling and plot changing descions to make. I have played other Obsidian games before and wasn't too impressed ( KOTR2) but this is fantastic. As the title of this review suggests, this game uses bad reviews to hide a classic of a game. The only thing that lets it down is that it received such bad press that I dont think there are any plans for a sequel :( . Also, when I was watching the making of for this game, alot of the speech sounded like they were talking in an echoy room - I can assure you this has been fixed.
Downsides are : Dodgy AI at times, Menus sometimes pop up for no reason.
Kind of like the child Mass Effect and MGS would produce if they decided to hook up and make babies :)

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  Seriously good game.

| | See all GJSalvidant's reviews (11)

I've had this since a week after it came out and I still play it. It's not as deep as say Mass Effect 2, but it is that sort of branching and alternating world you will be playing in - not only the choices you make in conversation will effect the game and the way the world sees you, but also the actions you take while playing. It is a deep game that you can really sink your teeth into, but for the more casual gamers it is something you can play without worrying about it being too stat and character development based - it caters for all audiences.

  Don't listen to the american reviews.

| | See all ChojinDSL's reviews (1)

The majority of the american game review sites rated this game badly, while the majority of the european game review sites gave this game a positive review.

I'm glad I ignored the americans. As long as you approach this game with the mindset that it is not a 3rd person shooter, but an action rpg, you should have a lot of fun. I know i did.

No other game keeps you this much on your toes during dialog sequences, or lets you have such a great impact on the game and its story based on your choices.

I had a LOT of fun with this game and could not put it down. Definately worth a second playthrough.

  really good game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

really enjoyed this game and have just finished for the second time it has good story which you help mold as you go through with plenty of action and interaction all the way a good game

  underrated but really good

| | See all GameFreaks1's reviews (16)

some people dont agree with alpha protocol but i have to disagree i think this game is awesome there are some elements that need refining but its the first one of its kind and i think obsidian have done this game justice with the choice system implemented means you have total control of the outcome of every situation in the game anyone who has a love of rpg choice games will love this

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  Good game but could so easily have been a great game

| | See all Steo1982's reviews (2)

As someone said in another review "It is a good idea for a game" but I cant help but think that the Obsidien may have spent a bit too much money on the up coming Fallout game and not enough developing this good game into a great one. Definatly worth playing though!