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Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console with 40GB HDD + Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (GT5)

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Customer Reviews

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  PS3 Rules

| | See all KevSmeg's reviews (3)

I have 3 Xbox 360's that dont work anymore - they are rubbish - Get PS3 you wont be disapointed and it has FREE internet and multiplayer gaming, pay for Xbox live what a joke.

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  Amazing ..............................

| | See all monkey6969's reviews (2)

I have just upgraded from a ps2 , the machine is amazing , from the menu screen right through to the wireless control pad.Great package at a great price.

  My Advice

| | See all mongoosed's reviews (16)

Hi all i was stuck between the two Xbox 360 or PS3??? Which one do you choose??? I have wanted an Xbox 360 elite for ages and ages but with work ties and being a father i decided not to bother just yet. I remember the days of the 8 Bit Nintendo and Atari ST and remember how much time i spent then!
I spoke to a few guys at work who all play the PS3 online and tried my sons and also my brothers. What a machine i decided to go for it i bought this package and Call Of Duty 4 what a brilliant game i have had a great time playing online with friends and people all over the world.
Take the plunge if are thinking about it you wont be sorry i am so glad i did i also got the five blueray films with it. I wont go into the technical side of things as others have already done that but your online gaming is free you can also download Demo games and play them, If you work out the price of a blueray player you can see this is a great buy.
I hope this may help you decide what to do. Thanks Play for another top buy.

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  Buying a Next Gen Console and unsure? ...

| | See all Talsar's reviews (42)

Really wanting a powerful games machine?

Then you have choice xbox360 Elite or Sony 40gb PS3

Both have positives and negatives. I am by no means an expert but owning both consoles I will give you my experience.

Xbox360 Elite -

Xbox 360 to me is only a 'gamer console', and it uses the fact that it is only this as it's main strength!. It has a better set up then the Ps3 for gaming, achievement points - I never thought I would ever play games just to get these, but I do, I love the challenge between my friends on who can get them and how fast!!, xbox live is more stable then ps network although I found the speed on getting games on both are almost the same. There are more players on Live though.

Okay with that in-mind, yes there are more players, but there is much more titles, there is a budget section for 360 and not on PS3 where all titles are still nearly full price.

It is noisy, very noisy! The controller runs out of charge quickly, and if you don't have the re-chargeable pack, getting batteries out of the controller is one pain in the ..., no internet browser, no blu-ray (HD movies), although u can download them from live (at a cost), but I want the shiny cases.

Ps3 40gb Model -

Ps3 to me is not just a 'gamers console' but it is a 'entertainment console' it offers far more choice then the 360, although it does not have achievements, it does allow you to customise some games, the console, load different operating systems (i.e. XP), blu-ray as standard - your discs don't scratch as quickly as standard dvd (360), plus you can watch movies on your HD tv in HD. Built in Optical out for connecting to surround sound system (360 has it on component cable). PS Network is 100% free! Although this means is it not supported. It was also quite rubbish, although it is now to a standard that would rival gamespot arcade. You can browse the internet (smoother with a USB Keyboard), Bluetooth for that mobile phone headset.... the PS3 just offers the standard user much more choice.

No achievement points - never thought this would bother me but it does, I find playing single player with 'nothing to show for it' pointless (I'm a multiplayer at heart MMORPG where your status is what you achieve), so I ignored some of my titles for a while Drake Fortune etc. Lack of titles, I struggled to find titles that would/could match 360 (I buy a lot of games). Although the exclusives like Rachet & Clank and Drake are excellent, there is nothing pulling to buy until Grand Tourismo 4, finally no budget range, due to the lack of titles, there is no £9.99 games for the Ps3 cheapest is £25 - although you do get offers.

The new rumble controller for the PS3 is due for launch in September with the new 80gb model to EU market. I own a rumble controller (brought it back from the USA), it does make a considerable difference your games, plus the controller is at last a weight it should be.

I hope some of the comments on the PS3 and 360 helped to pick the right console for you!

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| | See all Phused's reviews (19)

My 360 broke, sent it off, got it bak a week l8r. 4days afta i get it bak, it breaks agean :( Very fed up so look 4 ps3 (ONLY £289!!!!, i thought they were £450) Great System

  The Best of Next-gen

| | See all Roy123's reviews (1)

what can i say other than WOW. this is the Best of the two power houses in next-gen.

- It is quieter that the Xbox 360.
- Including all the extras which you need 2 get 2 make the 360 as good as the ps3. It is cheaper than the Xbox 360.
- It is the better looking of the two consoles.
-more powerful of the two consoles.
- It is more reliable of the consoles.
- All the thing which you have 2 pay 4 on the 360 are free on the PS3

- The onling gameplay is better on the Xbox 360... But it cost £40 a year to play the 360 online and it is free on the ps3.

So this amazing console bundles with one of the most anticipated ps3 exclusive game, although it is only a snippet of the game this will keep you busy for several months. Just read this and click BUY NOW.

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| | See all Jazybp's reviews (12)

Great home entertainment bit of kit. The key bonus of having this over a 360 is the in built blu-ray player, wireless capabilities (which you have to pay extra for on a 360) plust the online gaming is free!

These consoles that come in this bundle pack are differn't from other 40gb as they have new chassis making them quieter and cooler.

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  perfect starter kit!

| | See all compact23's reviews (2)

My 360 recently broke (RROD), so decided to buy a ps3 while my 360 gets sent away...

This is the exact package I bought and to be honest, I dont really see many advantages for the360 anymore - other than the controller, but now Im back into the ps-feel :d

GT5: Pro is a quality sampler, and the PS3 itself is so quiet! Other than the gta package (depending on your game choice), this is definately the best option out there :)

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  Great deal

| | See all jonnjen's reviews (1)

Great console, plays fantastic, looks great, but this is not a matte finish, it's EXACTLY the same as all the other 40GB PS3's. At this price though you really can't go wrong, gt5 prologue is a really good taster, can't wait for full GT5!

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  Matte finish?

| | See all Bigalec's reviews (1)

What's this then? The ones I have seen in the shops all have the shiny black surface which looks like a fingermark magnet. Is this something different then?

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