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MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (130 reviews)"

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  Reviewing a game based on the demo?

| | See all DJWidge's reviews (1)

Regarding people commenting on the demo. What you're playing there is an old build of the game. It does NOT look as good as the original, if you say its low quality textures do, then you are blind. However, stick the demo side by side with the builds that the press have been seeing at 80% completion, its like night and day. The game is looking great in that respect.

Apart from that, that is all we can say. We can assume this, assume that, but factually we have no leg to stand on.

The game does appear to be more of the same (thankfully), just pure racing, no needless frills. Reports say that the dreadful vehicle selection has been fixed, as has the overly aggressive AI. This is a certain pre-order for myself. Looking to get my hands on to see how the variety of courses compare to the awesome grand canyon-esque settings of the original, also hoping that online is well supported as is trophies. I guess all the answers to come once we hit mid-November!

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  More of the same...

| | See all Stevewoo's reviews (3)

I have played the demo and have to say that I was a little disappointed.
It's just more of the same.
The graphics and scenery have been updated and improved, although the overall essence of the game remains unchanged.
In my opinion, there are better games out there, but that's just my opinion, for what it's worth.
Guess they won't be sending me the code for the demo for MS3 then!!!

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  Motorstorm Demo

| | See all warhawk123's reviews (11)

Overall, the game feels the same as the original Motorstorm, but with improved sound, graphics and colour.
Motorstorm has 16 player races, 4 player split-screen, 16+ player online races, trophy support and in-game XMB music support. So this is a 100% buy for me.
The cars/bikes don't 'float' around as much as now, they have a better sense of gravity to them.
The jumps are insanley fun and i recommend this to anyone who loved the original or to someone you just loves racing games.
P.s. For a price of only £35.99 this is amazing

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  Motorstorm 2!!!

| | See all JLLRULES's reviews (6)

Well i must admit that after seeing the videoes for this game i was very worried that it wudnt live up to the standards of the original, nevermind be even better, but having played the demo (private beta) i think it has achieved exactly this.

The graphics are as good, probly better than the original and slight tweaks to the gameplay really have improved the feel of the game. The one track in the demo is better in my opinion that any of the tracks in the original with the lush greens adding to the atmosphere. The ai is very competetive and if u find urself next to another bike for very long u will get punched off which adds to the challenge.

Finally, the addition of split screen jus fully completes this game. I was so disappointed when the original didnt have this feature and having battles with your friends is even more thrilling, which is difficult. It is a shame that with split screen there are only 8 competitors instead of 16 but its better than nothing.

Probly wasnt going toi buy this game but after playing the demo i most certainly am and would suggest anyone who got any joy out of the original should as well.


| | See all anto1991's reviews (3)

I liked it i got the demo early (for some reason lol) theres things that you notice that are better than the first like the fact that you dont go flying when you hit a bump in the road and the graphics are improved aswell, the locations a bit more fun to drive around aswell and the track that came on the demo was pretty fun
So overall its a good game some improvements could have been seen to but its still a good game :)

  Rain God Spires demo!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all ZOMBIENATIONZ's reviews (145)

Being a big motorstorm fan anyways i was glad to get a email from sony allowing me to download this demo.

Right then,where to start!
Firstly this is only a review of the rain god spires demo,but i have seen enough already to make me rush out and pre-order my copy already!!!!!
1/ The graphics so far are absolutely amazing,the scale,fx,colour and scope of the terrain and detail on the vehicles is spot on.
2/ The sound is superb with gritty fx and good music,if u like that type that is,hopefully there is a custom soundtracks option.
3/ The speed!!!!!!!!wow..........is this fast!!!!the original feels like driving through treacle now compared to this.the bikes in particular are really quick and it feels a whole lot more exciting for it.
4/ The handling of the vehicles,particularly the bikes feel a whole lot tighter/better and there are a boat load of incidental moves as well.
5/ Playability - even in the demo this feels spot on,the inclusion of the split screen mode is awesome too,not everyone plays online only,and im glad the developers included this.

Overall this seems a hhhuuuugggeeeee improvement over a great game,i really cannot wait to get my hands on the full game as its awesome.

  Demo review only.

| | See all DavidNewland's reviews (7)

The 1st game had me tearing my hair out in frustration, I couldnt finish it but decided to give the downloadable demo of part 2 a go. Wow..the difficulty is perfect. Not too easy to finish on your 1st go, but not to hard to have you throwing your controller across the room or hitting the " retry " button 100 times per hour. They got the balance just right. And as for the graphics - they havent just re-hashed the 1st game. It looks like it was rebuilt from the ground up. Better crashes, amazing graphics - so so sharp and detailed and absolutely 0% slowdown even in the most frantic places. Another nice feature is you can now use your right analogue stick to look around you to see who is behind you - very useful. The much welcomed addition of 2 player split screen is the icing on the cake. It's everything that I loved about the 1st one with none of the things I hated and so so much more. Better control, graphics, better everything !
Download the demo from PSN if you loved the original. You wont be disappointed.

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  based on the demo

| | See all bennyducks's reviews (17)

I was one of those lucky people who got to download the demo early , after playing on this demo for a few days instead of my full games, i can say it's great : They really have thought of everything. Unlike the previuos motorstorm this game supports 1,2,3 and 4 player offline modes, which some people will be happy to hear. It also uses the sixaxis motion sensers for something but not found out yet.

  Much the same

| | See all harveyhanson's reviews (2)

Played the demo, seems quite similar to the first one.

This one has on first looks better graphics and slightly improved handling, plus better AI.

The single best feature I can see is you can now play a 4player offline game, yes, 4 players in one game on 1 PS3 :-)

Otherwise, on the basis of 30minutes on the demo it is improvement, and if you liked the first one you will like this, but over a year in the making since the last one, it doesnt seem to have changed that much :-(

Its evolution, not revolution for Motor Storm


| | See all skenneth's reviews (3)

So i was one of the people to get an email allowing me to download the demo using a special code. I was looking forward to it as i was a fan of the first one. Unfortunatly not enough has changed from the first one for me to be interested in it. Im not saying its a bad game, i would recommend it if you didnt have the first one, but really the only differences are different tracks, monster trucks and multiplayer. Multiplayer is fun but i would not spend £35 on this. The graphics havnt even really improved. I think they should have just updated the first one. In my opinion, stick the the origional.

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